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Volume 9  ---  Revelation 3:11-22
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The Lukewarm
The philosophy of wealth removes the heart from faith

God addresses the church of the Laodiceans, the lukewarm and those who have allowed their faith to grow cold. As believers clothed themselves in the garment of covetousness, the Lord speaks to the true state of their souls: “You are wretched because your conscience remains in confusion. You are miserable because your soul is not full of light, it’s full of darkness, and the peace you once knew was removed from you because of the absence of faith.”

“You are poor (spiritually poor regarding the tokens of my Kingdom). You are  spiritually blind in your understanding. And you are also naked, regarding the vestments of your priesthood.” God’s correction addresses the penmanship of their own wisdom and their own history as He is doing again in the church today: “The wisdom of your own history is in error.” The soul must match that which is of the conscience of God’s history, and that only can take place if faith is present to mirror the image of God. This vital message will free your soul!

[Excerpt 1]

The book of Revelation of Apostle John explained. The seven churches of Asia. Is your church lukewarm?16: “So then because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue you out of my mouth.”

I'll spue you out of my mouth as being unsanctified at my altar. Even as Eli’s two sons, (Hophni and Phinehas), and as Aaron’s two sons; one had strange fire and one ate unsanctified meat. So, highlight the words, cold nor hot, and we'll explain this here. . .

“cold nor hot”

Is the fire on your altar burning, or is it out?  Is it hot (burning) or cold (out)?

But we know that the law of Moses explains to us that the fire of the altar should ever be burning. If the fire of the altar is not burning, you're transgressing against God.

That’s what it means to be aglow with the Spirit; We are aglow with the Spirit as the altar is burning within us. How is the altar burning within us? When we're working with the grace of God; we're using the tools of the covenant: prayer, preaching, prophecy, gifts, calling, graces of God, government, truth and Spirit. These are all the elements that are necessary to burn on this altar, to keep you hot, and to keep the fire burning.

Now, if the fire is lukewarm, which means, it went from flame down to embers, the sacrifices on it will not be accepted because the sacrifice can't be consumed if the coals or the fire is out, or near out. It’s like throwing a steak on the BBQ after the time passes to where it would be beneficial to put it on. . .

The philosophy of wealth removed their heart from faith, just like the Laodiceans right here, and just like it did to the Jews of that first covenant. It was the wealth of this world that estranged their hearts from God. And Paul was warning the church at Rome, Don’t let that be your priority. Don’t let the wealth of the Gentiles hypnotize you into a gospel of health and wealth. We can see this prevailing in the church today.  

Affronting God to change the circumstances and the gifts, which God has given to you—in exchange for what? For peace and security of money? There is no peace and security in money. We have already seen this time and again take place within the crashing of the bank, concerning the plundering of the banks, the plundering of the economic system. It is the wealth of the Gentiles that the Jews wanted, and because they pursued after that, that was their entanglement, that was their snare.  

So, the philosophy of wealth will remove the heart from faith and focused on earthly enjoyments, turning the grace of God into lasciviousness. Where the absence of faith is, the voice of covetousness is very loud. When faith is absent in the heart, the voice of covetousness is very loud so that people want to find comfort through physical things, particularly in the house of Baal, because the house of Baal makes promises to resolve these conflicts, the psychological conflicts that you have. . . [pg 13]

[Excerpt 2]

17: “Because thou say, I am rich”
This is what we're talking about: You say I'm rich—they were using Mk 11:23, 24 to enrich themselves. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

In Mk 11:23, 24, what things Jesus was saying when he said “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”,  Jesus was not giving a key to our carnality. He was giving the understanding for covenant. Yet, the carnal-minded ministers, those who are pursuing covetousness, but calling it faith, are trying to justify their greed through the use of these scriptures. Well, didn’t Jesus say that I should ask whatever I want, and he shall give it to me?   

When James and John’s mother approached Jesus and asked about the thrones for her two sons, Jesus said, “You're asking something because I just made a promise, that whatever you shall ask in my name, I will give it to you”.  

But again, as the imagination of man, our imagination always takes it beyond the restrictions of faith; (4) it always takes it beyond that, and then we don’t understand why God is not coming through on his promise. That’s because you went beyond the boundaries. You have to remain within the boundaries of the covenant for these things to make sense. And, if you want God actively involved in your life, you have to use the terms of the covenant within the restrictions that he gave it, through the work of regeneration.  

Right, here [concerning] their petitions, as the Apostle James also wrote: “You ask and have not because you ask amiss, and you receive not, but that you may consume it upon your lusts”.

That’s exactly what the church is doing today, but they have justified their logic by the selection of certain texts in order to lend support to their own logic, and they call that logic, Jesus Christ.

Well, like I said, in the house of Baal you can worship any image of Jesus that you desire to worship. You can make any image you want and call that your Jesus.  But it’s the Jesus of the covenant that you have to come to, and you have to humble yourself to the Jesus of the covenant.  

To the Jesus of the house of Baal you stand, and you scold the Jesus in the house of Baal. That means, you make your demands. It is not in man’s best interest to demand of God. [pg 14-15]

[Excerpt 3]

“and anoint your eyes with eyesalve, that thou may see.”

What position are we to see from? We're to have the eyes of fire and the feet of fine brass. We're to walk in the things of the Spirit, and our perceptions are to be of the throne.  

Only those that are spiritually-minded...because he that is spiritual judges all things. But the Laodiceans were not able to judge the plight of their own struggles, were they. They weren’t able to see the plight of their own struggles, just like this laughter movement, or like this so-called revival, the Lakeland revival. The false religious system is trying to claim that as the champion of their system; just like Goliath was the champion of the Philistines, so they're trying to claim these so-called manifestations as the champion that stands on behalf of their theology, their orthodoxy, and their traditions.

They're trying to take ownership of the Spirit, but their eyes, they do not see. They cannot perceive that they are in a state of being confounded. And that’s what they're asking: Why is it that the Spirit of God moves, but yet we have in this assembly the diversity of doctrines and different denominations and different priesthoods?

The Apostle Paul brought out the same thing concerning confusion. Well, the spirit of this world reigns where the spirit of confusion is at; where there's confusion the spirit of this world is reigning.

So, God shows mercy and troubling of the waters, and then everybody murders everybody to get into the waters. We see that this took place at the pool (42) of Siloam [Bethesda—Jn 5:1-9], where one particular individual was healed by the word of Jesus. And when the angel disturbed the water, when it began to bubble and to sway back and forth, the first person that stepped into the pool was healed.

It was at that point of time that the excitement of the people was so involved that they began to murder each other to try to get into the pool first. Then people actually drowned. From the place of blessing, it became the place of death.

So, when God even moves in his compassion among the assemblies, and a person receives a valid healing, a valid touch from the Lord, immediately that assembly, that particular church, or that particular denomination wants to take ownership of this healing, and they want to sell it in the streets. And they're trying to draw everybody’s attention to it; See, God is here. No, God’s compassion did something. Just like the woman said. . .[pg 18-19]

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