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Everyday you’ll find yourself in Satan’s crosshairs and you’ll need everyday answers to everyday questions about the Christian life and how to defeat the enemy; To know God’s tactical plans for you to triumph over your adversary, lest he triumph over you.

God does not want you to merely defeat the enemy; He want you to conquer him; to experience decisive, wide-scale victories. To win the everyday battles means knowing God’s way for you to overcome yourselves, the world, and the devil.

God’s battle plan for wide-scale victories is found in your priesthood. God teaches us this in the Old Testament where the priests are seen to carry the ark before God’s army, leading the way into battle, leading the way to victory. God’s new covenant priesthood is just as powerful and just as necessary.

Why? Because it is as you function in your priesthood that God teaches you vital combat skills you can use everyday:

How do you make decisions? It’s easy to make decisions based on what we feel at the moment and what we want. But we have to be careful not be to led by our emotions, but rather to be led of the Spirit.

How do you spot the enemy?
Do you accept the projections of the imagination or do you put each thought upon the scale of Christ’s truth to weigh its value to God?

Which path do you follow? Do you follow the path of new covenant faith in Jesus Christ that holds up the record of Christ as our example to honor Him or do you follow the path of logic that holds up the record of man for the honor of man?

How do you respond to change?
Change is a necessary part of life. But have you opened the door of your hear for God to change you through His divine method of Christ-centered spiritual transformation?

How do you respond to the challenges of life?
Can you recognize the cycles of your growth and work with the Holy Spirit to express Christ and to gain from God a new  perspective, or do you try to serve yourself in each scenario, seeking to gain the peace of  God by making the challenge go away?

Which knowledge do you accept?
The true knowledge of the covenant or the false knowledge the Deceiver has peddled for so long?

How do you respond when God doesn’t Give you what you want? Do you respond in frustration or anger? Are you confused about God’s love for you? He’s teaching you faith and patient. Are you listening?

How do you define life?
Do you define life by the things you own, or your goals and dreams; Wanting God to fulfill these things? Or do you define life by the covenant of Jesus Christ and His daily issuance of grace that carries His life to your soul?

The truth is, most learned to believe that it was not possible to know God truly as He wanted to be known and thought that learning to obey Him and live the life of Christ was out of reach.   

God does not want you to give up or give in to defeat. It is possible to know God in truth and to live the life of Christ. But it’s pointless for me to teach you to obey God without teaching you how to work with the Spirit, how to labor in your priesthood, how to stay under the law of grace and truth, how to discern the discern the difference between God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom.  It’s pointless for me to teach you how to obey God unless you are first convinced of the Holy Spirit that Jesus’ commandments of grace and truth are easy to keep.    

I want to encourage you to continue to go back into the many lessons offered freely by Apostle Eric and Second 8th Week Ministries. Get involved with the 5 step process of overcoming and apply the templates provided in the workshops. May God grant you the power of His grace in every step to see His wisdom in Christ.    

Learn to enjoy wide-scale victories everyday!

Last Revised: 2013-02-10

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