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Spiritual warfare is a vital part of your spiritual life in Jesus Christ. Despite what you might have heard, spiritual warfare is not about exorcism or praying demons out of your town. Spiritual warfare is about the priesthood of Jesus Christ and God’s plan for you to walk in the fulness of His grace to gain experience with Him everyday.

Many times, because believers are not taught how to walk in the power and law of God’s grace, they are not equipped to overcome themselves, the world, and the devil and fall victim to Satan who will use everyday trials and tribulations to discourage faith from operating with God’s sanctified tools.

Instead of simply growing in the grace of God to live the spiritual life God had meant for them, believers are hunting down demons. Instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to coach them through their spiritual growth cycles, they’re rebuking the devil for things that go wrong in their life, and trying to prove God by seeking to align their life with good things.

If you let him, the devil will have you working with the wrong knowledge. Spiritual warfare is about learning to spot the strategy of the devil to deceive and drive your faith with the tools of the flesh.

Each module is designed to further guide your understanding in the mystery of Christ and thus further fortify you against the wiles of Satan by offering exercises in faith that will teach you how to surrender to the grace of God.

Last Revised: 2013-03-01

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