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The Shadow of Satan

by Teacher Maria vonAnderseck

Spiritual warfare for Christians is brought into focus in the following courses freely offered by Second 8th Week Ministries:

Why Christians Suffer

The Flesh: Win the Battle For Your Mind
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I want to make you aware of these free resources, which you can use anytime to begin to understand God’s plan and power He makes available to you to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil.

I want to talk to you today about the shadow of Satan passing overhead, what that means, and what your response should be.

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I’m going to begin the teaching by laying some vital groundwork for you concerning the Law of Grace and Truth because that is the law we are now exercising our faith with. Knowing what the new law in Christ is will determine your response when the Deceiver comes to challenge you, whether you come under his shadow or gain the victory over it.

From the Bible

Our scripture is taken from John 1: 16-17 which reads…

     16  And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.
     17  For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

You need to know that when the covenant transitioned from Moses to Jesus Christ, God then gave us a new LAW to observe in Jesus Christ. That is, the Law of Grace and Truth. So, we need to know what that law means. What I’m going to do here in this teaching is just touch on a few highlights. You’ll be able to get the full teaching and lesson on the Law of Grace and Truth on our website:

The lesson “The Law of Grace and Truth” is part of the course named “The Element Grace”

The Law of Grace and Truth means that……….

1.    God is establishing Jesus Christ as the true virtue for faith’s expression.

  •  The true virtue and power is God.
  •  The Law of Moses and the 10 Commandments do not give virtue. God would say, “I am here to enrich you in My grace.”

2.    God is establishing Himself as the Life Giver.

  • By the Law of Grace and Truth we observe how God assigned Jesus as the power of our redemption.

3.    God is establishing our confidence in the TRUE SIGN. The Law of Grace is the True Sign and the Law of Moses and 10 Commandments is the False Sign.

Why do I say that? Why am I saying that the Law of Moses the false sign? Because the Law of Moses establishes……….

  1. The record of the transgression of Adam and…
  2. our separation from God based on that transgression.
  3. The presence of the Law of Moses is a sign that the transgression still exists.

Seeing that God sent His Son to take away the sins of the world, the Law of Moses is now a lie. The transgression has been removed. The true sign is Jesus Christ. He has come to establish His life within the soul. You can now understand why the Law of Grace and Truth is also called the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:2)

The LIE of the LAW of MOSES keeps the soul building with works connected with the transgression. God calls that labor evil (faithlessness) because it does not reflect His Son.

The LIE of the LAW of MOSES
is a barrier to regeneration because it becomes the sign that is followed in place of grace.

These 2 laws clash because

  • Satan will provoke your conscience to use his tools to gain direction, to gain peace of mind, to gain your identity, to labor for rest, to place your hope in the imagination. And
  •  God will challenge Satan’s provocation to teach the soul to labor with the things of Christ to express Him to enter into rest.

Remember though, that when you’re picking up faith to follow the Law of Grace and Truth to stand in the purged conscience, you’re not casting off common sense, but common sense doesn’t become the scale of your rest nor does it become your principle.

Regeneration is necessary for God to bring us down the path of righteousness, to assist us to make these distinctions in our minds, and to make cognitive choices of faith to where we’re standing in the power of His virtue rather than the power of sin and death.

When I say that regeneration is necessary, I’m saying that there has to be a divine power for a divine change. And this is what we see in the Record and the Witness, don’t we? This divine union between the truth (the record) and the Spirit (the witness) is for our reciprocation for the increase of His virtue in us. This is how we know Him.

Now let’s look at this week’s assignment to see what we have learned. The assignment was to finish the sentence………

When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I…..

Actually, I awakened with these words last Tuesday. And it’s amazing to see again how merciful God is to direct our reflections. So, let’s read through the possible answers…

When the shadow of Satan passes overhead…..

1) I usually…

2) I interpret the shadow to mean…

3) I most want to remember that…

4) I find that…

5) I find myself serving…

These are not “trick” questions. Faith is a once in a lifetime journey that we undertake every day to gain God’s perspective and stand in the light of His grace.

God’s tether is in the Spirit, but a tether still remains in the flesh which is what we see manifested in the inclinations of the natural man. The tether of your flesh will always be the resemblance of Adam, which Satan will use to provoke the conscience to find rest in the flesh to then convict and smite the conscience for falling short of the grace of God. Every challenge is a provocation to abandon the tools of Christ for the peace and security the world offers.

Reflection is an exercise to provoke righteousness unto holiness.

Begin the Exercise

So, let’s begin this exercise by asking, What do we mean when we talk about the shadow of Satan passing overhead? The shadow of Satan passing overhead refers to any thought pattern that begins to work in the mind to overshadow faith. Satan’s shadow is like a cloud; We know that a cloud stands between you and the sun. And when that happens, it’s blocking the sun. So the illustration is a great way to visualize how certain thoughts, when labored with, becomes a barrier to grace.

There are 2 ways to finish these probable sentences. If you are honest with yourself and with God, you completed each sentence in the defense of Christ. If, on the other hand, you are still struggling in your conscience to find equity, you will tend to finish these sentences in light of your experience with contradiction.

For example…..

1) When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I...
usually begin to put my thoughts on the scale of truth to see how God would have me measure them to Christ… OR

  • I usually begin to recall a word of knowledge or question asked that strengthened my faith on a prior occasion, which then drew faith from my heart again.  OR… we can finish the sentence by responding to the lack of equity present in the conflict at hand. We might then say…
  • I usually get fearful, or fretful, or respond in anger; And then we would talk about why that is so (referring to the frustration encountered or the reason for fretfulness, etc.).

If we are not careful our thought patterns becomes a lifestyle, a habit of life. Have you ever noticed that our conversation is a result of the habits of life? The conversation of the world, when you hear that taking place, you can hear that it is a result of the habit to align life to the signature, God-Code, moral code, and fruits of iniquity.  

A fisherman talks about his fishing.
A weight lifter talks about the benefits of weight lifting.
A health conscious person talks about the benefits of raw foods and herbs.
A market analyst talks about the ups and downs of the market.

You can hear in the conversation of the world that what they are embracing as life giving has become the sign that is followed in place of grace and truth. And you can hear it in the conversation of those who are weak in the faith that grace and truth is the afterthought, while the cares of the world have become the habit of life.

But God does not want us bearing that unequal yoke does He?

What keeps that from happening? What keeps the cares of the flesh from becoming the sign we follow, the habit of life, and our conversation? The Law of Grace and Truth must be cognitively embraced as the sign of Christ that we follow; our habit of life, and our  conversation.

It takes training to get your mind to transition from the false sign to the true sign, from the Law of the Flesh to the Law of Grace and Truth.  

Let’s now move on to the next probable finish of this exercise and you’ll see again how the Spirit assists your reflections for this transition to take place.

2) When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I….
.interpret the shadow to mean that… God is establishing Jesus Christ as the true virtue for faith’s expression. The true virtue and power is God. The shadow is an opportunity to exercise faith with the Law of Grace and Truth…  OR…. You could interpret the shadow to mean that

  • something is wrong with my faith and then this becomes a time of confusion and frustration for you.

What is happening here is that thoughts are weighed on the scale of self and faith is brought into question and the shadow remains. Let’s move on to the next probable finish to this exercise.

3) When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I…most want to remember that there is no life or substance in the shadow. That was edifying, wasn’t it?

You may have finished this sentence some other way to express Christ, but the point is that the exercise ignited reflection and reflection gained a testimony in Christ.

We want to remember that although a shadow does leave a mark (for example, large clouds make shadows on mountains) there is no power in the cloud to change the shape or contour of the mountain. Taking that to the covenant, we understand that there is no power in Satan’s thought patterns to create substance in the soul or to take away from the soul the substance of Christ.

What we most want to remember is that each cloud is another opportunity for discernment that ought not to be ignored. Let’s now look at the 4th possible finish to the sentence…

4) When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I….find that…the quicker I am to provide testimony to Christ from the substance of grace that another testimony of Christ is gained and my confidence in Christ increases and a change takes place in my life habit. I’m not held by the promise or threat of the cloud….  OR…you might find yourself saying,

  • I find that my thoughts are consumed and remain under the shadow.

God had not meant for that to happen. God had not meant for our thoughts to remain under Satan’s shadow. And finally, the 5th possible ending to the sentence…

5) When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I….find myself serving Christ and the brethren.…OR ……you might have responded by saying,

  • When the shadow of Satan passes overhead I find myself torn emotionally, not sure what to do or what to think, hoping that it will pass and peace will again reign. Do you see that this response is hope without substance for building in God’s kingdom?     

How might you have completed these sentences? It would be edifying to hold a workshop on this exercise, wouldn’t it? You gain so much from hearing and observing the reflections of others.

This exercise was designed to help you understand how you respond to the shadow of Satan passing overhead. And by observing the testimony and sign you accept to then help you direct your thoughts and feet to the altar of Christ.

Last Revised: 2013-04-24

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