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On this page you will find cornerstone prophecies delivered to the church in 1981 and 1982 through Apostle Eric vonAnderseck.As the Lord speaks through His anointed vessel, many hearts are tried and proven upon the grounds of His grace. The Word of the Lord is a two-edged sword. As it cuts it also heals.
We are living in the era of restoration. As the true church is established in a quiet move of God, the devil seeks to supplant God’s work by manufacturing a counterfeit apostolic movement. Don’t be fooled by the counterfeits as the church is again subjected to a new season of gimmicks and homemade revival attempts, from tent meetings to anointed cloths, people laughing and falling on the ground. These false signs are challenged by God.
The devil is seeking to keep the church confused, seeking after the open sign: miracles, multitudes, and money. But God underscores His promise given in 1982: “Understanding shall arise out of obscurity and enlightenment out of confusion. There shall be a unity that shall not be feigned and a oneness that will not be deceitful.”
Bookmark this page to return to it often to prayerfully consider the Word of the Lord.
  • Why is God chiding with the leaders of the current Christian culture?
  • Why has God restored the office of apostle to the church?
  • What warning does God give to those who resist His will?
  • What blessing are reserved for those who embrace His will?
  • Who are those of “prestige” that God addresses with harsh tones?
 “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward.” (Matthew 10:41)  
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The Word of the Lord is changing the face of the church.
1981 Prophecy for the Church
Shall man indeed contend with God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, the glory of the whole earth;
Who anoints His prophets with words and their fingers with loving kindness; Who feeds the mouths of the hungry and brings out of prison the seekers of light;
Who chides with the wicked and makes them small as the dust, as the dust before the wind. For He endured our sufferings and was despised of man; being clothed in flesh, He was among us;
Who opens doors that no hand may touch and delivers those who trust in Him.
Touch not My servants, declares the Most High. Believe My prophets and so shall you prosper.
He gives of His fruit that we might be filled and multiplies it to our taste. Selah~
Blessed are they that trust in Him, for the Lord shall cloth them with majesty and crown them with crowns of gold.
They shall dwell in His presence and his kingdom shall have no end. Praise ye the Lord.
Yea, saith the Lord, I am purging My church by the Spirit of burning. Yes, by My spirit, saith the Lord. And the house of David shall be established. 
Those that are in the light shall see it and My government shall be established. Those that see shall understand, for the Lord shall set His heavenly ones to guide and His dignities to help His people.
It shall be those whom He has called and whom He has chosen that shall perform this. For My grace shall be upon them and this hid treasure shall be found by those that walk in the light. They shall partake of My treasure and many shall be fed and shall prosper.
The Lord is building up the waste places. That is, the neglected and overlooked
offices in the body of Christ in order to properly structure His divine government.
By His Spirit He is placing the stones that are fitly cut to fit secure and casting off the
self appointed stones into the pile of dishonor.
The Body of Christ will then proceed in their growth unto a mature man in Christ and not in the image and doctrine of man.
This will come about as the offices of the apostle and prophet are beginning to function as the Lord purposed in the early church.
Darkness will not perceive and the disobedient will gainsay the pleasure of the Lord.
Many chief ones will see and be ashamed of their carnality. And those that lack discernment shall cry out in fear.
The delights of the Lord shall prevail and prosper and will not feed nor shall it court the desires of those chief ones that flatter themselves in their prosperity, or pride themselves in their security.
The monuments of success shall be ashamed and the gray haired confounded at the wisdom of the Lord.
The wise hearted shall be as the unlearned and the popular of no value before the gold of the Most High.
Prestige of the high ones shall be weighed in the balance and shall be lighter than vanity;
And the fruits of achievement as the dust before the wind and before the knowledge of the Lord and His anointed ones.
Understanding shall arise out of obscurity and enlightenment out of confusion. There shall be a unity that shall not be feigned and a oneness that will not be deceitful.
Last Revised: 2015-04-18

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