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Hijacking the Grace of God

Who is Hijacking the Grace of God
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Read this 4 part article to find out…
  • How and why the devil is hijacking the grace of God.
  • Hyper Grace – Super Grace – New mantras for old strongholds.
  • Why a fundamental redefinition of grace is needed.
  • God reveals lies hidden behind partial truths – “Journey Mask”.
  • Grace disambiguated: Grace for Salvation (G/S), Grace for Growth (G/G) & Grace for Calling (G/C)
We not only learn why God is challenging Christian talk and magazine wisdom surrounding the grace of God, but we’ll gain a firm understanding of this primary element to understand how grace truly works.
Almost 40 years ago God began speaking to me about His plan to restore to the church all that Jesus shed His blood to provide. As the Lord spoke to me, He began to work, revealing the pattern of His truth. The first thing He did was to teach me about the element grace and how it works. A fundamental redefinition of grace was necessary to reshape the understanding of believers to the covenant of Jesus Christ.
The Lord showed me the 5 key definitions of grace and 9 distinct operations of the Spirit through grace. The Lord began to reveal to me spiritual equations so that I might understand how grace is issued daily and how to recognize this power upon the soul that He wanted all believers to walk in.
The Lord also revealed to me the place value of grace in relation to the other elements of the gospel. In other words, how grace flows with faith and righteousness, truth and sanctification and holiness; and how the Spirit of God flows with these essential elements to work the virtues of Christ within the heart in a very real and tangible way.
How does grace work with faith to express Jesus Christ? How does grace work with righteousness to express Jesus Christ? How does grace work with truth to express Jesus Christ, and so on.
These are the simple ABCs of the covenant of Jesus Christ that form the language of all true believers. With this language of faith we are able to communicate and fellowship with our heavenly Father on His level. And as God unites us to Him (connectivity) in the bonds of truth by the Spirit, that same anointing forges our fellowship with one another – the bond of charity.
Did you know: God wants our faith to be a mirror image of the One who saved us. And He did that by giving us an uncompromising, seminal knowledge that represents Him perfectly.
This should give you pause the next time you hear a minister say that you can believe whatever you want to believe about Jesus just as long as the doctrines you hold to aren’t very bad or dangerous. He or she might as well have said that you can use your imagination to reflect yourself into faith and God won’t care. In other words, just call your idol “Jesus” and you’ll go to heaven.
Can the Church Come Together in the Unity of Truth?
The underlining paradox for these ministers is that they really do not believe that the Body of Christ can come together in the unity of the truth where each believer is drawing from the same foundation knowledge. I don’t mean drawing from the same Bible. I mean drawing form the same foundation knowledge. They cannot conceive of God being able to do that and so they’ve put their eggs into the wrong basket, believing that God will unite the church through suffering or by ushering in an amazing season of outward signs of power.
Hoping to find a way around the covenant, ministers target outward miracles as God’s sign of approval – God’s presence – God’s power and the much awaited spiritual awakening. They’re wanting to avoid a painful transition to the fulness of Christ, claiming the fulness is in miracles. They want God to sweep them away into a sudden, euphoric adventure and ambiguous reality that cannot be defined. Satan has imprinted in their mind a very strong delusion.
The church has been caught in the grip of this large-scale deception for far too long and God is now breaking those bonds to set the prisoners free.
God gave the sign of bursting watermelons a few years ago and we’re seeing that come to pass today. God is releasing the prisoners of the false religious system and He’s doing it all over the world. To learn more listen to the recorded message “Exploding Watermelons”.
Can you see that as God restores the true ministry of the apostle to the church and believers receive that instruction in doctrine that the church is reborn to the true purpose of God and work of the Spirit in the fulness and reality of Christ?  
Do You Know How Grace Works?
Back to the formula God revealed to me. Grace + Faith = Righteousness. Some might say, “Well, we don’t have to know how grace works or how faith works or how God designed righteousness to work – just as long as they work; it doesn’t matter to me. People lose motivation quickly if the incentive is not seen as worth their time.
The devil is banking on believers wanting to remain ignorant of God’s truth and incentivized to the sensory excitement of signs and wonders to ignite passion for zeal. The devil nurses this mindset but faith works with grace, not with passion.
Jesus rebukes sensory led ministers saying “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:22-23)
The problem is that without the foundation of truth to draw from one cannot discern truth from error. When I talk about discernment I’m not talking about trying to guess people’s motives or trying to read people’s minds. I’m talking about the need of every believer to disambiguate
  • the voice of God’s grace from the voice of aspiration,  
  • the scale of the moral code from the true scale of holiness in Jesus Christ,
  • the platitudes of the moral code from the true charity that expresses Christ,
  • the record of man (the signature of the soul) from the record of Jesus Christ (truth).
Did you know: The devil works in the truths of the aspiration, the truths of the moral code, and the truths of the record of man to blind the eye of faith with this veil of the flesh? You can be sure that the same minister that rejects the fulness of Christ in His covenant is lacking this discernment.
How was the devil able to convince the church to trade the truth of Jesus Christ for the truths of one’s own nature? The natural man is very familiar with the works of the flesh. They embody his natural comfort zones and hot spots and that’s why the enemy’s bait-and-switch was not detected and the trade-off went unnoticed for so long.
Why Does Truth Need to be Exact?
When I talk about spiritual formulas I’m talking about God’s divine design in His one truth. Jesus said, “I am truth”. One Jesus. One truth (Ephesians 4:5). Formulas are not fancy ways of showing how smart you are. Neither are they intellectual pass times.
Formulas in the natural world demonstrate the order that God placed in all things. The world we see around us and the world we see through the lens of a microscope fill us with awe and wonder for our Creator. We learn that God is a God of order. God did not randomly glue things together, but rather created all things by divine design. There is a pattern and blueprint for all things.
Grace is not a random thought in the mind of God, but He connected grace to the other 11 elements to show us Jesus Christ. A person doesn’t learn that by reading the Bible, they learn that by instruction received through true apostles.
Everyone who’s been in Christian circles for some time have inevitably heard – and most likely bought into – a lot of the Christian talk and magazine wisdom surrounding grace that sounded very humbling. Believers usually hear that grace means “God’s unmerited favor” and “unconditional love”. That gets mixed with the hearts yearning to connect with God, to live by a power that requires nothing of us because He did it all. And so the philosophy was born about grace being “all of God and none of me”.
Where there is no connectivity of grace to the knowledge of Christ and experience of regeneration, the imagination wanders into the history of Jesus, the history of the book of Acts and the history of Israel and the role of the prophets where the natural man can indulge in many avenues offered to the aspiration. Grace is thus hijacked to serve the nature of man.
You’ll find that nostalgic impulses with history is another comfort zone for the natural man that the devil exploits. He easily works with this natural inclination to place the roots of faith into history rather than the record of Christ. I’ve coined this subterfuge of the devil “Event Theology” to help believers break this hold of the devil. You can read more about Event Theology in my apostolic thesis.
We are breaking the stronghold of that imagination to lead God’s people back to the reality of the covenant. The pattern is not in the history, but in the record of Jesus Christ – the rudimentary knowledge that has its roots in Christ. God is shedding light on things the church has struggled to understand.
Dying to self and gaining the wisdom and insight to not put self into the mix does not happen by abandoning the covenant knowledge, stewardship, spiritual tools, and priesthood by which God makes this a reality for you. It happens when joining yourself to these things God sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Sadly, when grace is hijacked to serve the desires of man, the true power of grace is not understood and grace lies dormant while the will is exercised with many dead  philosophies about grace. Human aspiration took over and grace evolved into something unrecognizable by God.
Are You Love Sick for God?
Magazine type authorities are volunteering themselves to be the dating service for the church, providing all these authors as escorts to be your perfect match. Each article is like a dating questioner and how-to relationship enhancer. A person fills out a wish list of what they want their Jesus to be, what they’re looking for in this perfect soul mate.
We want this to be our Jesus – pointing to signs and wonders. They want to walk down the beach and have everyone look and admire their Jesus. They want the world to ogle. But as it happens in life, so it happens in the church. You keep dating the same kind of person hoping for something different, but are getting the same thing and get stuck in a one-sided relationship, love sick for the real thing.
As the church moves from the dating scene to mature love and covenant relationship with God they’re finding that knowledge is necessary. Faith needs a blueprint to follow. As the church comes into this realization, you’ll hear ministers here and there begin to use the words “pattern” or “blueprint”.
For them, it’s a new mantra or buzz word. The minister is not really talking about the whole pattern of Christ or the whole blueprint of truth, he’s still talking from the same aspiration. He is hoping that one or two points he saw in the scriptures through the lens of his aspiration can be recognized as part of the pattern of truth.
Can we now better understand the reason for apostles? When God sent Moses went up into the mount to receive the First Covenant, Moses received the whole pattern: the whole law, the whole design for the tabernacle and all the articles of the covenant. Moses received the whole pattern for the function of the priests, their duties and their vestments.
“And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying…  According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it… And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount.”  (Exodus 25:9,40)

The pattern God gave to Moses was the frame of knowledge the people were instructed in to know how to serve God. God had Moses cleanse the priests to prepare them to function in their service to God. We can thus understand that Moses was the knowledge steward of the First Covenant. He received the whole pattern from the mouth of the Lord. [Read more]



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