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Hijacking the Grace of God2
Who is Hijacking the Grace of God –Part 2
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
God Starts With ONE MAN
Moses went up the mount alone and came down from the mount alone with the pattern God gave to him. Joshua and Aaron did not meet up with Moses coming down from the mount, bubbling over with excitement, sharing with him their own revelations to add to the pattern he received from God. It didn’t happen that way. It didn’t happen that way because God did not plan for it to happen that way.
Moses was the knowledge steward of the First Covenant and Jesus is the knowledge steward of the Second Covenant (Hebrews 3:5-6). Jesus delivered the whole pattern of truth to His apostles who in turn instructed the church. Believers of the first century church spoke the language of faith for they were instructed in each of the 12 essential elements of the gospel. These are the stones of His altar. Grace is a stone in the altar of Christ.
Each element is as a whole stone (untouched; man was not to chisel into the stone an image of his imagination) and set within the altar of Christ to be set within the heart. In this way the apostles, as Moses, cleansed and prepare believers with knowledge to function in the priesthood of Jesus Christ to offer spiritual sacrifices to God – this is the prophecy of the New Testament.
When the Lord delivered to me the whole pattern of truth it did not changed over the years. The whole truth = nothing of Jesus is missing and nothing of man is added. This is wholesome doctrine. God has restored the altar of Christ, cleansed and prepared believers who are now again functioning in their priesthood at the altar and stewarding the grace of God to increase the Body by that which God supplies to each member. This is happening now, is very tangible, and is the much awaited restoration of the Body.
Partial Truth(s) and the Journey Mask
Revelations abound in the church today. Ministers claim to have received words from God about prophecy, how to test prophecy, how to walk as a spiritual man or woman of God, how to activate faith, how to pray effectively, or how to find God’s purpose for your life. A minister can be very convinced that these words are of God, but they are not God’s word.
There is a lot of the general beliefs about words and prophecy and how-to’s of Christianity that are inaccurate and outright harmful. How can you sort out the good from the bad? That’s simple. First of all, the prophecy and teaching that comes from seducing spirits are in the developmental stage.
In other words a person is heard to say, “We don’t know everything there is to know about prophecy, but this is what we think we know and we hope to know more. We don’t know everything there is to know about prayer, faith, or grace, but this is what we think we know and we hope to know more.”
Secondly, prophecy and teaching that comes from seducing spirits will also be about life’s circumstances and the will of God will be focused on your signature talents and gifts and what God will do with them to further His Kingdom or to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.
This is the pretense of promise, which is guile. The object of Satan’s pretense is to put a person on a journey. Satan strings the church along with promise telling you that truth is not important, that the journey is what’s important, that God doesn’t want you to have truth, He wants you to seek for it. The journey is one of hopeful discovery – the discovery of the will of God for self.  
The devil entices with many promises, but hidden behind the mask of promise is his lethal, false knowledge. Faith is put on a journey to seek out and obtain this false promise – and faith is kept on this journey because the promise seems to be always within your reach or grasp.
I’ve coined this insidious practice “The Journey Mask”. Everything about the journey sparks your interest, it seems to be what you always wanted: spiritual awakening, to know the will of God, to function in the fulness of your calling, influence that can be wielded for the Kingdom of God, true holiness, to see lost souls saved, to tap into unclaimed reserves.
The devil knows that you want these things and marries your faith to his pretense of promise to send your faith on a long journey he knows will never reach its destination.
The devil promises: You can have revival if you sing longer, laugh, give more money, have a particular prayer (like the prayer of Jabez), fast, or walk through your town to claim it for Jesus. And because nothing happened you have to create an illusion that something happened saying, “See, God moved! That person over there was healed, that person over there got a million dollar check in the mail, that person over there, her relationship was healed.”
The philosophical truths that are born of the journey become the slogans for the next generation of believers. The hope is that when all these various, conflicting truths are collected we would then have a whole purpose of God. But this hasn’t happened in the past and will not happen because this is not how God works. The soul is still empty and searching for the things that are missing from faith.
God does not work with progressive truths, God works through stewardship to give the one record of Jesus Christ to the church. God spoke to me in prophecy in March of 1982 saying, “Understanding shall arise out of obscurity and enlightenment out of confusion.There shall be a unity that shall not be feigned and a oneness that will not be deceitful.”
The church reborn in the covenant knowledge of Jesus Christ under the restored apostolic stewardship is walking in that unfeigned unity now. On the other hand, uniting under the umbrella of a multitude of dysfunctional blueprints is feigned unity and a oneness that is deceitful.
Have you noticed that the journey towards truth is one in which truth is constantly in flux, changing with each new vanguard offering nuggets of partial truths. A believer spends his time trying to sift through and pick out what is from God and what is not to be from God. As this also continues to change, faith is put upon a new journey.
In view of the devastating effect this has upon the soul, each journey is aptly described as the “Trail of Tears”. Each journey, you’re put on the trail of something new and the devil tells you it’s worth the prize at the end, but it’s just the same trail of tears.
Is Truth an Evolutionary Process?
We can now observe the problems when truth is seen as an evolutionary process rather than the complete pattern and blueprint that unfolds the record of Christ. We don’t accept the sinful theories of evolution in the natural realm. Why would we accept the evolution of truth in the Kingdom of God?
Under the guise of an evolutionary truth, an ever changing truth is justified. A minister can change his mind about what he believes to be true and present that to the church as a completely normal thing to do. Saying for example: “I used to think that the laughter movement was of God and now I don’t know. I used to think that the prosperity message was of God and now I don’t know.” What this means is that you’re not an authority.
Progressive truth (evolutionary truth) became a very convenient loop-hole for a minister. He could claim a new revelation and abandon it a year later. He was able to claim to have the truth by gluing together bits and pieces of fossilized remnants of the false religious system and present these relics of the past as the holy grail of change for tomorrow.
It also meant that a minister was able to completely excuse himself from the wrong he had done and the error he had perpetrated upon the church saying, “Well, it was not all in error. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. God did something there, after all.” If someone was healed or saved then that was used to excuse or exonerate those involved. Or the idea that God wants us to be “joyful” was also used to excuse this gross display of the flesh.
The work of regeneration was not understood. Not understanding the work of regeneration, regeneration was replaced by evangelism, healing, and human expressions of joyfulness. God heals people that are in many different religious systems because He is a God of compassion. Claims to miracles small and large are not the evidence of Christ we are to build with. Miracles do not save us. God gave us a frame of knowledge and covenant to save us.
The Fabrication of Revival From the Footprints of History
There is another underhanded reason for preserving the “laughter movement” and other movements to be in some way ordained of God. A progressive line of restoration could be fabricated to point to a government forming over the decades beginning with the pastors evolving into the false prophetic movement which introduced personal prophecy (nabi prophets) which priesthood of the flesh competes against the true priesthood of Jesus Christ. False apostles were then introduced, being swaddled in the same cloth.
The footprints of this progressive line of history are pointed out to go back to Azusa street where God had poured out His Spirit in the manifestation of tongues in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But God is washing away those footprints of nostalgia. They are footprints in the sand (false foundation).
Ministers did not take responsibility for their actions and did not think they were culpable. After all, they were just moving with the wind of every false doctrine and was caught in the same tide of error as everyone else. Amazingly, these same ministers desire to hold the seat of authority in the church to claim to lead the church into a new era. They are missing both grace and truth.
Can you see that what is being presented as words from God and direction for the church in the false religious system is not “new” revelation, but rather the same old trodden path? The revelation, rather than assist believers to abide in the truth, continues to justify the journey in search of truth; to try to find out what truth is.
Einstein is quoted as saying: the definition of insanity is someone that does the same thing over and over again yet expects a different result.
It’s easy to spot those who are on this false journey with progressive truths. Whenever you hear a minister say that, “I am more hopeful for righteous change today than I have ever been!” he is speaking about being on this false journey of faith. He does not presently understand righteousness, it isn’t part of his experience, so he’s justified that ignorance by placing righteousness in the future.
The same thing was done when ministers stated holiness to be the final frontier. Again, putting into the future experience (journey) that which should be abided in presently to mask the devil’s false knowledge with fair words.
When faith is put upon a hopeful journey towards righteousness and holiness it feels like a just cause and it’s easy to buy into this message because these are seen as God’s will and worthy of our pursuit. The devil would have you on this journey forever, but God intended for you to abide in righteousness and true holiness now.

You don’t have to stay on the false train that never reaches its destination a second longer. You can get off by simply coming into covenant with God to accept the instruction in the doctrine of Christ given by God’s true apostles to know how to serve God perfectly. [Read more]


Last Revised: 2015-04-13

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