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What is the Fulness of Christ?
by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
What is the fulness of Christ? Don’t miss this nearly hour long message as the Lord again unfolds His wisdom for the church today in prophetic and apostolic teaching. Use the player below to listen or click this link to download the audio file “The Fulness of Christ”. [both the link and audio player work best in chrome browsers]
Hear what God is saying to the Church
[recorded message April 17, 2015]
12 minutes into the recording the Spirit reveals …… “I will PURIFY THE TONGUE OF THE UNLEARNED and ANOINT the lips of the ignorant to speak my truth because I will cover their nakedness with my knowledge.”
15 minutes into the recording the Spirit reveals … “My LAW OF GRACE shall heal the bruise of your soul.”
15:36 minutes into the recording…. GOD REBUKES THE CHURCH for the priesthood of iniquity saying, “I will not accept the works of your hands because your hands are covered in blood.”
In addition…The Spirit of the Lord reveals
  •  The pure language of the covenant and how it was lost.
  •  God rebukes the FALSE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM for serving Him in ignorance.
  •  The GPS of faith placed in the conscience as a homing device.
From Ephesians chapter 1 – The MYSTERIES OF CHRIST revealed…
  •  The eternal inheritance in the bosom of our Father revealed
  •  The mystery of Christ’s propitiation revealed
  •  The mystery of the powers of the world to come and how God is preparing us now for GREATER THINGS
In addition…
  •  God REBUKES the CARNAL MINDED for placing the “greater things” within the flesh.
  •   Did God establish one race above another?
  •  The roots of ancient Greek myths uncovered in Hebraic tradition.
  •  What did God seal within every soul before that soul came into a body of this dimension?
32:09 …. God gives us a peek into the praise of His glory. THE CHURCH IS REBORN in the true hope and purpose of God for all mankind. Learn about the magnificent gifts that God gave to His angels. What has God reserved for you?
35:01 … The call, “I’m going to give you GRACE to RETURN TO ME. So return to me My sons.”
36:14 … The secret place revealed!
37:09 … What is the Leah conscience and the Rachael conscience manifested in the church today!
44:27 … Enoch the righteous is given a cup of water out of the ocean of His wisdom. What will you receive?
46:32 … God challenge the long-held beliefs of substitutionism asking, “Can you serve My throne in ignorance?”
Jesus provided us tokens that we might approach unto God. This is His propitiation.
Only those who have prepared themselves to serve God in the fulness of Christ now in His covenant are being prepared for the fulness of Christ in His Throne.
Last Revised: 2016-09-30

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