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Signs of Feigned Grace and False Revival
Apostolic and Prophetic Voice
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
God is breaking the PRISONERS FREE.
You don’t ever have to be held in bondage to false promises of revival.
You never have to go another round with the pretense of Satan’s promises!
I want to share the words the Lord spoke a message April 19, 2015 as I was preaching.
These words give the church spiritual eyes to see. As Christians are again being invited to dive into another season of false revivals, God is speaking words of warning. The next day, God ministered to my wife Maria the words “Vanguard of Truth”.
[We have now made the recorded message available in two media types: click on the link in a Chrome browser to download or listen, or click the YouTube video below.]
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What is a false revival? What is a true revival?
The false church (Jezebel) looks for the outer signs of power to conceal the faithlessness of her heart. The Lord’s word in this recording: “The FALSE REVIVAL was the altar of Baal. . . the TRUE REVIVAL was in the stewardship of Elijah.”
Which revival spirit are you following today, that of Jezebel’s false prophets or that of the true stewardship?
Scripture: “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.” (Romans 10:2)

As I expound from Exodus chapter 31 the Lord begins to unfold for us the mystery of Christ and the direction of the Spirit for the church today. Below I share a few time hacks from the recorded message to help you navigate through the teaching.
8:36… The true acts of God established in the record of Jesus Christ.
12:29… The true sign God gives to man to affirm and confirm His presence.
  • Understand the Sabbath for the first time.
  • Understand the invisible Kingdom of God for the first time.
15:33… The Lord reveals that the church today is taken captive to Babylon.
  • God makes this call, “Come out from among them and be ye separate”.
  • God reveals that the church is following the same pattern as backsliding Israel and identifies “Jeremiah’s Curve”.
18:35… The word of the Lord… “All the protesters will abominate the parable (Christ) and so the breach will rule the conscience and in this void Satan’s shadow will seed His shame. And we see this in Israel and we see this in the church. The protester will labor with the imagination to conceal his nakedness and depart from Me.”
  •   Who are the protesters of the covenant today?
36:35… Why the devil has you digging for wells in the wilderness.
36:53… The Lord speaks to the false revivalists manifesting in the church today.
37:57… God’s call, “Will you walk by faith, will you use My tokens, will you build My house?” The Lord reveals that all the clamoring… renting… shouting… rolling… laughing – is for nothing. The Spirit of the Lord is in none of those things.
The Spirit of the Lord brings the church back to the will of God, which is covenant faith and instructs the church to flee the shout of the fool and learn to work with the Spirit in silence.
  • The church, now having received the instruction in doctrine from apostolic stewardship, is now maturing in spiritual things.
  • The church is progressing under the hand of God’s steward and is now competent in the Prophetic Path.
41:10… "Being full of the Spirit, you are succulent. The Lord will take you and squeeze you into His cup. He will drink of your charity."
51:43… The FALSE REVIVAL that man ignites is compared to the TRUE REVIVAL that God ignites.
  • Learn how the spirit of Baal works in false revivals today.
  •  What is the divine sign of God’s presence that is different from all other signs?
  • The GREATER WORKS understood for the first time.
60:00… Final word in this recording... The Lord says, “The aspiration will be checked by My truth and those who want to follow the religious aspirations will deny My truth. They will want to construct the truth around the aspiration which has to do with the logic of the text rather than that which has to do with the voice of My Spirit. The voice of My Spirit is what you are to live by.”
  •  Learn why God does not anoint the logic of text.
  • Learn how to live in the true ANOINTING that has eluded the church for so long.
  • True repentance understood again.


Last Revised: 2015-04-21

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