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The False Prophetic
Straight Talk Series
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Have you been wounded by the prophetic ministry? It’s commonly reported that 9 out of 10 churches complain of bad experiences with prophetic ministers. What is the church to do with a condition that shows such an appalling percentage of failure as is evidenced by the false prophetic movement? How can God bring healing and restoration?
We will go over why these trouble areas exist and then outline a plan God has put into place to help the church recover from this abusive practice.
The 3 F’s of the False Prophetic
Fantasy, Finance, and Flattery are the 3 F’s of the false prophetic movement. I explain each in the recorded teaching The False Propheticas the Spirit of God unfolds the reasons behind the failed prophetic movement. This will help you understand how the grace of God is turned to lasciviousness.
[We have now made the recorded message available in two media types: click on the link "The False Prophetic" in a Chrome browser to download or listen, or click the YouTube video below.]
God Questions the Current Status Quo
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Have you been wounded by the prophetic ministry?
One minister admits that after 5 years of analyzing prophetic ministries, seeking God, and opening himself up to dialogue with other ministers, he is no closer to understanding the true nature of the problem nor can he offer a solution.
God did give him a dream in which it was revealed to him that he is part of the problem. I’ll quote here what the minister says because it is a shared mind-set that God is addressing in all prophetic ministers.
The minister, relating his dream, states, “I found myself seated among many well-known prophetic voices in America. Everyone had a buzzer set in front of them and a question kept flashing on a large screen, ‘What is God saying to America?’ Over and over again, buzzer after buzzer was going off and I could not hear anything because all the prophetic voices were shouting over one another to share what they had heard." [end of quote]
What is God saying to this minister? God is showing him that he is part of the problem – he is sitting among those who claim to be God’s prophetic voice and is therefore a partner in the same confusion. The problem with this minister, like most ministers, is that when they receive a dream in which God is rebuking them, they consider the dream to be a confirmation of their ministry and they share the dream with no discernment. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.
Addressing a problem that is obvious to all does you make you a problem solver – but another talker of the problem. Opening dialogue with others to discuss a problem does not indicate openness to the grace of God nor does it indicate God given authority. A minister will say that he or she is open for God’s correction, yet in the same breathe refuse to transition into the covenant priesthood where God has already healed this breach.
Prophecy and priesthood go hand in hand. If one does not understand the priesthood one does not understand the role that prophecy plays in the daily faith of every believer.
The best plan is to restore the church to the true priesthood prophecy of each believer. The false prophetic movement misrepresents the prophets calling and ignores the priesthood of Jesus Christ where prophecy is shared by each according to the due order of truth and discerned on the same scale.
I’ve seen that when God’s correction is received in this area and the priesthood of the believer is again embraced as it was in the early church that believers are fully equipped to function in the true manifestation of prophecy and are no longer exploited by prophetic ministers. They don’t have to travel to special conferences to hear the voice of the Lord, they don’t have to import ministers into their church to hear the voice of the Lord, the voice of the Lord is heard through each member of the Body.
The solution to the problem under discussion has already been in effect for some years now. What does it say for ministers who are still puzzling over problems God has already solved?
It’s inconceivable that in this time of rejoicing in the Body as believers again partake of the richness of God’s grace in their priesthood, having been delivered from the bondages of the fleshly priesthood, that there are still those suffering from spurious prophecy and still asking, “Where have we gone wrong?”
Failure of the false prophetic ministries is leadership induced – having placed emphasis upon seeing God’s hand played out in the blessings of the flesh, seeing prophecy as foretelling the will of God for the flesh... for the nation… for the world – it was inevitable that Satan would continue to exploit this error of thinking to keep believers ever looped to his pretense of promise.
The false prophetic movement is just one in a litany of problems the church must come to terms with now that God has restored true apostolic stewardship, restored the true covenant of Jesus Christ, restored the foundation of truth, and restored the priesthood of each believer.
Warning Signs: The Devil’s Pretense of Promise
The devil works under the guise of prophecy to hook believers by making promises that the carnal minded find hard to refuse. Satan does not need to change his tactics. He has always approached the church on the level of this low-brow knowledge found in the nature of man and leadership has always taken the bait and promoted Satan’s pretense of promise as if it was the voice of God.
Do you know the warning signs of Satan’s hidden pretense of promise spoken by the mouths of revivalists and false prophets? When you hear the following “hook phrases” these should be warning signs to you. You are being served Satan’s pretense of promise:

Great move of God
Expect God to move
Release (God’s best/blessing/power)
Levels of healing and repentance
God will mightily use you
God gave me a vision of great things
If God saves one person it is a sign we are doing the right thing
Great healings and multitudes saved
Sing louder and longer
Let God feel your love for Him
Digging wells
The Murmuring Leadership
When things don’t pan out after these spurious claims are made, leadership will begin to murmur against themselves and the Body. You’ll hear Satan’s voice again through these “hook phrases” spoken through the mouths of leadership. We’re going to examine a few of these hook phrases: accountability, keys, doing better, God is going to do something new, and we need more.
Accountability: We need accountability (preachers confessing the errors of their ways). A string of wide-spread failings are shared, personal failings are shared coupled with elusive revelations that are left open to interpretation, but grab your attention. A loud silence follows the revelation that is broken with more strings of promise.

Keys: We need keys to open up these areas where it seems to hard for us to break through. And I have got a new key. The minister then shares a dream or vision or word and everyone at this point is sitting at the edge of their seats as more elusive revelations are given to hook the audience’s attention. A loud silence is again broken with more strings of promises and applause.
Doing Better: We need to do better – we can do better – we MUST do better. Yes, why not do better for God? But the energy is poured into exploring avenues that are only recalls of the past failed revivals. Satan again loops the expectations of the believer to exceed the former church’s level of accomplishments or failures.
As the minister confesses with tears his own failings and that of the church (microphone in hand), he feels within his own zeal a new found authority, he points a finger against past failures while exonerating himself by looking towards the next move of God. Here we see how the devil wrestles the mind into agitation for God’s promises.
God is Going to do Something New: Spiritual forgeries – again. False proclamations about how God is going to bring forth a new prophetic ministry that is “different” from the past is pieced together from one’s personal research into what people are wanting and what scriptures says.
The self appointed reformist reasons like this, Scripture says that prophecy should be to edify, exhort, and comfort, so if I say that is what God is going to do, how can I be wrong? And it is a departure from what we see going on now, so how can that be wrong?
What’s wrong is that even though you are quoting scripture, you’re still drawing from the same foundation (the flesh) and trying to fake your way into restoring prophecy to the church while ignoring the priesthood prophecy God has already restored to the church. Catching the wind of the Spirit on the tails of the restored priesthood is fakery as you are claiming to take as your own that which God did for His own purposes.
No! You’re just trying to add this new forgery to the master forgeries of the past. In the past, the church was vulnerable to these forgeries, not noticing that the language of the pretense of promise is always in the future, what God was going to do. And not discerning that when a person says what God is “going to do” that person is not currently experiencing what he is claiming. He’s not the knowledge expert or the voice of God.
This habit is something Apostle Paul identified in the first century church. The Spirit of the Lord called it “purloining”. Those claiming what the apostles had been given for the church, but taking it for their own purposes, to redirect it – to feign it – to perloin it.
“Not purloining, but showing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.” (Titus 2:10)
The church used to be vulnerable to the forgery, but now that the true priesthood prophecy has been restored to the church, this is no longer the case. Believers aren’t looking for restoration when they are living it.

We Need More: God is addressing the false authority assumed by ministers who profess to be looking for the “next” move of God, while ignoring God’s call to embrace what He has already restored. We need “more” hooks sound like this…
The Next Conference!
21 Days of the Holy Ghost!
We need more holiness in the church!
We need more prayer in the church!
We need more control in the church!
We need more evangelism in the church!
Claiming the need for more sounds honorable doesn’t it, but it’s Satan speaking. God’s voice is heard in obedience, not in the seeking to excuse disobedience.
We need more of this and that sounds holy and good, but it is Satan bending the religious perceptions to logic and building barriers to God’s grace.
These “more” statements, “accountability” statements, “key” seeking statements are interpretive and escape discernment of the ear because they possess those hidden expectations you desire to see. The ever shifting “word” of the Lord to keep the mind hooked and the soul empty.
Ambiguous, empty rhetoric is called “great swelling words of vanity” to hook those that are not learned in the covenant of Christ.
The true stewardship warns those of the future generations of these tricks.
 “For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.” (2 Peter 2:18)

 “These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage.” (Jude 1:16)

Last Revised: 2015-04-26

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