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The Testimony of an Apostle
by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Nearly 40 years ago God called me to the apostle’s office. The 4-Part video series of my calling is posted on this page. I want you to know that God has already implemented His changes to restore the church to the original foundation of truth and that the paradigm shift has taken place. If you missed it, it isn’t any wonder, the devil is also busy setting up his camp – the counterfeit apostolic.
One of the key differences between the true apostolic and the forgery is in the tense of the language used. False apostles will talk about a paradigm shift that is yet to come and that basically means that they’re talking about changes they haven’t personally experienced. And what that means is that God did not call them to lead the church into change.
I’m going to talk to you about the need to discern when a person is speaking from conjecture so that you can arm yourself against the wiles of the devil. That portion begins directly below the video series in which I talk to you about my calling, what God said to me, the manifestations, dreams, visions, all of which have come to pass as we are now well into the transition phase and believers around the world are experiencing and walking in all that God has restored to the church.
As God had said, the paradigm shift is different from the experience of the current Christian culture, but true to His word, God assisted each heart that yielded to Him and the shift has taken place and the new, restored Body has emerged. The foundation of truth has been restored, the covenant of Jesus Christ has been restored, and the priesthood of each believer has been restored.
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Testimony of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
I encourage you to watch the video series below as I talk about the revelations, dreams, visions, and visitations of the Lord that confirm His calling upon me and the direction God has taken the church.
Discern When a Person Speaks From Conjecture
In the natural, would we ask a photographer what it’s like to climb Mount Everest? He might have taken pictures of the mountain as people often do, but the testimony is gained in the climb.
A photographer might imagine what the climb might be like having read the testimony of others and then read himself into the experience, but his footsteps are not on the mountain and what he’s telling you about the climb is sheer conjecture.
Personal experience makes all the difference in the world. After a lifetime of wanting to see the church restored, wanting to see what God can do (to at last live out the Jesus of their imagination), many are now writing articles and books about the paradigm shift, repeating what they want to see happen as if it is inspiration from the Holy Spirit.
What makes this seem excusable is the heavy leaning upon what is termed “prophetic insight”. If one is claiming what God is going to do, that would seem legitimate because that’s what a prophet is thought to do. But here is where the test comes in. When God has already performed His word and the restoration has taken place (as it now is), and pastors are transitioning their congregations, the false prophets are revealed to be still waiting for a paradigm shift and describing it in the same ways of the past failed movements, saying for example,
1.      “It will be normal to shake and fall to our faces” – But wait! This is not new. The church tried this on for size and God rebuked that seducing spirit. What is being presented as “new” is the repeat of seducing spirits being allowed to move through an individual, making animal noises and sounds. The claim is that these animalistic sounds is the Holy Spirit groaning in them, making them act out the nature of a wild animal!
God is not glorified when man takes on the image and likeness and sounds of a beast. In this, God’s instruction is clear. When changing Nebuchadnezzar into a beast, God manifested this curse for us to understand that the beastly nature is not God’s glory.
When Nebuchadnezzar came to himself he did not begin a program advocating that everyone should experience his “animal state”. Nebuchadnezzar did not equate the receiving of this experience as a blessing, but of God’s judgment against him.
2.      “Services will become more like prayer meetings” – But wait! This also is not new. The church has dipped her toe into this stream before, answering the call to prayer and fasting and more prayer and fasting, and have walked away hungry and empty and hurt.
3.      “Corporate action assignments will replace personal growth and biblical study” –But wait! This again is not new. There has been many calls to action where believers were called to walk through city streets, rebuke the powers of darkness, call on the name of Jesus to execute a “mighty move of God”. God rebuked this aspiration which left the church defenseless against the enemy and empty of the virtue of Christ.
True Restoration
True restoration begins with the apostles’ office being restored. The purpose of that is to restored to the church the original foundation of truth, the covenant of Jesus Christ, the covenant tools and contact points empowered by God, the restored priesthood of each believer and to get Christians back into step with God’s will – to heal their soul of Satan’s scars and to transform the soul with the virtues of Jesus Christ.
This is an extreme shift away from the current Christian culture and the idea that truth is in part, truth is unknowable, that we can each follow an imaginary Jesus and call that truth, that God does not care about doctrine, and that truth can be pieced together with good will.
God has now restored His spiritual government to the church. All 5 callings in the government of God are again functioning as they were in the early church, beginning with the apostles calling. God has restored the original foundation of truth, restored the Second Covenant, the tools of the covenant, and the priesthood of Jesus Christ.
As a result Christians have seen the entire map of their Christian experience change. As God restored the understanding of each of the 12 elements of the gospel, faith again reflected Jesus Christ perfectly. This is an extreme shift away from faith reflecting and expressing the nature of man where faith was always struggling to be what God wanted it to be, but seeing the nature of man getting in the way.
Reintroducing the priesthood of Jesus Christ to the believer meant a believer is now equipped to build the altar of Christ for true worship to take place and for spiritual sacrifices of prophecy to be offered to God freely, 24/7. This is an extreme shift away from the fleshly priesthood that had taken the church captive.
Learning how to identify the grace of God (the first element restored to the church) meant learning how the Holy Spirit flows with the tools of the covenant, God’s design for faith to function with the grace of God to reflect Christ and how we experience the powers of the world to come. This is an extreme shift away from bogus spiritual journey plans, believers used to buy into that promised holiness in the future, or to know the will of God in the future, and to walk in the power of God sometime in the future.
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