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   The Flesh - Win the Battle for Your Mind

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The Flesh

Lesson 3 of 12

Winning the battle for the mind has everything to do with understanding the 5 different facets of the flesh. So let’s now talk about what these are. When we think about the flesh, the first thing most people think about is our human body.But seeing that we were assigned to function with it in this dimension, would cause someone to become rather confused if being a Christian meant that we were no longer to be subject to the needs of the physical body.
It would be nice not to have need for hunger, thirst, sleep or be subject to the elements, needing to clothe ourselves and have shelter, but it is not realistic. The needs of the body for these things is not what we are identifying as the flesh. We identify these things as frailty.
The flesh is the design of our souls, the powers that  God assigned to us to function within this dimension. God had said, “…Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. . .” (Genesis 1:26). This “likeness” is not referring to a simple outward form (two arms, two hands, two legs, and a head), but is referring to the many facets of God’s nature. Psalm 33:15 reads, “He fashioned their hearts alike.”
How did God fashion all hearts alike? We are each as individual snowflakes, unique in skills, talents, personality, and physical appearance. What God is revealing through the psalmist is that He created us all with the same 5 facets of the flesh, the same powers He fashioned within the soul like to His soul.
The 5 Facets of the Flesh
To understand spiritual warfare and win the battle for the mind we must understand the 5 facets of the flesh. When you understand what these power are, then you will understand what the flesh is and know a lot more about the kind of spiritual warfare Satan is engaging you in and be equipped to overcome him.
Knowledge is power. If you do not know what the 5 facets of the flesh are you will remain powerless against the devil, for he is well versed in the power of each facet.
 The flesh is made up of these 5 things:
1. The knowledge of this world
2. The Signature Map of the soul
3. The God-Code
4. Moral Code
5. Fruits of Iniquity
It is with these powers that God shaped the soul. The 5 facets of the soul can be understood as a diamond. Just as a diamond is described by its cut (the design used when shaping a diamond for polishing), God designed  or shaped each soul with these  powers to reflect His image.
Now to say that the knowledge of this world (facet #1)and the fruits of iniquity (facet #5) are powers that God gave to the soul to reflect His image may sound confusing, but here we can see God’s plan to test Adam. God knew Adam would fall and purposely created an environment for man’s testing, choices, and perfection in Jesus Christ.
We will study each facet of the flesh to see how God uses it to teach man about his condition and need for Christ, and how the testimony of Christ overcomes the testimony of man, and how Satan uses that which is common to man (these powers of the soul) to identify help us identify ourselves and send faith on a false journey of discovery.
We will see how each of the 5 facet of the flesh have been corrupted by the fall of man, how the Signature Map of the Soul, God-Code, and Moral Code were touched by the fall of man, and how specifically, the first and the 5th facet (the knowledge of this world and the fruits of iniquity) represent the condition of man because of the fall of Adam from God’s grace.
The 1st facet of the flesh, the knowledge of this world, speaks of how we inherited Adam’s fallen nature and were born into a world that is prejudiced by the knowledge (lie) Satan sowed into the world to remove man’s confidence from God.
The 5th facet of the flesh, the fruits of iniquity, speaks of the condition of the soul because of Satan’s sowing within the heart. Sin is forgiven upon conversion, but the fruit of your past while in the kingdom of darkness left many scars on the soul, which God heals as you use the tools of the covenant.
The Rhythm of Nature
The 5 facets of the flesh together make up the “Rhythm of Nature” because the natural man lives in rhythm with these powers. The natural man lives here, with these powers. He lives to express them, he defines life and truth by them. And this is the reason why the 5 facets of the flesh is also called the  “Record of Man” or the “Record of the Flesh”. It is so named (record) because we draw from this testimony to weigh and judge what is true, what is real, and then we  proceed to build faith upon this record because we have taken confidence in it.
We can understand now why Apostle Paul said that these are the things that are “common to man” (1 Corinthians 10:13). People are naturally incline to follow this record of the flesh because this is the testimony of their first birth.
People either live by the record of the flesh, which is the record of man, which is the record of their own soul, or the record of Jesus Christ. Those who live by the record of man are in rhythm with themselves, and live by the appetite of the flesh, which is these powers that are the design of the soul.
The flesh, however, was not assigned to us to live by. We are commanded to live by the Word of God. God gave us a record in Jesus Christ, which is the knowledge of the covenant, by which we live in and by Him. This record identifies our faith. Those who live by the record of Christ live by His knowledge and the power of the Spirit.
And that is why, when the flesh becomes confused with faith, our faith becomes corrupt and the will becomes weak. For instead of our faith reflecting the image of Christ it takes on the image of self, which witness is not of God, but from beneath.
The Five Senses of the Flesh
We are going to explore the make-up of our soul to learn more about it. We will use the analogy of our 5 senses ( sight, hearing, smell, taste and the sense to feel) to understand more about the 5 facets of the flesh. We are going to associate
the sense of SIGHT to the knowledge of this world,
the sense of HEARING to the Signature Map of the soul,
the sense of TASTE to the God-Code,
the sense of TOUCH to the Moral Code, and
the sense of NOSE to the Fruits of Iniquity.

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