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   New Covenant Faith

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The Christian Faith is Defined by Covenant

What are the Terms of the New Covenant?

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This is God’s promise to you: If you exercise your faith with the knowledge and tools that God sanctified by Jesus Christ then Jesus will represent you and mediate the covenant as your advocate, and God will give you the blessing of Christ:
  1. Grace and peace are multiplied to you. If you are not experiencing God’s multiplication and the progressive nature of God’s kingdom, it is most likely that you are standing outside of what God has sanctified for your faith.
  2. You daily receive healing from the injuries Satan inflicted upon your soul.
  3. Your soul is daily increased by the virtue of Christ as the fruit of Christ is born in the inner man.
  4. God writes His commandments upon your heart and mind, and by this you have the mind of Christ, and your mind is renewed.
  5. Your fellowship with Him is based on an exchange that is equal to Him.
  6. You walk in cadence with Him.
  7. God sustains your faith by His presence.
  8. Grace brings equity and strength to the inner man.
  9. You will experience true regeneration, which is the temperament of the Spirit.
  10. God’s wisdom from above will free you from the bondage of human aspiration.
God establishes a covenant for faith so that the Spirit will create life in the soul, and by this, we know Him. God is giving you hope in Him and calling you into covenant to share in His eternal promises. God takes ownership of your soul when you are in covenant with Him. Abraham was in covenant with God, and God said, “Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward” (Gen.15:1).
Christians believe in the death of Jesus, that He shed His blood for the sins of the world and that He is the one and only Saviour, yet still they have no confidence in their salvation and live a defeated life. What’s wrong?
The problem is that God engages us on the grounds of the covenant of Jesus Christ, not on the grounds of the covenant of Moses, and not on the grounds of our passions or imaginations.
Don’t try to play out salvation by your imagination or prejudice, for then you begin to set the expectation for resolve with your imagination. And when this does not quite play out that way, you will be disappointed.
Allow your salvation to be represented by Jesus Christ, by coming into covenant with God. Did anyone ever tell you what the terms of the Second Covenant are? or clue you in that the abundant life you are seeking cannot be found in the covenant of Moses? or inform you that you could experience the riches of Christ if you embrace His covenant?

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