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Fruits of Iniquity - Part 1 - Summary Notes

Lesson 9 of 12

  1. We can associate the fruits of iniquity with the sense of smell because the presence of rotten fruit is detectable by the nose.
  2. Our prior experience in the kingdom of darkness with its knowledge and tools produced the fruits of darkness within the soul, called fruits of iniquity.
  3. the fruits of iniquity speak of the condition of the soul because of Satan’s sowing within the heart.
  4. God takes us out of the world upon conversion to Christ and then engrafts the Holy Spirit into the heart to daily take the world out of the heart.
  5. You may have come to Christ, but the damage must now be inspected, Satan’s fruits removed, and the soul beautified with the fruit of Christ. This is a daily process as you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.
  6. God is not challenging you on the grounds of your behavior.
  7. Satan gives your faith the moral code to labor with knowing that as you struggle with the fruits of iniquity you will stumble upon many moral dilemmas.
  8. Each moral dilemma (why did I react that way? Why did I say that?), when answered by the moral code, will only produce more of what the moral code offers –the challenge to do better.
  9. The moral code and the fruits of iniquity had a very close relationship while you were in the kingdom of darkness.
  10. Satan wants to compromise your faith and keep you in a carnal state, always warring in your mind, trying to turn the emotional corner.
  11. Your imagination twists itself into the moral code to construct something for your conscience to approve of as good and pleasing to God.
  12. The conscience reflects the condition of the soul. If the soul is filled with the fruits of iniquity the conscience is defiled and guilt is the result. If the work of the Holy Spirit is taking place in the soul then the conscience sees the image of Christ.
  13. When your faith mirrors Christ, your conscience reflects Him. The Holy Spirit doing is always busy confirming Jesus Christ. That is His job as “The Living Witness”.
  14. When you start acting like a Christian and begin to build faith in the image of the one whose name you are claiming, your conscience will stop convicting you of being a sinner.
  15. The entire work of the cross shows us the terms God restricted Himself to, to engage with us for fellowship to heal our souls and fulfill our joy in Him.
  16. I want you to begin thinking about separating your imagination from faith and to think of it as an ongoing learning experience. You can’t grow in grace if your imagination is siphoning off the mental energy you should be using for faith.
  17. We have to work with the truth the Spirit gives us through Jesus Christ and truth is going to challenge your comfort zone with the flesh.
  18. By far, the most challenge you will receive to your comfort zone will be from the moral code and this is why I am spending more time on it than the other facets of the flesh.
  19. The Holy Spirit wants you to get out of that comfort zone you have going on with the moral code.
  20. God knows that we learned to feel secure in the moral code, but He wants to teach you that, that is the confidence of world (moral code), not the confidence of faith.
  21. As you move through the transition and start working with the Elements of the Gospel, get comfortable with being uncomfortable as God begins to challenge all those hiding places where Satan secretly worked to undermine your faith. You’re going to see the results of training your mind to identify the 5 facets of the flesh.
  22. your imagination has to draw from something to construct meaning. It will draw from the “substance” of your soul: (1) the false knowledge of this world, (2) your signature, (3) your God-Code, (4) your moral code, and yes, (5) the fruits of iniquity that you are dealing with/struggling with.
  23. You can easily see in children the drive of the God-Code pushing the soul for experience with the signature. The signature complies for this building to take place, but it leaves the soul empty and frustrated and the drive for pleasure and experience accelerates.
  24. The soul has to have a body of expression. The signature volunteers itself to be the body of expression, but God says, “No. Allow my Spirit and Word to be the body of expression.”
  25. We need to consider that God removed Christ’s righteousness from our observation of what is right.
  26. How can the mind conceive that this right doing and change of mind is not righteousness at all and that the comfort of the moral code is not the peace of God? Righteousness needs to be born of grace and peace is born of that same power.
  27. I want you to start thinking of your imagination as a strong hold of Satan.
  28. The heart labors to discover itself by releasing passion.
  29. The battle for your mind takes place on several fronts. By studying the many drives of the God-Code we can understand how that the soul has a natural desire (instinct) to set things right. This aspect of the God-Code is called “equity”, where the soul seeks to find the center, balance, and harmony it was created to experience with God.
  30. Seeking equity by the moral code is a full time job. The seeking is there because the desire is there, the drive is there—The drive for equity.
  31. Emotions are just window dressing for the store we call the flesh. Emotions display the wares of the soul as it works with the knowledge of this world, the signature of the soul, the God-Code, the moral code, and the fruits of iniquity it does not know what to do with.
  32. You need to first know how vulnerable you are to the God-Code dictating to you how to find equity by resolving your problems. This is another strong hold of Satan in your mind.
  33. The natural instinct of man is to look for goodness and what is right in the moral code.
  34. I want you to focus your thinking on the God-Code joined to the flesh as the strong hold of Satan rather than simply thinking of false equity as Satan’s strong hold.
  35. There is a certain quality of Christ that I am considering when I think about the Element Righteousness.
  36. Jesus Christ is the perfect measure of faith.
  37. If I respond to unpleasant circumstances by reflecting in my mind on these things of Christ I am constructing the blocks of the knowledge of Christ just as God designed them to express Christ. The equity I experience (harmony between emotions and thought) takes place because both soul and spirit are in agreement with God. I can hear His voice through the beat of His knowledge.
  38. Truth is the perfect environment for faith? I never needed to reach into the flesh for the moral code to ask it for guidance to know how I should react or act or feel or not feel. We do not need the conviction of the moral code to teach us what is right to do. We have the conviction of truth to tell us all about Jesus Christ and His righteousness.
  39. The fruit of the Spirit is the natural outflow of our reflection on Christ.
  40. The current Christian culture does not teach the synergy of the fruit of the Spirit. Instead, they isolated them from each other and used the moral code and fruits of iniquity and signature of the soul to describe them.
  41. If you have taken patience out of the eco system of God’s truth you have taken ownership of it to reflect yourself. This power to reconstruct Christ in our image is from beneath and works all manner of concupiscence to bring the soul into bondage to sin.
  42. The fruit we desire is not born of the moral code.
  43. The power is of the flesh produces that which is of the flesh.
  44. Truth is the eco system and mindset of God.
  45. God takes ownership of the fruit of the Spirit when it works in synergy with the eco system of His truth.
  46. If you want to win the battle for your mind you are going to need new skill sets.
  47. In the absence of the knowledge of Christ, the soul is always in a state of struggling against the fruits of iniquity in its own power and laboring for the virtue of the fruit of the Spirit, but not experiencing it.
  48. The mind uses the moral code as compensatory education, teaching you all about what it right to compensate for missing the righteousness of Christ.
  49. The moral code takes the role of the antagonist. Think of the fruits of iniquity as the agonists and the moral code wanting to act as the antagonist, to block the action of Satan with these fruits.
  50. If you want to live by every Word of God, it is absolutely necessary for you understand how each of the 12 Elements express Christ. This is what the soul is missing, this experience, this connection with God.
  51. Jesus made Himself our prototype. This shows us He is our faith. When you express Christ by reflecting upon Him in His truth, then Jesus sanctifies your faith, which means that His knowledge forms faith in Him image.
  52. When you are in troubling circumstances, it is the power of grace that you really need. Grace has the power to draw faith from your heart, grace has the power to strengthen your will for continuance, grace has the power to humble your will to God, grace has the power to reveal Christ to your understanding, grace has the power to bring your mind and emotions into harmony with God (this is called equity).
  53. When you start to think about grace, you also begin to think about what aspiration is. You need to be able to compare aspiration to grace because they are both an inspiration, but from 2 different kingdoms. You would not be able to discern aspiration properly if you did not first learn to taste of grace and know what it means to live by that power.
  54. When faith was in bondage to the flesh under the current Christian culture, the Elements lost their power because Satan took away their meaning. They were just words on a piece of paper. That is why believers ceased experiencing Christ by them. As you increase your understanding of each Element you will begin to experience Christ through them.
  55. The more you labor with the 12 Elements of the Gospel, the image of Christ emerges for you.
  56. Satan’s goal is to have the moral code masquerade as God so you think God is counseling you when in fact Satan is counseling you.


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