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Fruits of Iniquity - Part 2

Lesson 10 of 12

Gaining Closure, Coming to Terms, Becoming Accepting
The mind does a lot of labor to convince yourself that God is behind you as you weigh your thoughts on the scale of the moral code. The scriptures are used as God’s voice to you in a circumstance, giving you either a promise, rebuke, direction, or wisdom.
There is a certain sense of closure you experience when you address your ill-will, bad habits, past mistakes, inclinations, or pain you suffered. The moral code (as the antagonist), joined to scripture, is giving you an opportunity to come to terms with this temperament and these events. The natural course of this action to gain closure and to come to terms is that you become accepting. You accept what happened to you, you accept that there is hope for change, you accept that there was a reason for your suffering, and accept what others did to you and forgive them.
“Closure”, “coming to terms”, and “acceptance” evoke powerful emotions of well being that are mistaken for the substance of Christ. Here we see the fruit of the moral code masquerading as the fruit (substance) of Jesus Christ.
The substance of Christ is: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, patience, endurance, and hope. These virtues are created by His power.
We can see how easy it is to rationalize the peace of this world (closure, coming to terms, acceptance) to be something it is not.
What I am doing is making you aware of the pattern of thinking that you accepted a long time ago that became a part of you and I am helping you to see where your struggle is. When you see where your struggle is, then you will know where the battle is for your mind.
The struggle that I am describing to you here is the struggle to fit the moral code into scripture. What happens to scripture (that God said was holy) when it is injected with the moral code? Scripture, used for man’s purposes become the precept of man.
Everyday Answers: How Fables Are Born
Now what you have is a testimony of your experience: how you put your feelings to rest when you took hope in scripture and your hope of what God will do for you. Although all God’s promises are true in Jesus Christ, they are true for those who are in covenant with Him and have joined themselves to Him by covenant faith, they are not true to those who are not in covenant with God and put their trust in the moral code.
What happens to the testimony of well being, peace, joy, and hope of the moral code that is masquerading as Jesus Christ? The testimony becomes a FABLE that is used to support false claims of Christ. We can easily see how Satan uses fables to promise the substance of Christ while keeping the mind and emotions enslaved to the moral code. Here is where discernment takes place and why it is important that you know what the 12 Elements of the Gospel are and how they work. You need critical thinking skills and faith that is cognitive if you are to win the battle of the mind.
Private Interpretation of Scripture:It helps to know that the scripture, being interpreted by the moral code, is what God calls private interpretation of scripture (2 Peter 1:20). God calls what the mind does with scripture “private” because the scriptures are internalized to address man’s fallen nature and his feelings instead of addressing Jesus Christ and His covenant. In this way, the scriptures are made to serve the moral code rather than serve God. Do you see that?
The Imagination Will Construct What the Soul is Denied
We are learning something that is very crucial in building a firm foundation of faith on Jesus Christ. We are learning how the soul works, how it is geared, how the soul searches for experience to define reality and will only rest when we have found the true substance of life in Jesus Christ. Can you see now why the doctrine of Christ (the 12 Elements) is not merely “head knowledge”, but the reality of Christ for you to experience?  You need to experience Christ in each of the 12 Elements of the Gospel.
In the absence of the work of the Spirit through the 12 Elements, the soul does not experience Christ and the imagination begins to work to construct what the soul is being denied. The imagination needs substance to build with, so draws upon the 5 facets of the flesh to validate the who, what, where, when, and why of the better person you want to become. The soul also fabricates the peace of God by giving you a false scale for your confidence.
By learning this about your imagination you should be learning more about the war that takes place in your mind and how Satan uses the 5 facets of the flesh against you.
The Problem is. . .The imagination, pulling from the moral code to construct what is right, cannot escape the fruits of iniquity and therefore the conscience remains defiled—and this is another reason for the frustration you feel.
The Moral Code: The Police Officer of the Soul
It is true that we get stuck in a certain way of thinking. We are used to thinking about the moral code as our friend, companion, or counselor. We dote on the moral code like we would a cute puppy.
But as the imagination pulls from the moral code to construct what is right, to gain the peace (closure) of this world, the moral code is more like a police officer rather than a cute, cuddly puppy that wants your attention. The moral code, as a police officer, will first conduct several investigations into your past to show you where you missed it last time, it will go to the files of your soul and bring out an arm load of folders to show you again your mistakes from the past to make sure you learned from them.
The moral code has a complete profile of your life. It will draw from your experiences with so-and-so to show you the scale that is out of balance and suggest ways in which you can make it “right”.
The moral code will interrogate you, “Why are you like that, why did you say that, who thinks like you do, you don’t know what you are doing, do you?” The moral code will offer you scripture as your counselor, write tickets as a police officer, condemn you as your judge, and speak to you mystically as your spiritual guide.
Finally, the moral code goes on a hunt. The prey is your conscience. The moral code will offer scripture to convict you of sin over and over again. Only after the moral code has completed all this work will the soul feel as if it is deserving of God’s love—in a sick way.
Ask Yourself: How Do I Respond To The Fruits of Iniquity
  1. What action am I taking? Am I allowing “closure”, “coming to terms”, or “acceptance” to be mistaken for the substance of Christ?
  2. What action am I taking? Am I struggling to fit the moral code into scripture, privatizing the scriptures by internalizing them to address my fallen nature and my feelings instead of addressing Jesus Christ and His covenant?
  3.  What action am I taking? So I allow my imagination to construct what my soul is being denied, or do I find my experience in Jesus Christ?
  4. What action do I take? Am I drawing from the flesh to validate the better person I want to become, thus fabricating peace, or do I work with the tools of Jesus’ covenant to allow the Holy Spirit to work Christ in me?
Understand How the Soul is Geared: The Soul Must Labor to Enter Into Rest
Yes, the soul is sick and this is why we need Jesus Christ. But, as we are learning about all the labor the soul puts itself through to gain the substance it is lacking from God, we see yet another very intriguing aspect of the soul: God created the soul to labor to enter into rest.
Let’s briefly talk about what the Bible means by “rest”. What is rest? Rest is one of the 12 Elements of the Gospel and speaks of our completion in Christ, our fulfillment in Him. Rest is the payoff or reward of your efforts.
God designed the soul after His own image and likeness. We know that God labored 6 days to create the world and then entered into His rest the 7th day. God set this pattern for your soul also. This is why you too labor to enter into rest.
However……………and here is the warning on the label.......this design of the soul only works with the original substance and material that God designed for the soul to labor with. In other words, God created us for Himself. As stated earlier, we were created by God for God. That means that He is the only substance our souls can labor with to experience rest.
You Should See This Coming: If we labor with the substance of the knowledge of this world, the signature of the soul, the God-Code, the moral code, and fruits of iniquity we can understand how this substance is corrupted and less than God and cannot bring the soul into rest, which means that the soul will continue to be empty of the power/virtue of God and will continue to journey looking for rest.
Can you begin to see why I am calling these 5 facets of the flesh “substance”?
The soul extrapolates and draws from each facet of the flesh (the knowledge of this world, the signature of the soul, the God-Code, the moral code, and fruits of iniquity) to map out a course for labor for the purpose of entering into rest.
The flesh offers building materials the soul uses to labor with, in the mind to enter into rest. The flesh is what your emotions draw upon for expression. The flesh is what we use to flatter others to validate ourselves.
Your emotions are tied to this daily journey the soul takes to labor to enter into rest. Rest is what your soul is striving for. Your mind may tell you to lay off the calories, to keep your eyes in your head, to say things that are nice, but your soul is on a journey of discovery and isn’t listening.
Your mind is always working. If your mind is not laboring with knowledge you are dead. If you labor with the substance that has been corrupted, your soul will be empty of the substance of Christ and the battle in your mind will be lost.
On the other hand, if you labor with the knowledge of Christ, which is the true bread of life, God will give substance for your soul to labor with to enter into His rest.
Did you know. . .You are allergic to false knowledge? You will have an allergic reaction to false knowledge every time you eat it.
If you know you are allergic to strawberries or tomatoes or nuts you can tell when you have been eating them because something in your body is telling you so. Either your hands are swelling up, or your face, or your lips.
An allergic reaction to false knowledge is internal in the soul and works itself out to your mind and your actions.
Most Bible Teachers Never Left the Battlefield of the Flesh
Would it surprise you to know that 99% of all church leaders, ministers, and Bible teachers are still working with the flesh, trying to prove faith by moral convictions, still stuck in the same thinking pattern as the world?
How do we know this to be true? It is obvious—the issues have not changed for them. Before conversion they talked about their issues and behavior and after conversion they are still talking about their issues and behavior. They are still asking the same questions and making the same demands upon themselves. They are still placing themselves under the moral code, and still sending faith on a journey to discover themselves.
Let me show you how this is happening. Look at the following questions. You will recognize them immediately as the same questions we posed earlier. However, look at what has been added to each question:
  1. Why am I an unforgiving person? I should be more forgiving? Jesus will help me be more forgiving.
  2. I was abused by my father and brother and mother and friends. I even abused others. I will start a journey of healing. Jesus is my healer.
  3. I am an impatient person. I wants things to happen now! I should work on that. Jesus will help me.
  4. I am a nosy person. I want to know everything. I think I am that way because I want to be in control. I control my spouse, my co-workers, I micro manage everyone. I just can’t leave things alone—I have to meddle. I should stop doing that. Jesus will help me stop me from being a control freak.
  5. I am a frustrated person and this is why I am irritable and sharp with my words. I tell people what I think. I use to believe that was me being honest, but now I think it was me being rude………hhhmmmm. I’ll have to work on that. Jesus will show me how to turn frustration into joy.
  6. I believe that if we do kind things to others that kind things will happen to us. Today I will do Acts of Random Kindness. God will give me opportunities to be kind.
Now, I know what you may be thinking, “But—hey! Isn’t that what I am supposed to do, ask Jesus to help me with these areas in my life that need work?
Let’s get our focus back on what you really want and need. What you really want is the fruit of the Spirit. You want God to change you, and that is what God wants too. I’ve been showing you a different way to get that fruit (called the divine nature of Christ) other than tracking it down with the moral code.
Take another look at the numbered statements above. I want you to see that nothing has changed. She is still talking about her abuse, her need to not be a nosy person, her frustration, her belief that God wants her to be kind, and her need to forgive. This is the moral code speaking, this is not God speaking. This is the voice of the moral code, not the voice of God.
People from all nations, cultures, and religions deal with the fruits of iniquity every day. They respond to these fruits by expressing a need to better themselves and to prove that they are enlightened people by behaving in a civilized way. The drive to possess this betterment is what the soul “aspires to” –it is an aspiration. And while there is nothing wrong with people wanting to be good and do good, the aspiration is born from the moral code, not grace.
God Designed Faith in Jesus Christ Outside the Realm of the Moral Code
God designed faith in Jesus Christ outside the realm of the moral code where grace rather than aspiration is the fuel for the soul. When you study the Grace Wheel, what do you see? You see the power of God to reveal Christ, enlighten your understanding—the power of God to strengthen your will —the power of God to manifest Christ —the power of God to cause equity in the —the power of God to keep you rooted in Christ —the power of God to bring sober mindedness and single-mindedness.  
This power is not born of the moral code, it is are born of grace. So then, when a person says that there is inherent power in the scriptures and that we experience God’s power when we quote scripture, we know that they have not yet tasted of the power of God’s grace. The power is in the grace, and this is why Apostle Peter exhorted the church to, “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)
Just as parents are able to easily identify their children, so also does God easily identify the work that is done in your soul by His grace. Grace has a different impact on the soul than the moral code. Grace is an entirely different mechanism for the mind to work with.
Are You Following Your Instincts or Are You Following Grace?
What you know naturally about the moral code is called your instinct. God placed the 5 senses of the flesh on the level of instinct to show us that man without God is no better than a beast, merely living out his life by the instincts of the flesh.
Knowing that all 12 Elements of the Gospel work in synergy with each other prepares you to understand the connection between grace and truth and how God uses peace to bring the soul through the transition of change.
Further Evidence is Found in the Conscience
Further evidence that current Christian leadership is using the flesh (moral code) to fight the battle in the mind is found in how their conscience carries the testimony of the transgression rather than the testimony of Jesus Christ.
How This Works: Man carries the testimony of his transgression, which defiles the conscience, which in turn produces a struggle in the conscience. The struggle is not only between right and wrong, it is between the primate history (the lower life that Adam was forced to live being separated from God) and the divine history that God intended for Adam to live.
The struggle is in the conscience with the testimony of transgression and this is what we see reflected in current Christian education, as we previously examined:
“I am a nosy person. I want to know everything. I think I am that way because I want to be in control. I control my spouse, my co-workers, I micro manage everyone. I just can’t leave things alone—I have to meddle. I should stop doing that. Jesus will help me stop me from being a control freak.”
This struggle that is going on in the conscience shows us that she is carrying the knowledge of her transgression. Every day she lives with a higher expectation (the divine history), but she is tethered to her loss, trying to find equity between these two powers (the higher expectation and the lower nature), trying to find worthiness to exceed the primate history, but fighting against the transgression in the mind.
What is the reason for this struggle in the conscience? You have not yet accepted Him who is perfect!
Let’s look again at Adam’s history is played out daily in the conscience:
1.       the loss of light,
2.      the loss of the true knowledge of God, and
3.      the desire for the greatness God designed you for.
You went from the light of God’s presence to flesh. The cognitive awareness of your original form and creation has now diminished and your mind only works now to survive.
For many, faith is only an opportunity to explore the state of the conscience, trying to find evidence of the lower life that is felt within. Current Christian teaching is falsely geared towards helping a person find the evidence of the lower life, the primate history. And so they are rightly called “spiritual primates”.
As spiritual primates they not only focus their faith on the primate history, but believe Satan’s lie, that our faith cannot be perfect. Satan says to them, “I see you are trying to cover your transgression by my testimony (sin).
Having unearthed the lower life in the coffins of the soul that hold the fruits of iniquity, they explore the lower life to find the answers to their paradox. How did we come from a higher life with God to live out the primate history? Where is the power of God? Why am I like this? What is my purpose?
This labor of the mind contradicts what the Bible says about the soul: once purged of the primate history, we should have no more consciousness of sin (Hebrews 10:2). By their struggle, Christian leaders show that they are still carrying the history of the transgression rather than the testimony of Jesus Christ.
But just as it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sin, it is also not possible for the seed of the inheritance to sprout in death while the beastly nature testifies of your past.
Satan is a god of shame. His kingdom is mirrored in the transgression. Satan says, “You Adamites carry the testimony of your transgression. I see you have no light in you.”
Satan tries to block the way to heaven. He does it in the conscience. He tries to block the light so your faith will die. He does this in knowledge, mixing error with truth that you will believe a lie and your faith will be ineffectual. If you live by the rhythm of the kingdom of darkness you will always be a spiritual primate.
Everyday Answers: Simple Faith
Simple faith is about laying it open for the conscience to see. Simple faith brings you back to the terms of the covenant God set to take away the shame of Adam, for the reversal, from darkness to light.
The Law of Moses could not take away the shame of Adam’s memorial in the flesh. This is why Jesus provided a new testimony for us and a new Law in Himself—the Law of Grace and Truth that we may live by this new power of His name. The flesh is subdued by His power. This is why you need new knowledge in Jesus Christ and a new priesthood to testify of this new knowledge.
What may be confusing to you is that current Christian educators, writers, columnists, novelists, preachers, lecturers, and conference speakers testify of the power because they know the Bible talks about it, but their preaching does not speak of the transition—just the struggle, and this is because they are using the wrong tokens for faith.
The power of the flesh bears for the flesh a kingdom of darkness. But Jesus Christ was prepared by God as a mediator, not for the flesh, but for God to bring us into His kingdom of light and glory and power. And this is why Jesus said, “I came to do your will O God.” The name of Jesus Christ is above every name, for in Him is the promise and seal of our salvation.
Ministers of unrighteousness present the knowledge of the Bible, without the name of Jesus, for they are still bearing for the flesh, which is the token of their own name. When drawing from the record of their own soul (5 facets of the flesh) they show what they are laboring with, in the mind. This is not the name of Jesus, this record is in their own name.
They testify of the power because they know the Bible talks about it, but their preaching itself does not speak of the transition, just the struggle.
Presenting the knowledge of truth without the name that bears it means that you are without the mediation of Jesus Christ, having no wisdom for the transition to take place.
God gave us living tokens to testify of the transition that is taking place, how the Holy Spirit is bringing to completion the work of Christ in us. This is why the Holy Spirit is called the “Witness”. The Holy Spirit testifies, not of shame, but of life, to remove us from the struggle. (Romans 9:1; 1 Corinthians 2:12; Hebrews 10:15)
Ask Yourself: How Do I Respond To The Fruits of Iniquity
  1. What action do I take? Do I map out a course for labor with the flesh to enter into rest, or do I labor with the knowledge of Christ to enter into rest?
  2. What action do I take? Do I allow aspiration to be the fuel for my soul, or do I allow the grace of God to be the fuel for my soul?
  3. What is the reason for the struggle in my conscience? Am I struggling with the primate history, or walking in the kingdom and power of Jesus Christ?
Everyday Answers: Why the Will is Bruised
When people use the Bible to challenge the state of the conscience they bend the moral code to match the challenge and think that is faith. But this is what Paul called will-worship (Colossians 2:23)
Anytime you engage your imagination to do what the power of Christ is designed to do you are going into “will worship”. You are asking the will to consent to and support the labor of the soul with the imagination. The will is bruised by this activity. Again, this means that you are losing the war for your mind.
Can you see where the moral code takes the battle? Your faith is being fought on the wrong battlefield, the battlefield of the flesh, not the battlefield of faith. Why do I say that? Look at where the moral code is taking your mind
  1. to the knowledge of this world,
  2. to the signature of your soul,
  3. to the God-Code,
  4. to the moral code,
  5. to the fruits of iniquity.
Everyday Answers: Get Off the Battlefield of the Flesh
The first thing to do to begin enjoying your new spiritual history in Jesus Christ and the virtue of His power is to get off the battlefield of the flesh. Learn about Jesus’ spiritual tools and priesthood and allow God to outfit you with the solid foundation of the 12 Elements of the Gospel to stand in His power. Now you’re ready for battle!
You’ll never stop learning how deceptive and insidious the moral code actually is, how it crept into the Christian faith, and how it works devilishly to impersonate Jesus Christ.
As you continue to learn the differences between the moral code and the righteousness of Jesus Christ you’ll get sharper in your discernment and begin to understand much more about the role the moral code plays in the battle that goes on in your mind. It won’t be long before you will learn how to die to yourself, and cast off the moral code as an inferior judge of your conscience. You’ll soon learn that your love affair with the moral code is producing lots of illegitimate fruit that God will not accept in His house because it is not the image of Christ.
Be aware of what battlefield you are on by becoming aware of your thought patterns. Learning Christ by His covenant truth is a change in your thinking patterns.
People have a certain way of thinking that we can call “conditional thought”. We were all conditioned to think a certain way about the struggles of life and what we thought the Bible/God said we should do to respond in a different way to be pleasing to Him.
Ministers normally taught the church how to work out their thoughts and feelings with the moral code and scripture and this repetitive action became a pattern. The church got stuck in a rut with these thinking patterns and believers were not aware that they were working with the knowledge of the moral code rather than the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Making yourself aware of this is a good first step. You’re learning what to watch for. Coming into covenant with God and learning the covenant terms, tools, knowledge, and priesthood is the second step. It is through the 12 Elements of the Gospel that God reconstructs your faith in the image of Jesus Christ.
“Fight the good fight of faith.” (1 Timothy 6:12)
Everyday Answers: Act Now or React Later
How you act now will depend on how you react later when you are in circumstances or situations that are challenging or troubling to you. If you act now on the knowledge of Christ you will be prepared to stand in the mind of Christ.
How will you react to circumstances, by the moral code, by the primate history, or by the righteousness of Christ reflecting on your new history in Jesus Christ?
How will you react to circumstances of change, as a spiritual primate or as one who is empowered by the grace of God, laboring in your priesthood?
Each challenge comes to present itself as a barrier to faith and if you are not prepared with the mind of Christ, you react to that barrier and are overcome.
Does the Moral Code Keep You Busy Managing Your Guilt?
The presence of the fruit of iniquity in the soul is unhealthy for the soul, it causes suffering, it is painful, it is irritating, and we will work (labor) with the mind to get rid of it, change it, manage it, rename it, examine it, exhume it, and explain it. Understand that you are geared to do all kinds of things in the name of survival to bring about change.
It’s good that you want Jesus to change you. But a BIG part of the battle of your mind is understanding that just because you “want” Jesus to change you does not mean that He is the experience you are living—especially when the moral code masquerades as Jesus.
You will have many chances to see the moral code in action: first the promise, then the aspiration inspired by your imagination, then the let down because of guilt, shame, and condemnation. It does not stop there. No! The next thing the moral code wants you to do is get busy managing your guilt—as your counselor.
You can’t get away from it—If you use the moral code to heal/deal with the fruits of iniquity in your soul (that means to help you manage it, talk about it, get to the root of it, or leave it alone—whatever!) you will reap the rewards of condemnation every time.
I want you to think of the moral code as the strong hold of Satan rather than guilt. Guilt is simply the symptom of your cold. Treat the cold and your symptoms will disappear. Treat the stronghold of the moral code and guilt will disappear.
“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.” (2 Corinthians 10:4)
When the Mind Changes, but Your Nature Does Not
Do not misunderstand me. You mind will change. You will learn a LOT about yourself and discover the deep down, dark secrets about why you act and think the way you do. But even though your mind changes, your nature will not change.
Don’t misunderstand me again. I know you think you are a better person inside and you are counting on the fact that this is what God wants, but let’s see if that is really what God wants. When you allow the moral code to be your healer and counselor you are assessing yourself (thinking God is showing you things about yourself), and you are satisfied taking little steps to improve yourself.
On the other hand, God calls the change He does “divine” because God wants to do it His own way (not your way). You may learn to say things like,
  • God I give it all to you…
  • God I am willing to wait on you…
  • God I willing to let you help me develop patience…
  • God, I am so glad you are in my life to comfort me…
But that does not mean that you are doing it God’s way. Let’s take a look at the substance your faith is being drawing from in the kingdom of God and compare that to the substance your faith draws from when you don’t have the right knowledge or the right tools and your faith is stuck with the moral code. Here, I am introducing you to another important thing that is necessary for you to discern if you are serious about winning the battle in your mind.
It is only after you experience the difference between these two kingdoms (flesh and Spirit) that you will fully appreciate what I am saying and understand why I am leading you to allow God to circumcise the moral code from your faith.  
The Moral Code Promises Life, but Produces Death
The moral code working with scripture promised life:
  • You will be happy and peaceful when you get your behavior and thinking in line with scripture. God will be pleased at your efforts to forgive and be kind.
But the promise works death and not life. Here comes the condemnation and frustration and confusion every time you fail to measure up to the moral standards of the moral code.
Is the Holy Ghost your tutor or is the moral code your tutor? It is the natural inclination of man to want to train up the moral code as Hagar was training up Ishmael, but in the end there was hostility, thus preaching to us that the moral code and her children must be cast out—she is the bondwoman, not the free.
Everyday Answers: More About the Fruits of Iniquity
The fruits of iniquity is the perspective that Satan seeks to continue to nurture in you to keep you in bondage, it is the offspring of Satan's likeness that God abhors, it is the testimony of your soul's experience of sin, it is that which Satan accuses you of, and that which God is healing as you use the tools of the covenant.
The fruits of iniquity are like barnacles on the bottom of a boat; when a boat is left to sit idle in the water, it only takes about one week for barnacles to grow to the size of a grain of salt. At this point they are easily removed, but left unattended, the barnacles continue to grow larger, and within weeks can only be removed by scrapping, chopping, or sandblasting.
Imagine how long your soul was idle from the care of God, just sitting in the water of life, disengaged from His Spirit. These fruits of iniquity, which were long forming within the soul like barnacles, have attached themselves to the human signature.
So, just as the barnacles on the bottom of the boat distort the image of the boat and change its ability to maneuver through the water, so the fruits of iniquity have distorted the image of the signature of the soul and changed the way it functions.
When we speak about the soul needing healing, we are speaking about how Jesus heals the soul from the bruising caused by these fruits of iniquity as He removes them through His mediation and work of regeneration. Iniquity overlaid the signature of the soul to cause damage, but the virtues of Christ overlay the signature to bring healing.
The Fruits of Iniquity Mixed into Faith: The natural man desires to mix the flesh (the Fruits of Iniquity) into faith to give faith a testimony. There are certain words you will begin to recognize that are used to give faith a testimony of the flesh. One of those words is “integrity”. I am of course speaking of the integrity of the moral code. God placed integrity in Jesus Christ where your faith is given opportunity to work with that testimony, but Satan places integrity in the moral code where you can test it, prove it, prod it, examine it, and much, much more. 
But, it is the wrong testimony. It is the testimony of sin and guilt, and shame. The current Christian culture focuses faith on exposing sin in hopes of identifying it to find freedom from it and calls this exercise “integrity”. You will be able to learn how to set aside (die to) the integrity of the moral code to live unto Christ.
You are learning how to stand in the mind of Christ. Praise God!
Be An Overcomer!
True spiritual growth and transformation happens on a daily basis when you have the proper foundation of knowledge set in your heart and learn how to use the spiritual tools of Jesus’ covenant and labor in faith at the altar of Christ.
There are many processes taking place for you to identify your spiritual growth in Jesus Christ:
1.       The witness of the Spirit acting upon the record of Jesus Christ is a process.
2.      The cycle of your growth following this pattern: revelation, resistance, and reward, is a process.
3.      The search the Holy Spirit does in your soul as you pray in tongues is a process.
4.      Rehearse, reflect, and reciprocate is a process.
5.      The work of grace with Jesus’ spiritual tools is a process.
We have spent some time in this lesson learning about Satan’s tactics and how he uses the fruits of iniquity to send faith on a journey with the moral code. This education is vital if you are to win the battle that is ragging in your mind. When you remove the moral code as a player and begin to exercise your will with the sanctified tools of Christ you change everything!
If you don’t get that right away, you will in time as your experience at the altar of Christ increases. If you hang on to the moral code you will always be wandering from challenge to challenge, thinking you are overcoming when in fact you are not. But if you hang onto Christ in His knowledge and tools you will always be an overcomer.
“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)
We covered a lot of ground. The last 8 lessons have been an intensive study on the flesh, working to identify the battle in the mind. You worked through each facet of the flesh, rounding out your education with this block buster lesson on the Fruits of Iniquity, and are ready to finish the course with the remaining 4 lessons.
You are receiving a ground up education about spiritual warfare that you will be able to draw upon daily in practical ways to identify challenges and overcome them. You will have many opportunities to take on the battle to faith and win every time.
Christians are taking note of the education offered by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck and the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers of the Second 8th Week. For the first time believers have answers to the deep questions they have about how their faith works and why things go wrong with their faith.
Make sure you stay off the battlefield of the flesh. I encourage you to make full use of our Every day Answers Workshop to help you in your battle of faith to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil.
Ask Yourself: How Do I Respond To The Fruits of Iniquity
  1. What action do I take? Do I ask my imagination to do what the power of Christ is designed to do (will worship), or do I use Jesus’ spiritual tools and priesthood to stand in His power?
  2. Do I take the time to make myself aware of my thought patterns to discern which kingdom is at work to influence my mind?
  3. Is the Holy Ghost my tutor or is the moral code my tutor?


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