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   The Flesh - Win the Battle for Your Mind

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Aspiration - The Jezebel Yoke

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In this course “The Flesh: Win the Battle for Your Mind” you gained quality information about yourself and the makeup of your soul to understand the drive you have with each of the 5 facets of the flesh. You learned strategies to identify when the adversary of your soul draws you into temptation, using your flesh against you and you learned what you can do to gain the victory.
It was exciting to see God expose the puppet strings to observe Satan’s manipulations. Isn’t it interesting to know that a marionette’s puppeteer is called a “manipulator”? That’s right. This helps us form a mental image of the manner in which Satan’s controls our thoughts by manipulating the strings of the Flesh.   
And just as a puppeteer wishes to hide his manipulation, and thus the wires to the puppet are almost invisible to the naked eye, so also does Satan wish to hide his manipulation of the 5 facets of the flesh. But we exposed the Puppeteer by revealing the strings he is pulling.
As we have seen in this course, there are many questions that cannot be resolved with current understandings of spiritual warfare. Why is the victory not won? Why am I still struggling with the same things? How can I keep Satan from stealing my peace? We needed to go deeper to show you the way things really work and introduce new concepts to gain new understanding.
This is why we are opening up yet another exciting part of this course. We are ready to break the threefold cord of Aspiration, Principle, and Imagination that works with the flesh. We are going to learn how Satan yokes believers with this cord and how you can break this yoke.
Let’s begin by giving each of these 3 manifestations a name and personality so you can more easily identify the deception:
Aspiration: She is Jezebel. We will expose the “The Jezebel Yoke”
Principle: She is Athaliah. We will expose the “The Athaliah Yoke
Imagination: She is Delilah. We will expose the “The Delilah Yoke
It is by these 3 powers that Satan is able to deceive and dominate faith by the flesh.
  • Aspiration is the drive the soul has to achieve its own design to gain peace and security.
  • Principle is the law that is used to have dominion over others, to rule to maintain one’s peace and security.
  • The imagination is that power that projects for peace and security.
Notice that “peace and security” is the promise that is sought. But the promise seems so elusive. Many blame the devil outright for stealing their peace, and that’s right, that is what Satan does. But what is not realized is the strings Satan is pulling to rob you of the peace God wants you to have.
Satan is heard to say, “You’ll never be good enough. You’ll never gain the victory. You will always live in fear and want.” What is Satan speaking to you about? He is speaking to you about the likeness to which you are aspiring. That’s the key right there. Satan is targeting your ASPIRATION and redirecting your faith to the flesh to achieve your aspiration, knowing you will lose the battle. Know this. . .that Satan uses human aspiration to defeat you.
Satan cannot rob you of your rest if your rest is in Christ. He can only rob you of your rest if you are looking for a safe haven in the flesh. When you labor with the spiritual tools of Christ you have entered into your rest and God grants you peace as this daily transition takes place. Satan cannot tell you that you will never be good enough if you are busy measuring your faith to Christ. Satan can never rob you of victory when you experience the grace of God strengthening your will and your thoughts being brought into subjection to Christ.
A covenant believer learns to identify Christ to experience Christ. This daily testimony grows out of the roots of the tree that was firmly planted in the soil of truth. All 12 Elements of the Gospel are the nutrients of the soil of truth to identify Christ. The believer has learned how to reflect Christ and reciprocate His knowledge. This is the lifestyle of the righteous. The victory belongs to those who labor in their priesthood.
Now, if the 12 essential elements are taken out of the soil of faith, your faith is going to lack this substance of Christ. When you are attacked by Satan lacking this substance, how will you respond? You will use the God-Code ( the flesh) rather than faith. When this happens you will hear teaching directing Christian to use their “Christ-given authority”. You  are given “battle plans” that will empower them to put “every demonic force under your feet”.
What usually follows is a verbal ping-pong match with the devil, which arouses the carnal instincts of the simple minded. Did you know that you will lose every verbal ping-pong match with the devil? You may feel as if you have won because the pistons of the God-Code are firing (Satan is pulling those strings to let you feel like a winner). You feel the adrenalin of those facets of the God-Code that speak of bringing everything into harmony with yourself (facet #4) and you feel the drive to rule by your principle (facet #5).
But before you go out half dressed for battle, let’s go over a few things you need to know. You have not yet identified the voice of the aspiration. Let’s do that now to break “The Yoke of Jezebel”.
Aspiration: Exposing “The Jezebel Yoke”
We are now ready to fit human aspiration to the spirit of Jezebel. What do we know about Jezebel?
  1. First of all, under Jezebel’s influence King Ahab served Baal. He built an altar for Baal in the house of Baal to worship this idol.
  2. Secondly, we know that Jezebel cut off the prophets of the Lord and installed her own prophets in their place.
  3. Thirdly, we know that the false prophets ate at Jezebel’s table. (1 Kings 16:31-32, 18:4).
The prophets of God are God’s voice. But Jezebel removed the true prophets of God to install her own prophets to be her voice. As the prophets of Jezebel prophesied Jezebel’s desire so does the aspiration voice the desire or drive of the soul.
Your signature has a voice. It speaks to you about your potential.
Your God-Code has a voice. It speaks to you about the need for you to fill your soul.
Your moral code has a voice. It speaks to you about your need for right moral choices.
These things are about you and the design of your soul. It is not about Jesus Christ and the design of your faith. Satan’s job is to turn your faith around so that your faith is about you. That makes it easy for him to use the voice of your own aspiration and give it authority. We understand now where all the “authority-driven” teachings come from. And we now know what it means to overcome the devil. It means that we replace the voice of aspiration with the voice of grace.
We now also understand “voice”. I say “voice” because the thoughts of the aspiration are made known and given authority. Sometimes Satan uses the voice of aspiration as God’s voice. For example:
  • God wants you to be blessed.
  • God wants you to be free.
  • God wants you to fulfill your destiny
Sometimes Satan uses the voice of the aspiration as his voice. . .
  • You will never be free.
  • You will never gain the victory.
  • You will never know your purpose.
Satan uses these 2 voices to play out the aspiration. One is the antagonist (Satan) and one is the protagonist (God). Faith is put into this pit of the flesh to battle it out. But God is not there. The aspiration is just fighting itself.
How do I know that? The battle is about you! Satan made it that way. He makes you feel like you are fighting him, but you are really fighting yourself –and losing.
Ask Yourself: How Do I Respond To The Voice of Aspiration?
  1. Have I considered that the voice of aspiration speaks to me about my peace and security?
  2. Do I respond to Satan’s voice about my lack by drawing from the God-Code to rule over Satan or do I use the priesthood of Jesus Christ to silence Satan’s voice?
  3. Do I remind myself of Satan’s goal to use the God-Code or moral code as the voice of God?
The False Prophets Ate At Jezebel’s Table
As we saw in scripture, the false prophets ate at Jezebel’s table. She fed them in order to use them to reciprocate her desire. If you are eating as Jezebel’s table you too will be her voice. In other words, if you are dining on the knowledge of your flesh and aspiring that likeness that is what you will reciprocate. We reciprocate in kind. We prophesy the knowledge we receive.
Ahab, which was supposed to have been a man of faith, joined himself to Jezebel. Here we see the mating of the aspiration to the flesh. Without the knowledge of the covenant of Christ and His spiritual tools we reciprocate what we are, just as Ahab, brought under Jezebel’s spell, reciprocated her desires.
The Voice that Speaks in Rhythm With Your Aspiration
Jezebel’s prophets prophesied those things that flattered her. By that I mean that they spoke in rhythm with her aspiration and that is why she hired them and fed them. By this we see the Lord teaching us about the spirit of Jezebel. It feeds the aspiration to gain its flattery. When the aspiration if fed it then is given a voice.
Jesus rebukes the church for entertaining the spirit of Jezebel. He says, “Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.”
Here Jesus calls your aspiration an idol of the heart. Now we understand what we are dying to daily and why God empowers faith by the witness of the Spirit. As we gain the clarity of grace by the witness of the Spirit, God sets in order our thinking and circumcises from the heart Satan’s perception. The idol is removed and the voice is silenced. (Colossians 2:11)
That’s the way it works. To remove the idol and silence the voice of aspiration we need to back up a bit in our teaching and lay a few things out for your understanding.
The Likeness You Aspire To Achieve
Let us consider for a moment the nature of our creation and the tremendous appetite the soul has to achieve that likeness. Your soul has a natural appetite to complete your signature and a natural appetite for everything the God-Code and moral code promise. We can understand what human aspiration is. We aspire to achieve that which we are designed to achieve. We assume that when we achieve that which we were designed for then we would experience peace and security. But we don’t. Any gratification is temporary. It just gives us a taste of what could be.
You’ll find that much “empowerment” teaching heard in Christian circles comes from a person’s experience tasting the powers of the flesh—the God-Code, their signature, and moral code. You will find that those who teach about “empowerment” use the flesh to find the likeness of Christ.
For example, you may hear them say that because they are made in the likeness of God they are creative just as God is, or that they have the courage of Jesus Christ to fulfill their signature. Look at where the focus is placed! It is clearly placed on faith fulfilling the design of the flesh! Always remember that you will always get more out of discernment if you think about what your faith is targeting.
Satan is getting a response from you by using your natural instincts with the 5 facets of the flesh. When I use the word “instinct” I am not saying that you are an animal, but that God wants you to differentiate faith from the “instincts” of the flesh.
We know what instinct is by observing animals. Bears by instinct hibernate during the winter months because they can’t survive the harsh weather. That is inbuilt survival instinct. A bear's instinct tells it to prepare for hibernation.  It eats from May to August and when the times comes, it looks for a good place to sleep. The bear is simply fulfilling that which God placed within it.
God wants you to live above the animal kingdom, by living by the knowledge of faith, the Word of God, which is Jesus Christ. “Authority” seekers live by instinct. They sense the natural drive their soul has with the God-Code and they utilize that instinct for faith. That is not honoring God, but honoring what is common to man.
God did create you to be like Him, but points out that you cannot please Him by your flesh, by following the instincts of your own nature. God differentiates you from Jesus by giving you Jesus Christ for your faith to labor with His knowledge so that by that labor you can be like Him. It is by grace and truth that you take on the likeness of Christ.
Ask Yourself: What am I asking my faith to target?
  1. Is your faith being focused on the record of the flesh (the natural man) or the 12 essential Elements of the Gospel (the spiritual man in Christ)? I respond to Satan’s voice about my lack by drawing from the God-Code to rule over Satan or do I use the priesthood of Jesus Christ to silence Satan’s voice?
  2. Do I remind myself of Satan’s goal to target my faith on the things the natural man can associate with?
  3. Can I make a proper discernment between the likeness the flesh aspires to and the likeness of Christ?
There is a tremendous amount of promise in the flesh. The soul has a natural drive (aspiration) to achieve the likeness of the flesh. But God’s plan is that we gain the likeness of Christ. So there is a contradiction here that Satan hopes you will not notice. He has to make it seem like God has a plan for you other than to reciprocate the likeness of Christ and that you can find that plan in your signature skills, in the God-Code, and moral code, fighting against the fruits of iniquity.
Or, Satan transposes the likeness of Christ onto the flesh and simply calls the operation of the flesh the reborn spiritual man, thus forcing faith to strife against the prejudice that is in the flesh to gain that which is in the flesh. The striving is meant to feel like faith is in operation, but it is the flesh that is in operation.
It’s easy to explain how people are inclined to achieve the likeness of the flesh. A woman, for example, desiring the body of a model. Or men desiring the latest sports car. I know that is a bite stereotyped, but you see the point I am making. The likeness that is desired is so others will perceive you a certain way. This is not hard to follow. It is part of human nature that is plainly understood. Granted, most Christians are able to catch this deception of Satan when it is presented this way. But we can understand how a “likeness” is being pursued.
The signature is the likeness of the flesh. So when ministers instruct believers to find their God-given gifts and use them for God, what likeness is being aspired? The likeness of the flesh. The drive to fulfill your design. . .This is about you.
The God-Code is the likeness of the flesh. So when ministers instruct believers to use their Christ-given authority to put the devil under their feet, what likeness is being aspired? The likeness of the flesh. What is being addressed? The drive to put all opposition under your feet. . .This is about you.
The moral code is the likeness of the flesh. So when ministers instruct believers to “say what the Bible says about you,” what likeness is being aspired? The likeness of the flesh. What is being addressed? Moral inequity. . .This is about you.
But God does not want us to glory in the flesh. “That no flesh should glory in His presence. That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 1:29,31)
Some believe that God has restored to believers the “authority” Adam forfeited to Satan and therefore use the likeness of the flesh as the template for their authority. This is a difficult transition for them to make because it is difficult for them to differentiate Christ from the flesh.
It helps to look at the “likeness” the flesh is striving after. Hold a mirror up in front of your faith. (Yes, I meant “faith”, not “face”). What image do you see? If you see an image of yourself then your faith is about you. If you see the image of Jesus Christ, your faith is about Him.
In order for the mirror of faith to reflect the likeness of Christ your faith must first be built upon the 12 founding principles, the essential Elements of the Gospel. Each founding principle teaches your faith to reflect Christ. If those principles are missing from your faith then your faith defaults to the flesh. That is the nature of your first birth and there is no way around that expect through your second birth in Christ.
Discern the Voice You Hear
As you apply yourself with the knowledge about each of the 5 facets of the flesh being the makeup of your soul you are gaining valuable skills in discernment. God wants you to discern the voice that you hear. Let’s look at a few examples:
1. You are in a situation where you hear from a co-worker that the company you are working for is downsizing and an hour later your boss calls you into his office. A voice inside says that you are about to be dismissed. You want to take authority over the fear and uneasiness you are experiencing as now your peace and security hangs in the balance.
Of course you want to “take authority”! But that is the God-Code speaking. Some may say that it is your Christ-given authority to bring fear into subjection, but the authority you are using is not Christ, it is the God-Code of the flesh.
God gave us the priesthood of Jesus Christ to reflect the likeness of Christ. Instead of responding to the situation as Satan would have you respond, with the God-Code, to take authority, you can instead reflect on the knowledge of Christ, that your fulness is in Him and not in the completion of the flesh. The witness of the Spirit will be there to confirm Christ and His peace will carry you through the transition.
You see, the work of grace and truth is different than the work of the aspiration. Grace and truth do not draw the same response as the aspiration. Grace and truth draw faith from the heart it strengthens the will for obedience to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil. You soon learn that the power of grace is greater than the power of the aspiration.
2. You are in a situation where your work is being evaluated and the much coveted promotion goes to someone you thought was not as qualified as yourself. You hear a voice saying that you will never be good enough and another voice saying that so-and-so got the promotion because of her looks and another voice making plans to recover from this loss.
Of course you want to “take authority”! But that is the God-Code speaking. It is helpful to have a copy of the 12 facets of the God-Code that you may refer to them often. You may refer to the list below. Just like God, you set order to your environment for increase (facet #1) and this person is standing in your way.
The flesh responds. You don’t think this is fair (the 3rd facet of the God-Code is ignited). You briefly think about the work you put into the company over the past 3 years and this lack of appreciation is frustrating and angers you. You had planned to leave a memorial of yourself in your work and this other person receiving the promotion limits you from seeing a reflection of yourself in the company. The company does not reflect you, it reflects her. Facets # 12 of the God-Code just engaged.
The 12 facets of the God-Code:
  1. God sets order to every environment for the purpose of increase.
  2. God establishes weight, measure, and rule.
  3. God establishes justice.
  4. God does things in harmony and equity with Himself.
  5. All things orbit around His principle that He may rule.
  6. God creates with His imagination.
  7. God love to surround Himself with beauty.
  8. God increases by His own design.
  9. God produces those things that please Him, and nothing is denied Him.
  10. God knows no restrictions and no limitations.
  11. God can predict outcome and growth and then follows through with a predictable and perfect design by which He demonstrates progression.
  12. God established a memorial of Himself in all things—everything mirrors Him.
You are looking for a power to have dominion over the flesh. But the God-Code is a two-edged sword. On the one hand it presents itself as the voice of God promising you that you can rise above and conquer. You respond to this voice because you want to aspire to this likeness.
But because the flesh is prejudiced by the fall of man, the God-Code leads to feelings of betrayal, anger, lust, revenge, sorrow, loss. Now you are confused. How did that which seemed so right turn out so wrong? You respond by trying to turn off the God-Code. Some try to live out their lives as emotional monks, devoid of feeling while others try to compensate the ill effects of the God-Code with a life of good works, which again leads to confusion. Some try to take authority over the God-Code to direct it to do God’s will.
You can’t take authority over the God-Code. God created you in His image and likeness and you can’t turn that off. It helps to know that the God-Code is crippled by death because of Adam’s fall from grace. Satan hooked the God-Code to the flesh to help you place your peace and security in your signature.
When you are born again into God’s kingdom, you are born into a covenant relationship with God. He takes ownership of you and gives you the knowledge and tools of Jesus Christ for your God-Code to work with. Believers learn how to increase in grace and how the 12 Foundation Stones reflect Christ to find perfection in Him alone. Believers learn how to use Jesus’ new law of grace and truth to govern them and as a result, they live by another power, the power of God.
The God-Code joined to the flesh is looking for a witness in the flesh. The God-Code joined to Christ receives the witness of the Spirit. Don’t worry if you don’t get this right away. Each time that God takes you through a lesson of discernment between the God-Code joined to the flesh and the God-Code joined to faith you will gain more understanding and be quicker to respond appropriately to Satan’s temptation.
At all cost Satan wants to stop you from having this discernment. This is why he does not want you to have the knowledge of the 12 Foundation Stones. He knows that the minute you begin to work faith with the principles of Christ that he cannot convince you to live by the voice of aspiration. He has lost the battle for your mind.
The Spirit of Jezebel Feeds the Aspiration to Gain its Flattery
Do you see how God teaches us in scripture how the spirit of Jezebel works? Just as Jezebel needed a witness (flattery) and her prophets were that voice, so the flesh looks for a witness to be its voice of flattery.
The flesh lives by the same rhythm God does, but when separated from God and tethered to Satan, the rhythm is the same, but the witness is different. The witness is a manner of reciprocation. God teaches us His nature is to reciprocate. This is why the 12 Elements of the Gospel work in pairs, to show us God’s design for us to reciprocate Christ. God initiates and man responds in kind. This is why He gave us the Christian priesthood, we reciprocate His knowledge by offering spiritual sacrifices.
The Holy Spirit, agreeing with the knowledge of God, gives witness to Christ when we reciprocate His knowledge. By this witness of the Spirit we increase in the likeness of Christ.
Now, just because I just said that “The flesh lives by the same rhythm God does, but being separated from God and tethered to Satan” does not mean that God wants you to tether the flesh to Jesus Christ. The logic of man works like that doesn’t it? It thinks, “If what I am seeing in the flesh is a result of Adam’s fall from grace, then I can tether the flesh to Christ to reverse that state.” It does not work that way. God created a whole new system for you to express Christ that is not of the kingdom of the flesh.
The flesh follows the same rhythm of reciprocation, but with different knowledge, a different witness and different outcomes. Where faith begins with the 12 principles of Christ, the flesh begins with a problem. It is responding to the voice of the aspiration, which is seeking a witness to validate its likeness to resolve the problem.
“I have these signature skills,” says the flesh, “But I feel powerless to fulfill this destiny. Who will help me?” Satan provides a voice to reciprocate and stand as a witness, “I will help you,” says the God-Code. “Use me as your drive.” This witness of the flesh inspires the soul to complete this likeness. You feel the inspiration (aspiration) of the help (witness) of the God-Code. Do you see the flesh confirming itself to gain the likeness it is seeking? This is the Jezebel Yoke you must cast off!
In certain Christian circles you might hear someone say, “I wish I could kick the devil around the school yard like she does!” referring to one of the champions who teach believers to seek a witness for the flesh. But that is not faith, that is an aspiration. You are aspiring to this likeness. The problem is that the likeness is not Christ—it is the FLESH. This is the Jezebel Yoke you must cast off!
Again, how do we know it is the flesh? First, it began with a problem that was hooked to one of the 5 facets of the flesh and then it was given a voice because the aspiration needed a witness to reciprocate as it looks for clarity.
When the flesh receives a witness to the aspiration, the flesh gains clarity. Like an epiphany. A moment of understanding. We hear the Jezebel Ministers refer to this clarity as a “revelation” from God. They may say, “Turn this over and over in your mind until it becomes a revelation.” No. That is not the revelation of God. That is the clarity the flesh is gaining by the witness of another spirit, which the heart accepts. And that is why God calls it an “idol”. It is standing in the place of God and His grace.
Be careful when choosing the witness you accept. The witness you accept is the power you live by. If you accept the witness from beneath (the flesh) they you will live by the power of the spirit of this world, but if you accept the witness from above you will live by the power from above, the power of the living God.
James 4:1-6
1 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?
2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.
3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
5 Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?
6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
Ask Yourself: When I am in a troubling situation do I follow the rhythm of the flesh?
  1. What voice do I accept? The voice of flattery or the voice of grace?
  2. Do I begin with the 12 principles of Christ to reflect the image of Christ or do I begin with the problem I am facing to try to resolve the problem?
  3. Do I accept the clarity of the flesh or the clarity of grace?
  4. Can I discern the flesh confirming itself to gain the likeness it is seeking?
How Satan Turns Faith on Its Head
It is really quite easy for Satan to turn faith on its head and focus your attention on finding God’s will in the flesh to resolve the issues that are troubling you. He just lets you loose with your own instincts. He points out to you your potential and then points out your frustrations and then turns on the aspiration and lets you lose. You are busy battling between your potential and your frustrations with the sword of aspiration in one hand and the Bible in the other thinking you are fighting against the devil for your blessings. This is the flesh infiltrating faith.
I’ll say it again and again, Satan understands that the appetite of the soul is connected to the design of the soul and how the soul follows the natural rhythm of this imprint. Satan understands the drive and appetite of the soul more than you do. He has 6 thousand years experience exploiting it. He is the spirit of Antichrist that has been here from the beginning, working to turn mankind away from God. He is an expert at manipulating the flesh and is able to tempt man with his own design. The temptation is to aspire to its likeness.
You might ask how it is possible for so many ministers to fall under the spell of the spirit of Jezebel, to accept the Jezebel Yoke and to teach it as if it were the gospel of Jesus Christ? How did Satan pass this right under the noses of well meaning Christians? You would not ask the question if you saw the spirit of Antichrist they are working with.
Believers hear the scriptures that are quoted by these ministers of unrighteousness, but they don’t hear the psychology presented with  the scriptures, how the scriptures are directed to your own well being and not to Christ. “They prophesy a lie in My name.” (Jeremiah 27:10)
Know this. . .If you die to the aspiration you free yourself from that voice. We have already given 2 examples of what it means to “die” to the aspiration when situations arise. It is a matter of reflection and labor with the knowledge and tools of Christ in your priesthood. You will be called into conflict daily and will have daily opportunities to die to the aspiration to gain the victory over Satan.
Satan Does Not Operate by Instinct. He Operates by Knowledge
While we mindlessly respond to the drive of the soul by instinct, Satan does not operate by instinct. Satan operates by knowledge. The adversary of your soul, understanding the motivation behind the drive of your soul, will target any aspect of the flesh to promise peace, security, increase, satisfaction, equity, rest, fulfillment, pleasure, purpose, and well being.
What I am describing here is the flesh serving itself. Aspiration is the drive of the soul to serve itself. But we are to serve the Lord (Colossians 3:24).
Man was created to serve God, but because of the fall, man is inclined to serve the flesh. Satan uses the design of your soul against you to reference you to yourself. This self-referencing means that when you look for fulfillment, you look within yourself. You may say you are looking to God and you may quote a scripture to try to relate to God, and still not realize Satan that has you reaching for the flesh.
This instinct man has to reach for the flesh is what Apostle John referred to as the (1) lust of the eyes, (2) the lust of the flesh, and (3) the pride of life (1 John 2:16).
When we say that we are to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil, it is the aspiration you are overcoming. Aspiration is the effort to define and express yourself and set yourself apart in the flesh to distinguish yourself.  
Aspiration, The Silent Killer
Most are seasoned all their life to believe that pride is at the heart of all evil and they try to guard the heart against pride. When you hear a sermon about pride you immediately identify with different aspects of the inclination of man to attend to his own honor. Now that you have learned the 5 facets of the flesh you can actually identify which facet of the flesh Satan is drawing upon to tempt you to place confidence in the flesh. For example, the drive of the soul to set order for one’s own increase (facet #1), or the drive of the soul to make all things orbit around our principle that we may rule over others (facet #5).
You can see outward pride coming a mile away. But as believers put on their warfare gear to win the victory over pride they are breathing in the fumes of aspiration. Aspiration is the silent killer. Aspiration is as lethal colorless, odorless gas that cannot be detected until it is too late. But don’t worry, it’s presence can be discerned if you have the right equipment. That is why God gives us truth. You don’t need the gifts of the Spirit to discern the presence of aspiration. Truth is meant to be your discernment.
Another way to look at this is that pride is the decoy while aspiration strikes. As God begins to draw back this veil of ignorance many testify, “I can't believe for all my life I was fooled into thinking that pride was the enemy when the real enemy was aspiration.” Pride is a result of aspiration. We cannot address pride unless we first address aspiration.
Most do not willfully give themselves over to the Jezebel spirit, they are seduced by Satan and if given the chance, would free themselves from his noxious yoke. God is now leveling the playing field. In the past Satan knew more about your soul than you did and it was easy for him to pull the strings of the flesh. You worked with instinct and he worked with knowledge.
For God to level the playing field He has to close the knowledge gap. He did this by bringing to the church the important teaching of the 5 facets of the flesh. To further close the knowledge gap we need to know that
(1) human aspiration works with the same things the moral code draws from and
(2) human aspiration works with the inclination of man.
Aspiration Works With the Same Things the Moral Code Draws From
Did you know. . .Human aspiration draws from the same things the moral code draws from:
1. Tradition                 2. Culture                   3. Gender                   4. Experience
5. Age                          6. Environment          7. Education              8. Association
9. Social bearing      10. Religion
Each play a role in determining how you will utilize the powers of the flesh to gain a position in the world for peace and security. The cultural traditions in which you were brought up, your social bearing, experience, age, gender, the people you associated with, your education, religion, and environment all play a part in how you aspire to fulfill the design of your soul.
When we say “gain a position in the world” we are not speaking against the need to find employment to take care of yourself. We are talking about the appetite of the soul. The aspiration, as the giant hands of a lobster, is reaching out to find the things that will fill the appetite of the soul. The problem is, we were created by God for God and the appetite of the soul cannot be filled by the flesh. It can only be filled by God and God provided Jesus Christ in His covenant to provide us a door for this fellowship with Him.  
Let’s try to understand aspiration further by using another example. Imagine human aspiration interviewing for a position in a company where thousands of applicants are lined up for the same job. The first thing we learn from this analogy is that the aspiration needs to be the “top dog” and competes against others to gain recognition. This is the natural inclination of man, to compete, to look better than someone else in the eyes of the person we are talking to. That is what aspiration is and what it does.
At Times We Can Find Ourselves in the Most Stupid Positions on Account of Envy
This is the natural inclination of man, to compete, to look better than someone else in the eyes of the person we are talking to is common to man. The Bible calls this emulation, but can you see the aspiration at work? Aspiration is the invisible puppet strings Satan is manipulating. Emulation, envy, and strife are the results of aspiration. At times we can find ourselves in the most vulnerable and stupid positions on account of envy.
How many Christian authors and speakers do you know that add a bit of humor to their message  by recalling the events of their own lives to make people laugh at their stupidity, and then bring it to the Bible to see what the Bible says about it?  It’s easier to laugh at our own stupidity when someone else has first laughed at theirs. What follows is a sense of release and clarity that is mistaken for God ministering to them.
But, you know, it does us no good to describe common and often times humorous situations of envy and bring that out for people to see how wrong it is, and then ask the moral code to set a better path by using scripture as a light. All the aspiration is doing is looking for clarity from the moral code and asking scripture to justify this path with the moral code.
Remember. . .The witness you seek is the likeness you  will reciprocate. Satan is very happy to have you quote scripture. He quoted scripture to Jesus, remember? While you are quoting scripture he is busy pulling the strings of the moral code for your aspiration to find clarity. It is easy for Satan to provide a witness and voice of God from the moral code because he has trained the perception to think in terms of morality in place of righteousness. That is the Jezebel Yoke God wants you to escape! As Christians we are called to reciprocate the likeness of Christ.
Let’s go back to the job interview to glean a few more bits and pieces to help us understand more about human aspiration. Imagine again the aspiration as a person interviewing for a position in a company. The aspiration calls upon every resource to impress the person conducting the interview. It is not enough to have the natural skill sets demanded for the position. You have to be able to convince your perspective employer that you can outperform the others.
You have to demonstrate that what you carry with you (combination of experience, knowledge, signature skills, education, association, and social bearing) trumps what everyone else in line has. You have to give the interviewer that is appraising you from across the desk a reason to hire you.
The aspiration conducts itself in such a manner as to skillfully draw upon everything of the past to present a profile of itself to someone else. If you are hired for the position, that is the form of acknowledgement the applicant (aspiration) was working towards. By this we understand that aspiration is gratified when another person reciprocates the image it has presented. This reciprocation is the witness and flattery we talked about earlier.
How many Christians authors and conference speakers do you know of that instruct on the need to identify and deal with “validation addiction”? Yet, they fail to identify the likeness the flesh is aspiring to and the witness it is seeking. Knowing what you do now about the flesh, you might ask how it is that hundreds of thousands of people find such gratification at these conferences.
Remember the word “clarity”. A moment of clarity is reached when a person receives acknowledgment concerning the struggle of their soul with the fruits of iniquity (the 5th facet of the flesh). They feel they are not alone in this fight, someone has gone before them to show them the way. The conference speaking points out the obvious to you, bringing out into the open many of your own emotions and even going a step further to put a voice to that emotion or struggle.
The Clarity of Aspiration is Confused With the Equity of Grace
The problem is that the clarity that is arrived at by aspiration is confused with the equity of grace. Clarity is reached by the hands of the lobster. That is the Jezebel Yoke you must free yourself from.
The Counter Emotion
Where covenant processes are absent, faith has nothing to work with but the aspiration, principle, and imagination and this is how faith is turned into a psychological map.
For example, in every teaching an emotion or pattern of thinking is introduced as the thing that needs to be conquered. It is natural for example to fear the unknown, to be afraid that we will fail in the endeavors of life, or to fear rejection. This is common to man.
But God is not addressing our fears to resolve them. He is addressing Jesus Christ. He gives us knowledge to reciprocate. When the Gospel of Jesus Christ takes the path of man instead of Jesus Christ, then people look for an emotion to counter what they are experiencing and label the counter emotion J E S U S.  
For example, if fear is being targeted as something God wants us to overcome, the counter emotion would be “courage”. The Gospel of Human Psychology teaches us to counter fear with courage. Just because people go to the Bible to find scriptures about the “courage” of Jesus to complete the will of God does not mean that this pathway is of God.
Remember that Satan quoted the scripture to Jesus to try to get Him to take his perspective. Satan still does the same today. Satan’s perspective is to go with the current of the flesh. And the deception is to ask, “Isn’t this what God wants for me?”
People don’t want to be ruled by fear so they seek out a LIKENESS of courage from the Bible that they can turn over and over in their mind until they believe it to counter the fear they are experiencing.
People don’t want to be ruled by anger so they seek out a LIKENESS of gentleness from the Bible that they can turn over and over in their mind until they believe it. Until clarity comes (the false grace). They are trying to counter the anger they are feeling with another emotion.
People don’t want to be ruled by pride so they seek out a LIKENESS of humility from the bible that they can turn over and over in their mind until they believe it. Until clarity comes (the false grace). They are trying to counter the feelings of pride with another emotion.
Christian Psychology is a distortion of Jesus Christ that is seen when a circumstance calls upon a believer to respond. . .
People are always asking themselves –
  •      “Is this the right thing to do?”
  •      “How should I act?”
  • “I feel envious – I will counter that with giving. The Bible says. . .”
  • “I feel anxious – I will counter that with patience. The Bible says. . .”
  • “I feel prideful – I will counter that with humility. The Bible says. . .”
Do you see how aspiration begins with a problem and tries to counter the problem? Again, this is a very simple way to discern when the spirit of this world is targeting your aspiration and tempting you to replace true faith with aspiration. Jesus desires to rule you by His law of Grace and Truth.
Ask Yourself: When I am in a troubling situation do I look for counter emotions?
  1. Am I confusing the clarity of aspiration with the equity of grace?
  2. Is the spirit of this world working to focus my faith on countering undesirable emotions?
  3. Am I pursuing the likeness of the counter emotion or the likeness of Christ?
Going back to the analogy of the job applicant for a moment. Do you believe that the applicant, once hired will receive a salary compensation for services rendered? Sure she will. Her future with the company (respect from peers) is secure and her daily needs are secure.
From this we learn that human aspiration needs to feel secure in its position and works hard to secure the respect of others and projects (plans ahead with the imagination) how to make it possible for others to continue to provide this security for her. Just as Jezebel needed her false prophets to support her position on the throne, the flesh needs the support of human aspiration for its own peace and security.
This drama is played out in the mind. The mind is busy all the time weighing ourselves up against so-and-so to gain peace and security. Can you see how the soul is not only working with its signature skills and God-Code, but needing to work with the fruits of iniquity and the moral code because they too will volunteer a voice. The soul is vulnerable isn’t it?
It isn’t nice to be sitting at the opposite end of the desk, putting all your fine points on the table to be judged and trying to sound as polished as you can, hoping that the interviewer will see in you the same hope you see in yourself.
Vulnerability Means Nakedness – Aspiration Masks Nakedness
We are getting to a very important point. And that is that the soul is vulnerable because it knows it is naked. Because the fruits of iniquity are present in the soul, the signature is fighting against this current of imperfection. The conscience is aware of its own imperfections and wants to shield its own nakedness.  
Adam's inclination was to cloak his nakedness with a leaf separated from the vine but God provides robes of righteousness which remove nakedness from our souls by filling us with the fruit of His True Vine.
When we say that “the soul” is doing this, we mean that there is a natural thinking pattern (inclination) we inherited from Adam when he fell from God’s grace. The natural inclination of man is to shield his vulnerability (nakedness). The natural inclination of man is to mask his nakedness with aspiration.
Think of a mask and how it covers the true image. All a person sees is this outward image that has been specially contrasted in a likeness. That is what aspiration does. It makes various masks of the 5 facets of the flesh so that this likeness is seen. In this way the vulnerability is shielded by this likeness.
Human Aspiration Works with the Inclination of Man
Here we are going to talk about how human aspiration works with the inclination of man. A very careful study of the Inclination of Man reveals 18 different inclinations that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. We are going to touch on each one briefly to introduce you to them. The Inclination Workshops will provide the teaching in full and give you many practical tips about how to recognize the inclination, the voice of aspiration and how to gain the victory over it every time.
When the inclination of man is put into practice we will always observe a chain of events taking place:
1. Vulnerability           2. Suspicion                3. Projection               4. Aggravation
5. Inferiority               6. Reasoning              7. Breach of Trust      8. Building of New Shields
I recommend keeping a copy of the above chain of events to help you identify how the inclination of man begins with vulnerability, moves on to suspicion, projects with the imagination for outcomes, experiences aggravation because a likeness is being denied, feels inferior, reasons from this perspective of suspicion, projection, aggravation, and inferiority, identifies a breach of trust has taken place, and builds new shields to cover this nakedness.
Every day we are faced with challenges because we are in this dimension of darkness where God assigned our faith to be tested with these choices: Will we choose the inclination of man and listen to the voice of the aspiration (The Jezebel Yoke) or will we choose to reflect, rehearse, and reciprocate the knowledge of Christ to reciprocate His likeness? Every inclination of man is an opportunity for the aspiration (Jezebel Yoke), principle (Athaliah Yoke), and imagination (Delilah Yoke) to work. Let’s let at the 18 inclinations of man now to observe where our vulnerabilities are...

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