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   Why Christians Suffer

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Suffering for God and Christian Response to Suffering

Accountability to the Record of Christ

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We’re now going to talk about how the spiritual man (or woman) trains to keep himself/herself accountable to the record of Christ. It should be very clear to you now that Satan aims to have the natural man dominate faith. The Deceiver’s lifetime education to the flesh left you vulnerable to it. All your life the Deceiver sowed a perception in your mind that he daily nurtures. We practiced a perception by the record of our own soul that God is now addressing for healing.

It should be very clear to you now that Satan aims to have the natural man dominate faith. The Deceiver’s lifetime education to the flesh left you vulnerable to it. All your life the Deceiver sowed a perception in your mind that he daily nurtures. We practiced a perception by the record of our own soul that God is now addressing for healing.

When we say that God addresses something for healing we are including in that healing a process whereby God circumcises or cuts away the habits of the flesh that offend. God sets judgments against the aspiration of man. This is what God calls chastening. The correction is to assist you to restrict your imagination, that you not use it for a tool for rest. This chastening is for our profit that we might be partakers of His holiness (Hebrews 12:7,11)

When Christians suffer under the hand of God for this separation to take place, they will either draw upon the record of the flesh or the record of Jesus Christ. They will either follow the rhythm of the flesh or follow the rhythm of the Spirit. The movement of your faith keeps you accountable to God. You’ll learn this straight away as you start to apply your faith to the pattern of Christ. What you get out of the correct movement of faith is phenomenal. You can’t put a price tag on this unique work of the Spirit.

Learn why your spiritual growth cycle follows the pattern of Jesus Christ.

When I say “correct movement” of faith I am talking about your faith moving from revelation to resistance to reward (we’re going to talk more about how this works in the next lesson). It’s only when you benefit from the correct movement of your faith that you can then discern when you slip out of the movement and reach with the arms of the flesh for answers. You will begin to recognize when the natural man wants to dominate the movement of faith and take you to a valley mountain mindset.

The natural man, having a valley to mountain mindset sees only one thing and that is to resolve the problem, reverse the circumstance, and gain material blessings—to go from the valley to the mountaintop to prove God’s love, presence, and work.

What is happening there is that the natural man is making an effort to stay in rhythm with what is familiar to him. You can expect that, but you can also learn how to resist that challenge and succeed at overcoming yourself, the world, and the devil. “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” (1 John 5:4).

The natural man believes that God is glorifies by carnal victories (from the valley to the mountaintop). But in that cycle you will not experience the divine power forming the divine nature within. Therefore you will continue to experience sin unto death. No spiritual growth takes place and the soul is not increased by God and God is not glorified.

When we say that accountability is in Christ we are asking you to examine how you measure faith. Do you apply faith to adverse circumstances and then measure God’s “blessing” based on those reversals? If we do that, that means we are measuring faith by circumstances and following the wrong rhythm.

Ask Yourself: How Do I Respond To suffering?

  1. What am I doing to keep the movement of faith accountable to Christ? Am I staying with the correct movement of faith or am I reaching for resolution?
  2. Do I have a valley to mountain mindset or do I have a revelation, resistance, and reward mindset?
  3. Am I allowing the natural man to dominate faith or do I follow the rhythm of the Spirit?

Always remember: God sets himself as a mirror before us as our Oath, and as our pattern, and as our record.

Spiritual Curve

I want you to get very familiar with the movement of your spiritual growth cycle. That same growth cycle can be illustrated as a wave or curve. I want to look at 3 different spiritual curves mentioned in the introduction. One curve has to do with the true pattern of faith and the other 2 has to do with false faith. All 3 manifest the same wave, but only true faith remains consistent to Jesus Christ. It’s easier to see in a diagram.

Which spiritual curve is your faith following?

Look at how false faith manifests as the tradition that natural man follows, which is of course the record of his own soul where valley to mountain experiences are extrapolated from the flesh.

We call this the rhythm of the flesh. The important point is that false faith follows the circumstance seeking to reverse it.

Just as harmful is the rhythm of events where faith is lived vicariously through biblical characters and their challenges and victories. Look at the third spiritual curve. Moses overcame Pharaoh, David overcome Goliath, Samson overcame the Philistines and Joshua overcame Jericho. The carnal mind works this pattern into faith to gain what those victories. Notice that faith follows the event. It is not following Jesus Christ.

What we are doing is clarifying each of the three spiritual curves to learn how the Deceiver gets faith off track, following the wrong pattern. The Deceiver wants to hijack the true rhythm of the Spirit and get you to follow the rhythm of the flesh. The Deceiver contrives many man-made traditions that seductively appeals to the natural man based on the design of the soul with the imprinted God-Code [1] , signature, and moral code, [2] etc..

The natural man will always approach faith from the standpoint of the circumstances in his/her life considered as “valley” experiences to try to reverse these to get back up the mountain. If allowed, the flesh will try to utilize faith to reverse circumstances. This could be anything small like getting stuck in traffic or recurring marital problems, or a mood that tend to hang around when things don’t go right. To the bigger things like an unexpected illness, receiving bad news, losing a job, etc.

Because the soul is designed with the God-Code the natural man looks for solutions to the valley experience. The natural man, already familiar with the drive of the soul to excel, overcome obstacles, and achieve victory, tries to apply the same principles of the God-Code to faith.

Life’s achievements versus life’s disappointments are flagged and categorized as either “mountain” or “valley” experiences.

Satan, the adversary, appeals to the natural man and leads the natural man to believe that faith can be measured by a change of circumstance, from the valley to the mountaintop. The natural man is led to believe that faith is supposed to work to reverse circumstances to our favor.

This way of measuring faith presents a huge problem for faith because it is being measured to the flesh and to circumstances rather than to Jesus Christ and His covenant. Can you imagine what happens when the natural man reads the Bible? Every scripture would be interpreted by the carnal mind and applied to the circumstances of life. That, dear friend, is a recipe for disaster!

Let’s go over a few simple exercises to help you recognize when the flesh is getting ready to move in on faith’s territory.

Ask Yourself: Which Spiritual Curve am I Following?

  1. Am I applying faith to the true pattern and rhythm of the Spirit to remain consistent to Christ or do I allow the Deceiver to get faith off track to follow the circumstance?
  2. Do I recognize when I allow the natural man’s familiarity with the God-Code to apply those principles of the flesh to faith?
  3. Do I follow the rhythm of events where faith is lived vicariously through biblical characters and their challenges and victories or do I live through Christ?

Always remember: Faith will follow the rhythm of the kingdom it is working with or tethered to. If your faith is challenged by the knowledge of this world to reverse circumstances then your faith is following the rhythm of the flesh and that is harmful to you, dear friend. Accountability is important. Keep yourself accountable to the correct movement of faith.

“And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” (Galatians 5:24)

To Which Kingdom is Your Faith Tethered?

To which kingdom is your faith tethered? Look at the two diagrams below. We are again illustrating the similarities and differences between 2 kingdoms. The first thing you might notice is that the Spiritual Curve in each kingdom looks identical. This is why Christians get turned around and confused. They can identify with the curve because they can identify with the Mountain and Valley experiences they had while operating in the kingdom of the flesh.

When proper instruction is lacking, a believer can quite easily transfer the Mountain and Valley  experiences onto the rhythm of the Spirit in the kingdom of God, believing that the movement they experienced from valley to mountaintop while in the flesh can be used to explain how things work in the kingdom of God. That is very dangerous to do.

[1] Learn more about the God-Code and how it operates upon the soul. The detailed lesson is free online:
[2] Learn more about the moral code and how it operates upon the soul. The detailed lesson is free online:

The two cruves look identical. How are they different?

Same Curve – Different Record
Same Curve – Different Tools
Same Curve – Different Witness &Experience

Expected Outcome is according to the Record. Let’s compare the expected outcomes for both kingdoms. First of all, the kingdom of darkness uses the record of self and uses the tools of the flesh. The expected outcome is the witness of fantasy, finance, and flattery. We can expect that while it was promised that we would discovery ourselves, build character, and learn to be a better person, the ongoing repentance, unpurged conscience and guilt is the actual experience and testimony.  


Expected Outcome is according to the record of knowledge

1. Enlightened Self Interest

2. Self Discovery

3. Wisdom of the World

4. Building of Character

5. Learn to be a better person

Tools the Flesh Uses/Witness Given

1. Fantasy (aspiration/principle)

2. Finance (aspiration/principle)

3. Flattery (aspiration/principle)

Actual Experience/Testimony

1. Ongoing Repentance

2. Conscience Un-purged

3. Guilt, Shame, Remorse

4. Lessons learned, but no divine fruit formed in the soul.

On the other hand, the kingdom of God uses the record of Jesus Christ and therefore the likeness of Christ is gained as the fruit of Christ is formed in the inner man. The tools used are the covenant tools of the priesthood of all believers. The expected outcome is the witness of the Spirit. We can expect that the promise of life in Christ Jesus is our experience. Our repentance is sealed in Jesus Christ, our conscience is purged and we increase in grace, faith, and charity.


Expected Outcome is according to the Record of Knowledge

1. The likeness of Christ is gained

2. Fullness of Christ

3. Wisdom of God

4. Fruit of Christ formed in the inner man

5. We learn Christ

Tools faith Uses/Witness Given

1. 9 covenant tools of Christ

2. 3C’s (communication, consistency, conformity)

3. The priesthood of all believers

Actual Experience/Testimony

1. Repentance sealed in Christ

2. Conscience purged

3. Increase of grace, faith, and charity

It is so vital for each Christian to learn the differences between the spiritual curve taking place in the kingdom of the flesh and the spiritual curve taking place in God’s kingdom. What I want you to do is read the table above and compare the two kingdoms. Each kingdom has an expected outcome based on the record it is using. It’s a good idea to print a copy of these faith diagrams and keep them handy so you can use them in your reflections during the day.

What do you expect to happen when applying flesh-made principles of faith to the valley to mountain journey? What do you expect to get out of the process? Remember that hope is always according to the promise. There is a promise hidden in the flesh (the record of man). Satan hid the promise in the God-Code and the moral code and in the signature of the soul [1] where it is cut off from Jesus Christ.

The impulse to use faith to turn circumstances around to our favor is hidden in many popular doctrines such as: generational curses and how to use faith authority to reverse them, and “God’s not done with me” statements that sound good to the ear that is trained to the record of man, but again puts you in a position of misrepresenting yourself to God.

When a person comes into the Christian faith and is given the record of the soul as a template for faith then every scripture is interpreted by this record and the expected outcome, while seemingly good (self discovery, building character, and being a better person), is not Christ. It’s a different kingdom that uses different knowledge (record), and accepts a different witness. Don’t let the similarities fool you, it’s the counterfeit faith!

The carnal mindset: Take for example the person who is stuck in traffic and prays that God will reverse this circumstance for her and 5 minutes later traffic starts moving. It’s the God-Code that fuels the desire that all things orbit around our pleasure and when it does, that witness of the flesh is mistaken for the witness of the Spirit and is used to stand in the place of grace (actually blocking grace from working). Now you’re living by another witness (reversal of circumstances).

Carnal tools: What tools are being used to gain this testimony? The tools of fantasy and flattery. When a person draws from the record of her own soul to project a testimony for Christ into circumstances, that is fantasy. It’s a projection of the imagination. The imagination is allowed to piece together the events of a circumstance to point out the blessing of God. The mind works to make a movie about God’s involvement to draw a testimony for Jesus from the fabric of the flesh. The heart desires this likeness over the likeness of Christ. This is what God identifies as an aspiration.

This is why the hardest thing to overcome is yourself and the testimony of your own record, which draws upon you to give it witness. (Philippians 3:3)

This confusion is also seen when believers are taught that God’s purpose is for them to fulfill their signature skills and talents He designed with them (the record of the soul). They are told that they will never be truly happy unless they reach their full potential. We can easily see that the record of man is being abused to activate faith and how the tools of flattery and fantasy again come into play. The tool of finance often comes in where we hear Christians testify that God is blessing them because they are successful at their business and  making money hand over fist.

Can you see how the Deceiver yoked faith with the record of man? Workshops focused on discussion of each aspect of the Spiritual Curve in each kingdom are tremendously helpful to break this yoke of the Deceiver. As believers begin to jot down notes and discuss how they see God making this separation for them they begin to learn from God and from each other.

Significantly, what believers begin to see is that while confessing God’s involvement in their life, they are not able to break the cycle of sin. This is seen as each cycle brings them back to repentance (starting over or discovering more of self) rather than the increase of God and His kingdom (Hebrews 6:1).

Ask Yourself: Which kingdom is my Faith Tethered to?
  1. Do I follow a promise hidden in the God-Code to discover myself or do I follow the promise hidden in Christ to take on the likeness of Christ?
  2. Do I use the tools of fantasy, flattery, or finance or do I use the tools of Jesus Christ?
  3. Do I come away with lessons learned or do I learn Christ?

Never forget: The mountain and valley experiences that takes place in the kingdom of the flesh should not be confused with the true cycles of growth that takes place in the kingdom of God.

“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.” (Galatians 5:16)

[1] Learn more about the Signature Map of the Soul and how it operates. The detailed lesson is free online:

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