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The Anointing of Truth

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T.A.D. means: Truth equals the anointing, which equals discernment. You will hear this preached often from Second 8th Week apostles and elders. You will learn what this means and how to define the anointing in this lesson, but first we are going to talk about what the anointing is not. Most are well aware that God is shaking the church to loosen a Christian’s grip on hurtful traditions of man that crept into the church. So, when we talk about the anointing, let’s see what the Spirit of the Lord is addressing for correction.

As soon as Christians hear that there is an empowerment from God that will rid them of their problems they want to know exactly how to activate it, how to bring it down, and how to keep it. The “anointing” is actively sought to heal the sick and perform miracles. Preachers and teachers seek an “anointing” to draw the crowds like Jesus did.

The False Anointing

  • When Christians are led to believe that UNITY brings the anointing, they will focus on how to fabricate unity of the flesh so that the power of God will manifest in their midst.
  • When Christians are led to believe that FASTING brings the anointing, they will focus on empowerment through neglect of the body.
  • When Christians are led to believe that PRAYER brings the anointing, they will develop “intercessors” who will focus on a release of the anointing through the “mechanism” of prayer or anointing oil.
  • When Christians are led to believe that HOLINESS brings the anointing, they will develop a lifestyle that they think mirrors this goal.
  • When Christians are told that the anointing is a POWERFUL FEELING they will orchestrate a feverish pitch of preaching and singing in an attempt to artificially induce this feeling.

These are all manifestations of a false anointing that God is seeking to correct. If we were to look at a common thread running through each example we can see that believers are pursuing what they are lacking. It is because God loves us that He does not desire us to be enslaved to a faith that is driven by the passions of man and lacking the power of God.

What happens after the circus leaves town? There’s a lot of mess from the elephant tent that needs to be cleaned up. Spiritually speaking, God gets busy cleaning up the mess that Satan created when his circus of false knowledge was in the church.

The True Anointing
So what is the anointing of God? The true anointing is the foundation of truth that is set in the heart of the believer by the doctrine of apostles that prepares Christians to know God through the fruit He births within them through the work of Christ. Our preparation comes through TRUTH and our service to God is FRUIT.
Just as Moses prepared Aaron and his sons to serve God in the priesthood by giving them the knowledge of the law, and Samuel prepared Saul to serve God as king of Israel, so also the apostles prepare believers to serve God by giving the law or truth of Jesus Christ.
Truth, prepared in the heart, gives you eyes to see Christ. Truth, prepared in the heart, prepares you to discern the knowledge that saves and to differentiate that knowledge from the knowledge that condemns. So then, the anointing of truth removes us from the yoke of knowledge the world uses to build with their aspiration, and prepares us to labor with the yoke of Christ’s knowledge to serve God in righteousness.
Without the anointing of truth, believers cannot discern Christ in His knowledge and continue to wander in the wilderness, going in circles, trying to find a way to please God, trying to hear His voice, trying to find God’s will for them. Without the anointing of truth Christians continue to struggle with sin, and Satan continues to have dominion over their thinking. 
The Holy Spirit and the Anointing
The Holy Spirit rests upon the knowledge of Christ just as He rested upon the head of Jesus at the time of His baptism, as the Father proclaimed ownership of His Son, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” (Matthew 3:17).
By this we understand that God set a pattern for the Holy Spirit to rest upon and confirm the doctrine of Christ to work Christ in the heart of each believer. This work of the Holy Spirit to confirm the truth of Jesus Christ is called the “anointing”.
As Apostle John taught, “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him,” (1 John 2:27).
Again, the anointing is the preparation of truth in the heart of the believer through the instruction received by the apostles' office. Through this “preparation in truth” we are “taught” all things concerning the pattern of Christ. With this foundation of truth we have the necessary knowledge and tools we need to build faith in God.
As we daily keep the commandments of Jesus Christ through our priesthood duties, we continue to draw from the anointing of truth and the Spirit also does the same, He draws from the foundation of truth that is built within the heart to continue to “teach us,” not another pattern, but to increase our understanding of the one pattern of Christ.

Truth Equals the Anointing, which Equals Discernment
Truth equals the anointing, which equals discernment. The anointing is profitable only as we abide in the truth of the Gospel and is given for the purpose of discernment, learning, and guidance; it will not bear witness to the rhythm of the flesh (it will not lie against truth or against Christ to confirm the human nature, human lust, or human strength,) rather it will only bear witness to the true purpose and plan of God.

As the seed increases by water, truth increases by grace-that is the anointing. It is the Spirit that continues to progress you with the knowledge of God and the Spirit increases you by His tokens. The Holy Ghost is the power and will of God and It brings us an experience that is superior to all creation. This is His joy. And His joy is our joy.

The anointing is not just a gift of good feeling. It is a power granted for increase. God gives us these tokens to increase His kingdom. For you to experience the anointing of God, for God to increase you by His grace, for you to progress with His knowledge, truth must be set in your heart by a living apostle.
The anointing is what the Spirit does with the knowledge of Christ to assist our understanding. The Spirit takes truth (knowledge of Christ) to transform it into charity (the likeness of Christ). It is not the anointing until the transformation happens.
Finally, the anointing is in truth, “That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” (Romans 15:6).
Now we can understand T.A.D.: Truth equals the Anointing equals Discernment. When truth is the foundation of your thinking, you discern how the Spirit progresses you with the knowledge of Christ, and how you are increased by His tokens.

When Red Flags Are Felt Then The Anointing Is Out

Every church claims their tradition as truth and views those outside of their denomination as a cult. But God is calling His church out from among them to build His Body through the true stewardship. When a person cannot discern the grace of God (not seeing the face of Christ) in the steward then their evidence is placed on the scales of tradition. This becomes false evidence because the interpretation is tethered to religious prejudices. That is the real cult, claiming the Name of Christ and denying His House.

The Cult Seeker (CS)

The apostles were never “cult seekers” (CS),  but they laid out the foundation of truth for those that are seeking God. People become CS when their doctrine lacks truth. Anything that sounds strange to their traditions is a threat and becomes the “Red Flag” for their suspicions. This is not the results of the anointing of Christ,  but the persuasion of a seducing spirit (false grace), using the nature of man as the scale of truth. If God were to correct the church through stewardship why would anyone protest the manner in which God performs the task?      

Know this, for any correction to take place there would be a need for removing those things God did not sanctify, but Satan allowed. Satan’s hand is seen in the perceptions of faith, thus creating a false Christianity. Satan is the one that taught independence against the harmony of government and looked at unity as a robotic mindless act. How clever of Satan to demonize stewardship as tyrannical oversight to teach the sheep that their shepherd only wants to eat them and not feed them.    

The jaws of Satan are chewing up those in the House of Baal and the pain they feel is not from God, but the sharp teeth of the devil, ruining their faith by unsanctified knowledge. Ministers of unrighteousness set patterns of non-faith tokens for their sheep, which is poisonous knowledge.

Same spirit that spoke to Adam in the garden is still using the tactics of options to distract one’s faith into vain promises as we heard for the last fifty years in the prosperity message and healing doctrines. No apostles built on those fables of their time nor are we to start using fables as the scales of truth. Fables are where certain acts of God’s mercy and compassion is used as a sample of true Christianity. These acts are as answers to prayer, healings, miracles, or spiritual phenomena. 

These are entwined with scriptures and stories (wives fables) which lends certain credibility to being true Christianity in practice. Scripture alone is not truth, because it can be used to direct anyone’s religious aspirations and make that person seem true to God’s purpose. Satan is skilful (wiles) in mixing the passions with scriptures as the voice of God, or as some ministers call it, “getting a vision from God”. Such practices have been very damaging to a person’s faith because they cannot discern between the holy and profane and group them together. 

Mixing truth and error will not produce ultra-truth, but a pitiful poison. So a cult cannot be defined in the false light of error, which Satan uses to immobilize one’s faith, and so the House is not being built, but everyone has an opinion as to which blueprint should be used. True stewardship knows the direction of the Spirit and understands the sanctification of God while those of dissenting spirits will always argue the direction as Korah. (1 Timothy 4:1)(Numbers 16:1).

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