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Government, Truth, and Spirit

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The true chain of faith is made of 3 distinct links. The first link is church government. Many today want to isolate their faith from the government of God, but it is Jesus that joined your faith to His government. To establish His testimony of faith in us, God first established all points of identification through Jesus Christ. The Spirit reveals to us through Paul that we are to “seek those things which are from above, where Christ sits at the right hand of God,” (Colossians 3:1). The authority of our faith is Jesus Christ. God restored to the church these necessary things of Christ for us to abide in:

1. Government

2. Truth

3. Spirit

If your dependent upon a chain holding the weight of your body over a mountain pass, you don’t want any of these links being weak. The same applies to your faith. If any one of these vital links of your faith, government, truth, or Spirit are weak, you are in danger of falling away from Christ. By the links of this chain (or cord) remaining unbroken your testimony reflects Jesus Christ. We behold Him in this unity and with one mind and one mouth glorify Him.

Sometimes these 3 vital elements of our faith are taught as the three fold cords of our faith. The covenant contains the 3-fold cord beginning with His stewardship, (Government) then the knowledge that is sanctified for faith (Truth) and the empowerment for regeneration (Spirit) which includes the gifts, callings and the graces of God, prayer, preaching and prophecy. If one of these threads becomes weak, the whole cord begins to unravel.

Cords in the Bible are associated with service to God. They are associated with the tabernacle of God, the house of worship. “And the hangings of the court, and the curtain for the door of the court, which is by the tabernacle, and by the altar round about, and the cords of it for all the service thereof,” (Numbers 3:26).

God gave us this word “cords” to illustrate to us that He gives us the things that join us to Him for service. Cords join one part to another part. We cannot create our own cords in our own minds or try to function in a faith that does not have these things that join us to Him. If our faith is absent of these 3 cords: government, truth, and Spirit, then we are not joined to God. 

Throughout this course we have consistently established that Jesus Christ represents Himself through His government, by His truth, and by His Spirit. The reason for this is to set the testimony of Jesus Christ in the work of His grace and to join you to Him. In the current Christian culture the word grace is used to defend a person’s freedom from church government, a freedom to do as they please. What one often hears is “me and Jesus” or “me and the Holy Ghost.”  This is isolationism. What Satan did was teach the church to isolate themselves from the chain of faith, while feeling as if they are doing the will of God.

The word concision comes to mind, which is a word Apostle Paul used in his epistle to the Philippians where he said, “Beware of the concision,” (Philippians 3:2). These mutilate the faith and resist the Holy Ghosts while claiming the sanctification of God.

And there are those of the concision today who also mutilate faith. They claim to be champions of the covenant, they claim Jesus’ name, they claim to be brothers and sisters in the faith, but they are mutilators of the faith.

Grace is not your freedom to pick and choose what you want to work with. The purpose of grace is to sow the likeness of Christ in you by His knowledge. God designed grace for your reciprocation. This is what the Spirit of God will empower. Apostle John said it this way, “He that has the Son has life,” (1 John 5:12). In other words, there is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ. There are many religions that claim God, but do not accept His Son. They do not have life. And there are many who claim Jesus Christ, but deny His sanctification through government, truth, and Spirit. These also do not have life.

The Links of our Faith
links of faith definedFirst Link -- Government: God uses this link to provide the sanctified stewardship to oversee faith. When the stewardship is cast aside the sheep wander from the covenant of God as seen in 1 Kings 22:17, “And he said, I saw all Israel scattered upon the hills, as sheep that have not a shepherd: and the Lord said, These have no master: let them return every man to his house in peace.”
Don’t break the link of stewardship to seek a faith independent of it, for God’s care is in it, God’s testimony is in it, and God’s clemency is in it—God is with the steward.
Second Link -- Truth: God uses this link to provide the church knowledge for faith. The steward directs faith into Christ’s covenant. This link provides the pattern faith follows to carry the testimony of Christ and not man. Don’t break the link of truth by placing truth within your own logic, for logic is the weak link, reflecting your aspiration and principle.
Third Link -- Spirit: This link is the crowing factor of your faith. The ways of the Lord are in covenant of Jesus Christ, His righteousness, and His priesthood. The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy, which has to do with the Spirit bringing to completion your cycles of growth. Through each cycle of growth you walk out of the fog to behold the face of the Lord. When you truly behold the face of the Lord you will never follow after other voices.
Don’t break this link by setting a challenge for God to confirm the testimony of man in place of the testimony of Jesus Christ. Remember, the Spirit sets the pattern for the flesh to follow that He may reciprocate your peace and joy. Those that grieve the Spirit of God severe themselves from His work.
By each link of this chain believers build a relationship with God for He continues to communicate His grace. Grace is the true testimony of heaven by which we comprehend Christ, which light we carry as a torch before us. But when the tokens of Jesus Christ in His government, truth, and Spirit are despised, the torch no longer carries God’s light of grace and is a useless token—not profitable for faith. It’s like having a flashlight without a battery.
Christians Must Observe all Things For Which Christ Shed His Blood
Did you know that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was more than the endurance of pain? Jesus was sealing the testament in His blood to bring us into His Light and remove the offence that plagued the conscience of Adamites.
Many Christians romanticize the history of the cross where the imagination of Jesus’ suffering remains apart from the terms of the covenant. Wearing the cross on the heart does not mean the soul is bearing the yoke of the covenant. Satan has tricked the eye with his religious perspective of Christianity, removing faith from the covenant and replacing the cross with independent works.
By these things the Christian needs no government, just govern themselves, they need no truth, just read the bible and select a promise and ask God, and they need no Spirit, just believe. There is no heart of obedience because there are no divine law for faith to be perfect.
Christians must observe all these things Jesus Christ shed His blood for and just not the benefits of the present needs of the body. The needs of the body can be met by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but the mercy of God is in the tools of this covenant (agreement of terms) for faith.

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