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   Tools of the Covenant

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The Armor of God for Spiritual Warfare

Summary Notes

Lesson 12 of 12

1.       The things (tokens/tokens) of the First Covenant reflected God in physical things.

2.      The tools of Moses’ covenant were physical and were used in an earthy temple.

3.      The tools of Jesus’ covenant are spiritual and are used in the temple of our souls.

4.      The tools or tokens of the covenant represent God to you (the believer) and keep you in remembrance of God.

5.      These things also represented your faith to God that He would be in remembrance of you.

6.      Only the blood God sanctifies stands for our righteousness.

7.       The word “figure” means that the Mosaic Law was only standing as a temporary token for the time until Christ would come.

8.     God not longer sanctifies (selects and empowers) the blood of an animal.

9.      We cannot use the things of Moses that were sprinkled with the blood of an animal.

10.  When the covenant transitioned from Jesus to Moses the tools changed.

11.   The Law of Moses as no longer our standard for faith, Jesus Christ is (the Law of Grace).

12.  We identify the Law of Grace in the knowledge and tools of Christ to apply and benefit from it.

13.  God only values Jesus Christ; He only is the perfect standard of God. Therefore, God never weighs faith on any other scale than Jesus Christ.

  1. God is redeeming us to Himself by Himself, hence the “tokens” or “tools”. Because Christ is our Redeemer, He would be the token. 
  2. Jesus is the one establishing a testimony for us in Himself.
  3. The tools of the Second Covenant  are tokens of the Spirit whereby we become partakers of Christ.
  4. Because the tools are tokens of Jesus Christ they represent Him perfectly.
  5. Jesus is the design of the tool because He is our faith.
  6. When God said that we must be perfect, He was speaking of our faith, that it must reflect Christ perfectly.
  7. God designed each tools to carry His grace and truth, hence the new Law of Grace and Truth gives confidence and substance to our faith.
  8. Although God provides His grace freely, we labor with the tools to partake of His grace.
  9. The Tools are the Weapons of our Warfare
  10. The tools of the New (Second) Covenant are given to us to express Christ
  11. By the shedding of Jesus’ blood, God laid upon believers their responsibility of faith. The tools of the New Covenant now dictate our faith because they represent the responsibility of our faith.
  12. By shedding His blood, Jesus sanctified a pattern in Himself to remove you from the wrath of God.
  13. The blood removes the wrath.
  14. Where the blood of Jesus is present, God’s wrath is absent.
  15. These invisible TOOLS are things that represented God to the people and keep us in remembrance of Christ.
  16. When you speak in tongues, when you offer spiritual sacrifices of prophecy, when you labor with the knowledge of Christ, you are using the divine power that expresses Christ.
  17. The Law of Grace and Truth establishes Christ in the heart.
  18. The tools of the Second Covenant are our lifeline to God.
  19. The tools of the Second Covenant bear the image of Christ.
  20. We reflect His image in our faith.
  21. He gives us grace (in each tool) that with this we would barter (trade) in His kingdom.
  22. God has to place faith in an environment where it can be tested.
  23. God dissolved the First Covenant because the Law of Moses served its purpose. By it man came to understand that he is imperfect and incapable of pleasing God.
  24. Those who use the Law of Moses are trusting it to bring sin to remembrance, not realizing that this “remembrance of sin” has no power to change their nature.
  25. The Law of Grace and Truth removes the power of sin upon the flesh by moving the pattern of faith from the flesh to the Spirit.
  26. God endowed the tools with His new Law of Grace and Truth.
  27. God dissolved the First Covenant because He was establishing new knowledge in Jesus Christ for our righteousness.
  28. Your faith reflects the one you are joined to.

42. When we measure our faith to Jesus Christ our faith is perfect.

43. The “good” works that represent Jesus Christ and His covenant are necessary for the work of the cross to take place in our hearts.

44. Our faith in Christ and the works of His covenant carry nothing of us or of our debt to God.

45.  There are 4 different kinds of works that the Bible talks about: The works of Moses (these are the works of debt); the works of the flesh (these are also works of debt); the works of the covenant; the works that adorn the doctrine of Christ.

46. The works that adorn the doctrine of Christ are a consequence of our activity with the tools (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance).

47.  We show our love to Him by keeping His (Jesus’) commandments.

48. When we keep His (Jesus’) commandments, He in turn will manifest Himself to us.

49. His presence cannot be experienced apart from the terms He set for that manifestation.

50. He must reveal Himself to us, for we cannot express faith in Him apart from Him.

51.   We cannot say we have faith in God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, but not experience His manifestation to us.

52.  Jesus must be the expression of our faith.

53.  Faith must take the form of the Second Covenant commandments (which are the works of the covenant).

54.  By giving us the spiritual tools of His covenant, Jesus is keeping us tethered to Him by His knowledge. We carry His likeness in faith and His virtue in regeneration by the tether of His knowledge.

  1. Our faith has no life of its own; it is Jesus who gives it life.

56.  The activity of faith is set in order by Jesus Christ to allow us to: see Him; remain joined to Him; touch Him and partake of Him.

57.  The virtue that you are tethered to is what He is governing you by.

58.  When faith touches Jesus Christ, a divine reciprocation takes place: when you touch Him, you receive His virtue.

59.  He is your contact point.  Remain joined to Him

60. Spiritual healing comes through the covenant?

61.  Daily, when you touch Jesus by using His tools, His virtue touches you to heal your soul. That  virtue is called grace.

62. The virtue called Grace  is God’s technique for developing Christ in you

1.       Grace births faith in the heart: Without faith is it impossible to please God.

2.      Grace gives us a heart to perceive Christ: We see Him in our faith rather than ourselves.

3.      Grace gives strength to the will to choose righteousness.

4.      Grace is of power to grant equity in the inner man between the mind and emotions.

5.      Grace is of power to grant single mindedness: As the mind is brought under the power of God’s grace it is no longer looking for the will of God in the flesh.

6.      Grace is of power to grant sober mindedness: The soul is no longer drunk on the promise of the world.

7.      Grace is of power to nourish the heart with the substance of God’s kingdom.

8.     Grace is of power to enlarge the heart with God’s fruit.

9.      Grace is of power to keep us rooted in Christ: The imagination is brought into subjection to Christ, and the soul no longer wanders after the world.

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