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1.    God wants us to understand His divine order for spiritual government.
2.    You have to build your faith with the right knowledge in order for your faith to function correctly.
3.    We express faith according to the knowledge we possess.
4.    It is of vital importance that the Body of Christ return to true Apostolic Governance and come unto the knowledge of the truth that God wants believers to have for their function in Christ.
5.    Truth prepares the heart to serve and worship God perfectly.
6.    Truth brings us into one mind in Christ. 
7.    Apostles are the master builders.
8.    Jesus gave the apostles the blueprint of truth to lay the foundation of truth in the heart of the believer.
9.    Apostles are first because God wants us to come into one understanding of truth to function with His knowledge.
10.    The apostles teach the doctrine of Christ, the how-to’s of Christianity. That is simply what they are called of God to do.
11.    Apostles set order to the knowledge of Christ so that a person can have the full knowledge of God to walk in.
12.    Apostolic stewardship of the church simply means that apostles are teaching the mysteries of Christ.
13.    The problem is that when apostles are not active, the church builds faith upon knowledge that God did not sanctify (enter into) and that is the reason why believers today cannot walk in the things that are in Christ.
14.    The need for knowledge for faith is the corner stone of faith.
15.    Simple Faith means having the knowledge you need to reflect Christ rather than yourself.
16.    When knowledge reflects yourself it is severed from the covenant and is powerless to save you.

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17.    Knowledge holds the contents (substance) faith needs to be pleasing to God.
18.    The mind functions with knowledge.
19.    Our thinking processes is spiritual labor.
20.    The knowledge of this world is like a corpse—it is dead. There is no substance in the knowledge of the world that we can use to reciprocate to God.
21.    The knowledge of God produces faith, and faith is a reciprocator—it responds.
22.    The knowledge God gives will produce a substance because it was designed that way.
23.    By His divine power we reciprocate His likeness.
24.    Where Christ is preached a tethering of knowledge takes place that carries the living expression of Jesus Christ.
25.    Knowledge must take a frame for you to function in God’s kingdom.
26.    Just like Moses had to teach the Israelites how to function in faith in the tabernacle, the apostles today teach the church the knowledge of how to function in our spiritual temple so we can please God.
27.    The frame of God’s knowledge begins with the foundation of truth, which is the 12 elements of the gospel: grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, charity, truth, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind.
28.    The knowledge of Christ is holy because it reflects Jesus Christ perfectly.
29.    The knowledge of Christ is holy because it is separated from all other knowledge.
30.    The knowledge of Christ is holy because it does not follow the wisdom of the world, nor the spirit of this world.
31.    Holy knowledge is the truth of Jesus Christ.
32.    God sets order to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
33.    Knowledge that is not ordered by the Lord follows the logic of man and the wisdom of the world.
34.    Knowledge that is not set in order does not reflect Christ.   
35.    Apostles have one purpose—to unify the Body in one truth. So, whether Paul planted the seed of truth and Apollos watered the seed of truth, both were teaching the same truth. This is not diversity, this is the unity of the faith.
36.    When apostles teach the church, Satan’s lie is exposed.
37.    God wants you to have the knowledge of the truth that you may see Satan’s lie for what it is, and choose to stand in God’s knowledge.
38.    Faith has to be a cognitive choice of the will.
39.    Satan acculturated man to believe that many truths can please God.
40.    The job of apostles today is to remove leaven from Christ’s truth by laying the original (unleavened) foundation of truth within the heart of each believer.
41.    Doctrinal cleansing prepares you for your priesthood.
42.    The truth of Jesus establishes Jesus Christ as the record of your faith.
43.    The power of the Spirit to return the soul to the Christ-likeness is the witness.
44.    As apostles wash and cleanse the church, removing from faith the knowledge (leaven) that defiled faith and as they reset the original foundation of truth in the heart, to prepare believers for their priesthood, the Spirit of God then begins His one-on-one spiritual cleansing, and tutorship in the heart of each believer for fellowship and growth.
45.    Always remember that it is grace that carries the authority of the calling and the calling that carries the authority of Jesus Christ because Jesus is the Head of His church.
46.    When the apostles teach the doctrine of Christ, they stand in the authority of Jesus to represent Him on earth.
47.    Jesus gave His apostles a measure of grace to teach the church so we would share the mind of His Father concerning His plan of redemption.
48.    Grace is the voice of the Spirit through His apostles to make known the unsearchable riches of Christ, that all believers may build the one foundation of truth.
49.    There is no other authority than that which sits at the right hand of God—Jesus Christ.
50.    It is clear that Paul did not hide his talent (calling).
51.    It is clear that Paul claimed the authority of Christ. If Paul did not claim the authority of Christ, then he would be coming in his own name, he would be teaching in his own name.
52.    But when apostles disappeared from the scene of the church, the pastoral pulpit replaced apostolic stewardship, and believers had no means to learn the mystery of Christ.
53.    Truth, prepared in the heart, gives you eyes to see Christ.
54.    Truth, prepared in the heart, prepares you to discern the knowledge that saves and to differentiate that knowledge from the knowledge that condemns.
55.    Truth equals the anointing, which equals discernment.

56.    The anointing is not just a gift of good feeling. It is a power granted for increase.
57.    The anointing is what the Spirit does with the knowledge of Christ to assist our understanding.
58.    The anointing is what the Spirit does with the knowledge of Christ to assist our understanding. The Spirit takes truth (knowledge of Christ) to transform it into charity (the likeness of Christ). It is not the anointing until the transformation happens.
59.    The authority of our faith is Jesus Christ. God restored to the church these necessary things of Christ for us to abide in: government, truth, and Spirit.
60.    The covenant contains the 3-fold cord beginning with His stewardship, (Government) then the knowledge that is sanctified for faith (Truth) and the empowerment for regeneration (Spirit).
61.    Remember, the Spirit sets the pattern for the flesh to follow that He may reciprocate your peace and joy. Those that grieve the Spirit of God severe themselves from His work.
62.    Grace is the true testimony of heaven by which we comprehend Christ, which light we carry as a torch before us.
63.    But when the tokens of Jesus Christ in His government, truth, and Spirit are despised, the torch no longer carries God’s light of grace and is a useless token—not profitable for faith. It’s like having a flashlight without a battery.

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