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The Christian Faith is Defined by Covenant

The Divine Pattern

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We are going to talk some more about this divine pattern: the Witness follows the Record. We learn this simple principle of faith: That which God authorizes in Jesus Christ (the Record), He also empowers (the Witness).

This is what Paul was referring to when he wrote about God’s promise to each believer, that if they walked in the record of Christ (His truth), they would walk in the power of the Spirit (the witness): “and have tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the world to come,” (Hebrews 6:5).

Jesus knew He was the record of our faith. That is why He said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.” Jesus said that He is truth because He was establishing Himself as the record of our faith.  The record of Christ is the blueprint (or pattern) He gave for our faith, and it is the “knowledge” of Him that we are to follow for our expression and experience of Him. 

As stated in the previous lesson, the record contains
  • the authorized terms,
  • commandments, tools, and
  • contact points for faith that God established as a “framework” to set the “boundaries” of faith. 
  • This is also called “The Doctrine of Christ”, which is ordained by God to be both the pattern and the model for our faith (2 John 9).       
Have you Wandered From God's Coveanant?
When the children of Israel wandered from the covenant and pattern God established for them through Moses, they walked by a different record, and everyone followed their own heart. And that’s what the Lord said not to do: “Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes” (Deuteronomy 12:8).
When the church wandered from the covenant and pattern God established for her through apostles, Christians also walked by a different record, and everyone followed his own heart. God is now restoring the church to the Second Covenant and faith to the record of Christ.
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As we can see, this study into the First Covenant is more than just a history lesson, it is a lesson in faith. It is very important to understand that we can only build faith by the pattern of the Spirit. Faith is empowered when it follows the pattern that God established for it, for God builds our understanding by the Spirit. 
This is why the preaching of a mixed gospel lacks the divine power for the divine change. Look at what we experience through covenant contact:
1. God tests our faith to reward our faith with more fruit
2. God establishes relationship
3. God receives fruit
4. We gain trust
5. We are brought into God’s care
6. We are preserved in His framework
7. We experience the circumcision of the heart

Understanding our experience with God through covenant contact allows us to understand why the Hagar faith leaves Christians empty and in bondage. Mixing Moses’ pattern with the pattern of Jesus Christ and mixing our own ideas and philosophies into faith results in the witness of the Spirit not being joined to the record of Christ. That is why the church experiences these things:

1. The proving ground for faith (the covenant knowledge and tools) is removed. Without the testing of faith there can be no reward. It is only through our cycles of growth, which we experience daily in covenant with God, that we bear the fruit of God in the inner man.

2. The imagination stands in the place of faith. When we try to know God apart from the covenant, we try to develop a relationship with God in the imagination, which is inferior to the record of Christ. Now we can understand why the imagination is not sanctified for faith. God will not use it, the Spirit of God will not rest upon it, and faith will not be empowered.

3. Christians have nothing of value that God will receive. God only values Christ. He said, “This is My beloved Son in whom I AM WELL PLEASED.” This is why we must be joined to Him through the covenant He provided for us to express Him and experience Him.

4. The soul is not preserved. When meat is taken out of the refrigerator it will spoil. So also, the soul spoils when it remains outside that which God has provided to preserve the soul.

5. The soul is not going through renewal, circumcision, or growth. The hearts of those whose faith is not brought into covenant with God is not being circumcised by Him. This is why believers who mix the principles of Moses with the faith of Jesus Christ remain in bondage to sin and are unable to break free from the destructive patterns they find themselves in.

When the soul remains outside of God’s covenant care, it remains open to Satan’s sowing, which only works corruption and death. Healing and life are provided through Jesus Christ for all who join themselves to Him according to the terms God set for faith.

So then, it should be clear that although God produced 2 covenants, He is now only confirming one covenant—the covenant of Jesus Christ. The covenant of Moses, as the bondwoman, Hagar, is incapable of fulfilling God’s promise.

Hagar Christians:
1. Are building with the wrong pattern;
2. the Spirit is not present to bear witness to Christ; and
3. they suffer from a dead faith.
The Bible states that when Hagar fled from before Sarah, the angel of the Lord met Hagar and told her to continue in servitude to Sarah. By this the Lord makes us to understand that the covenant of Christ (Sarah) is superior to the covenant of Moses (Hagar).
Did you know that in time God sent Hagar and her son away from Sarah and her son? He did this to avoid confusion between the two covenants in the future. By this we are to understand God’s will, that the covenant of Jesus Christ must not be entwined with the covenant of Moses. For the promise of life is found in Jesus Christ alone.

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