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The Priesthood of the Flesh

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Knowing the present confusion that exists in the church about the Christian priesthood we should pause here and talk a bit about how Christians are trying to minister to God through observance of Moses and the traditions of man and the private interpretation of scripture, and how this produces a false priesthood, the priesthood of the flesh. Why do we call it the priesthood of the flesh? Because it focuses faith on the issues of the flesh. When we say “the flesh” we are basically talking about the carnal man.
Have you noticed that whenever there are promises made to the flesh for its security, the carnal man pays attention, and it seems as if believers go into an immediate hypnotic state and gobble up the teaching?
There are many voices in the church that each year repackage and rehash old promises under new faces: promises such as the breaking of generational and poverty curses, doors and seasons of God’s favor opening to you, achieving financial prosperity, living the abundant life, canceling your debt, designing your life, changing your world, changing your circumstances, living God’s best, and the pathway to success. The carnal mind reaches for these things.
It is in the priesthood of Jesus Christ in which the spiritual man functions. It is in the priesthood that the spiritual man is dressed for battle and trained in heavenly warfare tactics.
2 Timothy 2:4
“No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
When the Bible talks about spiritual warfare, the Lord is bringing to our attention that there is a war taking place in the mind and Satan started it. Satan’s aim is to occupy your mind with uncertainty, fear, and doubt. He wants you to place your confidence in the doctrines that promise peace and security for the flesh.
God gave you the Christian priesthood as a tool to fight the battle that goes on in the mind. If you don’t want to be ruled by depression, worry, anger, doubt, condemnation, and confusion, you absolutely need to know about the power of the Christian priesthood. As Paul taught, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds,” (2 Corinthians 10:4).
The point we are making here in this lesson is that we have to work at untangling faith from the carnal man and the carnal mind. We do that by functioning in the Christian priesthood.

Half Spiritual and Half Carnal Life

It has been said that if we choose to live a half spiritual and half carnal life, we jeopardize our victory in Christ. What does that mean to live half spiritual and half carnal life? There is no such thing. The reason why Christians resort to these kinds of guessing games with faith is that they have not been taught about the Christian priesthood. It is in the priesthood that the spiritual man is born, is nourished, grows, gains strength because he expresses Christ. The priesthood is how Christianity is lived.
Let’s look at what the carnal mind is for a moment. When you were born into this world, Satan claimed you for his own and a process of abuse began. Having experienced this abuse since birth we respond to it just as we would to any other kind of invasive abuse, we assume responsibility for it. Somehow it must have been my fault, I am the one to blame.  
Coming into covenant is like going to a new country or taking on a new identity. We are citizens of heaven and take on the identity of Jesus Christ. Because of this, people sometimes have the mistaken idea that by coming into covenant that things will immediately change. The liberty we are promised in Christ is something we experience when we become active with the knowledge and tools of Christ. Pointing again to the importance of being properly instructed in the faith.
You must have a priesthood for the spiritual man in Christ to develop and the old man to die, and you must be instructed in the priesthood. The reality is that when you are converted, you carry with you all the abuses you suffered under Satan’s hand. And while the healing does begin to take place, Satan will use every opportunity to use the same tactics against you as in the past, and even more so.
Now that you are a Christian, Satan will work doubly hard to bring you back under his shadow. He wants to perpetuate the abuse and the traffic in your head may seem to increase.
Now that you understand that you have been abused, the question is do you want it to go on. Well, no, of course you don’t. But making a decision not to be abused does not change anything unless you learn these vital principles of the Christian priesthood.
Satan will do everything in his power to keep you dependent on him. So, it is important to get to the point of discerning his tactics quickly and becoming strong in your training with the grace of God. The carnal man lives by the testimony of death that Satan seeks to perpetuate in him, but the spiritual man lives by the testimony of God and the perpetuation of God’s light and kingdom in Him.
A person cannot live in both kingdoms. The purpose of the doctrine of Christ, the tools, and the priesthood of Jesus Christ is to make you functional in God’s kingdom.
The spiritual man………………builds faith with the 12 Elements of the Gospel.
The spiritual man………………sees Christ in the knowledge of His covenant.
The spiritual man………………uses the tools of the of Christ.
The spiritual man………………identifies the kingdom he is tethered to.
The spiritual man………………keeps his mind pure by offering spiritual sacrifices.
As the spiritual man labors with the tools and knowledge of Christ he is experiencing the new life of Christ and his mind is being renewed by the Spirit.

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