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A Time of Darkness for the Church

Lesson 4 of 13

The departure from Jesus’ headship and His covering catapulted the church into a time of darkness that is both seen and experienced most typically in the dysfunctional priesthood of the believer, how one labors with the flesh to produce the power and fruits of the Spirit and how faith remains under the influence of Satan’s illusion. This labor with an impaired faith is woven into the very fabric of modern Christianity, captivating the hearts of millions.
Thousands of Christian ideals and principles are pumped into the church that are built upon concepts and ideas that are born out of the departure of the church from the headship of Jesus Christ and the continued experience of missing His spiritual covering.
Language is used to describe a set of circumstances under which the soul labors. When we look at the language of modern Christianity we observe the Gospel of the Flesh and how the soul labors to return to Christ yet is stuck in the proverbial rut that loops believers back to their fallen nature.
Let’s look at a few coined phrases that are typical of today’s Christianity and observe how the language is used to describe the circumstances of the soul removed from Jesus’ spiritual covering and walking according to the Gospel of the flesh:
1.      Self-Discovery: learn the true purpose of God for your life. Focus is on uncovering, unmasking, unveiling God’s secret plan for you:
·      proven action steps to help you realize your uniqueness
·      God wants to reveal a better you
·      Deepen your awareness of God’s special gifts for you
·      Discover how to put God first to open the door for His best
2.      Self-Empowerment: learn how to release, enable, and empower what God has envisioned for you. Focus is on personal revival, restoration, revitalization, and renewal:
·      Regain your feminine heart, beauty, and force
·      Regain your standing before God as a man
·      Liberate yourself from negative thinking
·      Don’t let your past determine your future
·      Letting go—letting God—breaking free
·      Faith artillery: Making the gaits of hell tremble
·      The power of faith filled words
3.      Self-Motivated: learn how God changes things through actuation. Focus is on breaking new ground, reclaiming, rebuilding, and reconditioning
·      Leaving no stone unturned—giving it all to God
·      Exploring topics that touch you every day: honesty, integrity, Christian ethics
·      Practical guidelines and strategies to navigate life’s changing journey
·      Multiplying your capacity to love and serve others
4.      Self-Validation: learn to prove God’s love as your own. Focus in on affirmation, confirmation, and reciprocation in-kind.
·      Polishing your self-image
·      Building your confidence and self esteem
·      Gaining a biblical perspective: harmony and happiness in relationships
·      Claiming your rights as a child of God
The Gospel of the Flesh is preached and accepted as the status quo because it helps believers deal with conflict by putting a recognizable face to their personal pain; it puts them within reach of the moral code; it puts believers in touch with their imagination and worked flattery in the heart; it motivates believers who previously had difficulty connecting to God and makes them feel as if they have a chance at succeeding in winning their private war against sin.
This helps to explain why faith is assigned to these kinds of goals and why believers mold their aspirations with them. But God did not assign faith to this knowledge and neither does He validate this framework for faith. The unction of the Holy Ghost will not bear witness to Christ
by these things and the soul will not be empowered, but rather brought back into the bondage of the flesh as each effort of faith with this knowledge simply defines and magnifies the fallen nature of man.

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