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1. Describe the condition of the church without the Headship of Christ.

Without the headship of Christ in the church:
• The people grows weary of carrying the yoke of a stagnant faith and will desire to partake of Christ and experience His fullness.
• They will reinvent old faith models & try to fill in the cracks of old crumbling foundations & if it will not work the believers become frustrated and confused.
• They are unable to achieve divine transformation through Jesus Christ and will get tired of unrealized promises.
• They are perplexed and will ask for the power of God.
• Many will leave the church & they look for the empowerment of the Spirit and they will desire to know Jesus Christ.
• Some separate themselves from the institutional church and falsely think that they will study the Bible at home and learn of the Spirit and thinking they will be cleanse by doing so.

***Yes in the absence of the Headship of Jesus Christ, faith is not empowered. Christians often say that they feel as if something is "missing" from their faith. This feeling of missing something is the result of the soul lacking the contact God provided through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Without Christ's Headship of His church, the Christian experience is like a revolving door… you always seem to end up at the same place, in dissatisfaction and confusion, feeling frustrated about the lack of power to achieve the divine transformation promised through Jesus Christ.

When Christians say that they feel unfulfilled, empty, and experience the ups and downs of faith crisis it is because the Spirit of God has not entered into their faith. The Spirit of God will only confirm the record of Jesus Christ, which is the doctrine of Christ that comes through apostles. One faith, one Spirit, one Lord Jesus Christ.

When faith is severed from the Headship of Christ, it is devastating. No Christian desires their experience of Christ to be reduced to this confusion, where the soul is continually plundered.

2. What is the primary function of an apostle?

The primary function of the apostle is to teach the one true doctrine of Christ in its entirety and set the foundation of truth within the heart of each believer.

***Amen, very good. Apostles are the knowledge stewards of the Second Covenant and their primary responsibility is to teach the doctrine of Christ and assure that it is kept pure. The Body of Christ will then continue to increase with the increase of God. God bestows a measure of grace upon each calling, which enables them to fulfill their responsibility within the government of God. The apostles of the Second Covenant have the measure of grace which enables them in understanding and stewarding the mystery of Christ in it's entirety. Praise God.

3. What happens when apostles are set in the precept rather than the calling?

When the apostles are set in the precept they only place themselves in the role of fulfilling the Scripture ,they do not experience reality because there is a need for one to be called to experience reality & the Spirit works with the calling not separate from it & only the Spirit can create reality.

***Yes. Many try to place themselves in the role of apostle to fulfill the scriptures, but lack the grace of the calling of apostle. We can also take notice that if the precept is used in place of the calling then the precept is also used in place of grace and the precept is used in place of growth. The precept is used to build many traditions of man that do not bring the reality of Christ.

Turning the hearts of the people back to God begins with the restoration of His holy knowledge by which the true pattern for faith is restored to give direction for the faith of the people. This holy knowledge makes all the necessary connections for believers to be ABLE to join themselves to God with perfect faith. The scriptures cannot do this.

As the scriptures declare: “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).

Many have mixed the scriptures in with their own philosophies and expect the Spirit of God to give witness. The Spirit of God does not enter into and give life to that which God has not built. This is why their preaching lacks the divine power for the divine change. True apostles are prepared by God with the whole truth which the Spirit of God enters into to make our faith living and to effect change in the inner man.

Apart from the gospel in truth, people go off in many different directions giving value to their own principles and pursuing their own aspirations and calling it the inspiration of God. God does not inspire such confusion. The inspiration of God is always in confirmation of His truth which He has determined to dispense to the church through the office and calling of apostle.

4. How do we observe Jesus’ Headship over the Body through His apostles?

Spiritual government lies on Jesus (shoulders) & it is His responsibility. His plan has always been to counsel the heart in faith by first setting His truth as the foundation or pillar in the heart, and to accomplish this through His apostles. In this manner, Christians receive the knowledge of the one truth, which is Christ, they learn how to function in their priesthood, how to walk and please God according to Christ’s covenant, and continue in Jesus’ spiritual covering.

***Amen. The measure of grace upon the apostles is to unfold the mystery of Christ unto all those that submit to God, enabling them to serve God acceptably and experience transformation of the soul. The apostles only work with the knowledge that proceeds from the headship of Christ and therefore Christ Jesus remains the Head of the Body. We can also see here the responsibility of the apostles to ensure that the doctrine is kept pure as they instruct the church on doctrine and functionality which proceeds from the Headship of Christ.

It is also important to observe what takes place when Jesus’ Headship over the Body is missing. People are confused because they are being told to trust God but not being told how. They are told to live in victory but not being given the knowledge of truth which allows us to deliver ourselves from darkness and be joined to the Light of Christ. They see that while many around them are in agreement with them, they continue to find the promises and their hope far off and always just out of their reach. The confusion comes from the false gospels being preached which keeps them in darkness and bound in the endless cycle of flattery and despondency. This is not Christ’s covering. The problem is evident and confusion comes from not having the remedy.

5. What language is commonly used when the soul is removed from Jesus’ spiritual covering and walking according to the Gospel of the flesh?

The languages that are used are the flesh:

 Self-Discovery-purpose of God for your life, His secret plan for you. 
 Self-Empowerment- release, enablement, empowerment of what God envisioned for you.
 Self-Motivated- breaking, rebuilding , reconditioning. God changes things through actuation.
 Self-Validation- Prove God’s love as own.

***Very Good. We can see that this is the language of the flesh, because it centers on the aspirations of man. This knowledge is removed from the Headship of Christ. Therefore, there is no substance for increase for the soul in the virtues of Christ. We can see that this language references to self. Therefore, it denies Christ. This is called self-righteousness and the Spirit of God will not enter into it. The Holy Spirit only confirms the knowledge of Christ coming through His living apostles.

As you continue making application with the knowledge you are receiving from God through apostles of Christ, you will learn what it means to abide in truth (dwell in the house of the Lord). The knowledge of truth which true apostles preach is confirmed by the Spirit of God which breathes life into the knowledge to make your faith living. Those who are not in covenant with God try to create this inspiration through music ministry, loud preaching, and many different programs to validate self, but the true Witness of God is only present to confirm Jesus Christ and His truth (which comes through the office and calling of apostle).

6. Why is the Gospel of the Flesh accepted as the status quo today?

The Gospel of the Flesh is preached and accepted as the status quo because it helps believers deal with conflict by putting a recognizable face to their personal pain; it puts them within reach of the moral code; it puts believers in touch with their imagination and worked flattery in the heart; it motivates believers who previously had difficulty connecting to God and makes them feel as if they have a chance at succeeding in winning their private war against sin.

***Excellent thoughts here! The focus of faith upon relationships and resolving of issues makes sense to believers because their focus in on their fallen nature rather than on Christ. But as the lesson brought out: “God did not assign faith to this knowledge and neither does He validate this framework for faith. The unction of the Holy Ghost will not bear witness to Christ by these things and the soul will not be empowered, but rather brought back into the bondage of the flesh as each effort of faith with this knowledge simply defines and magnifies the fallen nature of man.”

When God’s purpose is misdirected to the flesh, the preaching of the Gospel is focused on finding avenues to steward God’s temporal gifts, finding new ways to correct the flesh, and checkmating circumstances that trouble the flesh. The problem with this is the Spirit of God will not empower faith on the grounds of your flesh. These are called “tokens of death” for they do not carry the life of Christ in them.

The tokens of the Spirit (the tools of Christ’s covenant) are eternal tokens while the tokens of the flesh are temporal tokens. The tokens of this world are the things of this world: money, social status, skills, achievement, signature gifts, and talents. Whatever is visible to the eye is the token of man. What is invisible to the eye, as concerning our faith, are the tokens of God and that is what we are clothing our soul with, the tokens of our Lord. When the soul is full of these virtues then we have the life of Christ.

Today God is turning the church around and through Apostolic Governance Christians are again focusing their faith on Jesus Christ. 

7. Why is it of utmost importance that the Body of Christ returns to true Apostolic Governance and come unto the knowledge of the truth?

It is of utmost importance that the Body of Christ return to true Apostolic Governance and come unto the knowledge of the truth, for truth prepares the heart to serve and worship God.

***Very Good. Christ rules His house through stewards He has set over His house. He provides Himself as our contact point for faith and provides truth through His apostles so believers know HOW to join themselves to Him. The Spirit provides the revelation of truth through apostles and the power to draw faith from the hearts of all those who believe on Christ through the revealed knowledge of His plan of redemption.

Through Apostolic Governance, Jesus is establishing his order of service. In the past, the church was unwilling to accept the government of God through apostles because they wanted to be subject to Jesus Christ alone, not to the offices of stewardship He created for His ruler ship of grace to be expressed. In order to justify this independence to Christ’s Headship, the “covering” doctrines were formed where people submitted themselves to each other in hopes of establishing a “check and balance” system. “Who’s your covering” became a modern buzz question to show how they were being compliant to their own self established system of accountability.

In the Second Covenant we are not accountable to relationships, we are accountable to truth. Submission to truth delivered through true apostles demonstrates our submission to Jesus Christ. We accept His authority when we accept His issuance of truth through His apostles. As each believer learns to use the tools of the covenant and function in their priesthood they will see that they are again submitting to Jesus because they will recognize His authority over them through the law of grace and truth set within each tool.

Revival and restoration means that God is “bringing order” back to the church and that means that the church will have to go through a transition period where they will learn to value the things of Christ that the Spirit enters into and abandon the tools of their previous Christian education that the Spirit does not enter into.

8. Why can’t we serve God with truth that is defiled?

We cannot serve God with truth that is defiled for then faith is defiled and we are not worthy of Christ, as Jesus said, “Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy” (Rev.3:4).

***Amen. When truth is pure our faith is pure. God is pure and we can only serve him with the pure knowledge of Jesus Christ which is given through the calling of His living apostles.

For the Lord has selected this time to try the hearts, that through strong consolation of faith the church may again build up the house of God by the Spirit and cast off the works of death, which works are identified outside the tabernacle of Christ.  

The church must be restored to her first love, which is the performance of faith as it is manifested through charity, one to another through the priesthood, that we of faith in Christ might give off the sweet aroma of His presence.

9. How do we observe Jesus’ authority over the church by His act of washing the feet of His apostles?

Jesus showed an example through submission to His government for cleansing. As the apostles submitted to Christ’s authority to wash their feet, so must believers also submit to His authority through Apostolic Governance for doctrinal cleansing.

Through the example of foot washing Jesus was establishing that He is the head of the church; "The servant is not greater than his lord; neither is he that is sent greater than he that sent him" (Jn.13:16). No apostle can project a truth that is greater than Christ.

*** Very Good. All those that are in covenant with God submit to His grace and as they continue to partake of the doctrine of Christ their souls are continually being cleansed from the defilement of false knowledge. God has appointed His spiritual government to assist Him in the cleansing of all those who walk in covenant with Him. Through this cleansing we are all brought into agreement with God as He changes our perspectives.

We see here also that the Spirit of God will only sanctify our faith in connection with His truth. This is why our faith must be joined to His government for truth to be made living by His Spirit. In this we see how God has provided all three to work together as one to provide separation and cleansing in preparation for service.

10. What is the difference between doctrinal cleansing and spiritual cleansing?

Doctrinal cleansing means removing leaven from truth. It means Jesus is cleansing the church from unclean knowledge while Spiritual cleansing means removing the fruits of iniquity from the soul. As apostles wash and cleanse the church, removing from faith knowledge (leaven) that defiled faith and reset the original foundation of truth in the heart, the Spirit of God then begins His one-on-one spiritual cleansing, and tutorship in the heart of each believer for fellowship and growth. This is the “washing of regeneration” (God’s Intelligent Design for Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation) and renewing (of the mind) by the Holy Ghost.

*** Praise God! What a perfect plan. All we have to do is keep His commandments through our activity with knowledge that proceeds through His Spiritual government. God does the rest. What a wonderful God we serve.

Doctrinal Cleansing: The church need apostles to remove all leaven from Truth. Apostles instruct in the Doctrine of Christ, which provides the framework of truth our faith must be restricted to in order to please God, know Him, serve Him and experience His regenerating work in our soul.

Spiritual Cleansing: This is where Christians experience a one-on-one tutorship with the Holy Spirit. Christians desired this one-on-one tutorship, growth, fellowship, and simple communion with God. They sought spiritual renewal and cleansing, but did not know what to expect nor how to work with the Spirit. As the foundation of truth is re-set in Christ, Christians can again daily experience His fulness.

Spiritual cleansing continues over the entire lifetime of the saint until he or she either dies or are raptured. Through this process God is separating your soul from the powers of death, putting distance between you and the kingdom of darkness and removing the fruits and power of sin from the soul. He also engrafts within the fruits of His Son which is called “regeneration.”
As long as the soul remains joined to the Vine of Christ by His new covenant tools, the soul continues to receive cleansing from the Spirit. This is how Christ, as the Good Shepherd, cares for our souls through His mediation. The Holy Spirit takes the soul through spiritual growth, regeneration, daily forming the virtues of Christ within. From that work of regeneration the mind is continually renewed, gaining insight into Christ. The doctrine does not change, does not evolve, but our understanding of the work of Christ is made clear as we experience it. You will learn more about these elements of the gospel and this process as you continue your apostolic education.

11. How is a return to true Apostolic Governance a return to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ?

When the foundation of truth is laid within the heart Christians are prepared to serve God, as priests, at the altar of Christ.

All believers are called “priests” because they do priestly service to the Lord through the spiritual sacrifices of their faith (1Pet.2:5; 1Pet.2:9). Just as the Levites needed to first be cleansed by Moses before they could function in their priesthood, so must believers also be first prepared in truth before they can function in their priesthood to serve God through Jesus Christ.

*** Amen. Doctrinal cleansing has a purpose: preparing believers to function as priests at the altar of Christ. You have much to look forward to as you learn how to worship and serve Him at the Christ’s altar of faith. The 4th lesson “Priesthood and Prophecy” will provide you the education you need to begin exercising your faith with this valuable tool.

God is drawing the church back into one tabernacle under the sanctified stewardship of His government to glorify Him through her priestly service. With the priestly service we can be of one mind and with one mouth glorify God.

12. What is the example that God gave through Moses?

Moses was a type and shadow of Jesus Christ and by this example we understand the need for separation and cleansing by God’s pattern through a governmental head for service to God. Apostles (as Moses) are individuals selected by God to preserve the knowledge of Christ and sanctify the people for their priestly service to God at the altar of Jesus Christ.

*** Yes, Amen. God chooses knowledge stewards to maintain the purity of His knowledge and to give the people refuge in Christ. We can see this divine order in the old covenant and then again in the new covenant. Ten thousand Jews did not proceed up to the Mount to receive the tablets of stone. One man received them for the congregation.

Jesus Christ follows that pattern and set Himself as the pattern and contact point for faith. He gave this knowledge to the apostles to give to the church. The knowledge of the gospel of truth must be stewarded according to calling.

By the command of God, Moses cleansed the Levites to prepare them to separate unto God as His priests. Moses did not act independently or with rash revelations. By God’s command he separated the Levites and cleansed them to prepare them to minister to God as priests.

As Moses was so are the apostles now. Through the cleansing of truth, apostles prepare believers to function in their priesthood. Levites did not take it upon themselves to separate and cleanse themselves nor did they make individual decisions about how they would minister to God. They received their cleansing and instructions from Moses, the knowledge steward of the first covenant. As Levites ministered to God as priests so do believers minister to God as priests.

13. What are the differences between Apostolic Governance and the “5-Fold”? 

5 Fold holds independent truth, accountability is on individual, priesthood of the flesh still dominates faith and believers served God with those not sanctified in Christ, terms of covenant set within selves & many diverse standards while Apostolic governance brings the body of Christ in one faith, Accountability is in Jesus Christ, Priesthood of Jesus is restored & terms of the covenant are set in Jesus Christ.

*** Good answer. To review:

  • “5-fold” cannot bring the church in to one truth; but hrough Apostolic Governance Christians ARE brought into one truth.
  • “5-fold” cannot bring Christians into covenant with God, but hrough Apostolic Governance Christians ARE brought into covenant with God.
  • “5-fold” cannot place accountability in truth. Through Apostolic Governance Christians are no longer in bondage to accountability systems that are ruled by the flesh.
  • “5-fold” cannot teach believers how to function in their priesthood; but through Apostolic Governance Christians learn how to offer spiritual sacrifices of prophecy upon the altar of Christ.

14. What is a false apostle?

A false apostle believes that truth is in part and progressive. False apostles lack the total vision of the pattern of Jesus Christ and they cannot give what they do not possess.

*** Very Good. False apostles do not work with the knowledge of Christ and they confirm self rather than Christ. False apostles can see many things wrong with the church from the standpoint of personal experience, but cannot see by the grace of God, nor the true function of the calling. God has returned the church to the stewardship of apostles for the purity of the faith.

There is a lot that can be said about false apostles, but the key is that they do not have the pattern of Christ to give to the church. They are absent of that grace and continue to perpetrate the “journey mask” upon the church, driving Christians forward with every wind of doctrine. True apostles establish believers in the one foundation and pattern of truth.

15. What is a false prophet?

A false prophet is one who pretends to speak the truth or some truth but prophesied outside of the camp of Christ.

***Amen. False prophets also prophecy into peoples lives concerning who they will marry or what kind of job they will have, etc. They do not confirm what the apostles preach and therefore they are outside the camp of the Lord.

Many people can proclaim what is true about the condition of the church, many people can foresee the restoration of the church and yet stand without, not willing to confirm the wind of the Spirit. False prophets have another agenda. We see this example in Balaam. A lot can also be said about false prophets, but the key is that they are unwilling to conform to established apostolic governance appointed by God. They continue to drive Christians forward with “personal revelations” and “visions” of God’s work that is removed from God’s government.

16.  What 3 things join a believer to the Headship of Jesus Christ?

The Spirit of God will sanctify our faith in connection with the truth of Christ. Our faith must be joined to His government for truth to be made living by His Spirit.

Jesus is our the advocate, bringing unity and forgiveness, fulfilling that which He has promised: "There shall be a unity that is not feigned, and a oneness that is not deceitful."

***Good. We are joined to Christ by His government, His truth and His Spirit. These three ingredients are critical. When one is missing, then faith is disconnected from Christ. God issues His grace through all three, but will not deviate from the combined necessity of all three being present.

This is indeed a miracle of God. That which was impossible with man is possible with God. God has restored the simplicity of Christ by removing the traditions of man from faith and restoring the one true record of Christ. And by His Government, through His truth, by His Spirit we are joined to the Christ embracing His Headship.

The Great Transition: As you go through these lessons you are experiencing this “Great Transition.” As the Second 8th Week Apostles turn the hearts of the people back to God they do so by restoring Christ’s holy knowledge. This holy knowledge (the original full Doctrine of Christ) is the true pattern He established which gives direction for the faith of the people.

This holy knowledge makes all the necessary connections for believers to be able to join themselves to God with perfect faith. Apart from the gospel in truth, people take the gospel in many different directions giving value to their own principles and pursuing their own aspirations and calling it the inspiration of God. God does not inspire such activity.

The inspiration of God is always in confirmation of His truth, which He has determined to dispense to the church through the office and calling of apostle. As the church goes through this transition back to the Second Covenant we will see the church return to the original apostolic pattern for faith, and become pure, without spot or wrinkle, established in the Unity of the Faith, ready for the Receiving of the Lord (rapture.)

Thank you for your application of faith with this lesson. We are very encouraged by your participation of faith and stand in daily prayer for you.

I offer these spiritual sacrifice of prophecy for your growth in Christ:

The apostles dispense Jesus’ holy knowledge for the prophets to confirm so the value of faith increases in the hearts of those that believe.

The knowledge of His truth removes the ignorant from Satan's grip during the time of his rule, in these last days.

The wisdom of the world seeks to please God by vows; and by precept and line set a course for renewal: But the witness of God is not found in theology, but in the record He gave in Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Crown of the righteous, for He is the Head of the Church seated first above all kings and kingdoms.

Fellow workers prepare the church fulfilling the role of their calling.

God concealed Himself in government, to reveal Himself for unity to those that believe.  Only the Spirit can join the soul to this understanding.

The unity of the church is in the government, Truth and Spirit which dissolves doubt and quenches divisions. For the wolf gathers the sheep to devour not to feed and protect.

Without government, the church has not distinction for discernment.  There is no refuge in error; for the staff of the wicked is their own principle, which pierces with each reproach, those who hear them. ~Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

For the love of the saints to be perfect in Christ they must be united with His government that is joined in His name.

Do nothing apart form the government of God for which Jesus Christ is named and glorified by His holy church for ever.

Christ being represented in the government and tools of His church, increases His glory by those things of His virtue in the souls of those that believe.

Those that overcome have accepted the key of His stewardship and enter that Door of His glory.

 The proud in heart resist grace and despise government. But those of faith joyfully receive from Him.

By step upon step and order by order the church is built by the Spirit of the Lord.

For by the meat of the altar the soul is established in peace and righteousness in them that serve.

As the priest offers the sacrifice upon the altar so the government of God sets the truth in the heart.  As the flame consumes the sacrifice so also the Spirit dines on the holy knowledge and increases your joy.  

For Jesus Christ our High Priest, as Moses, prepared, confirmed and sent for service His apostles by cleansing and appointing them: so apart from Christ’s due order ministers of unrighteousness polluted the government and doctrine of the Church.

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