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   The Elements of the Gospel

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The ABCs of the Covenant

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To be a covenant Christian a person needs to learn to speak God’s covenant language, a believer must learn the 12 Elements of the Gospel. We know that the purpose of every alphabet is to make words. We know that Jesus is the Word of God. God uses the Elements of the Gospel to communicate Christ to us.
Think of each Element as a letter in Jesus’ name, so that putting the Elements together, they would spell His name. I don’t mean that we intend to spell “JESUS” as we would normally think about spelling. I mean that each Element expresses Him.
Just as every letter of the alphabet has value, and knowing the value of the letter helps us know how to place it in a word, each Element of the Gospel possesses a certain value of Christ. Knowing that value helps us to place that Element, thus helping us to express or communicate Christ and identify His work in us.
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Learning to speak God's language means that you will be able to communicate with Him on the level of the Spirit rather than the level of the flesh. Covenant language begins with learning the 12 Elements of the Gospel. These are the ABCs of the covenant. Full color faith illustration helps you learn your ABCs.
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In the English language, “D” is for Dog, “C” is for Cat, and “B” is for Bird. There is a sound to every letter and an action to every word. We can identify the sound the letter “D” is to make in the word Dog and we know the action behind the word. Dogs bark, cats meow, and birds sing. Each expresses its God given design.
Now let’s take this to the covenant. God placed in Jesus our salvation. The covenant communicates Christ. If you want to speak about Christ, speak about your salvation, and the work of the Spirit, your hope, redemption, eternal inheritance, priesthood, spiritual growth, etc. you need to be able to speak about the Elements of the Gospel that communicate Christ.
Each Element expresses Christ in a unique way. “G” is for Grace, “F” is for Faith, and “R” is for Righteousness. God has made it abundantly clear that salvation is the process of bringing man back to Himself. Sin separated man from God and salvation is the act of God coming in the flesh to establish Himself as the contact point to join man back to Himself.
God uses words such as: “covenant” to describe that salvation needs terms that man agrees to; “tether” to describe that salvation is the act of God joining man back to Himself; “faith” to describe man’s participation in salvation; “fruit” to describe God’s purpose for joining Himself to man; “Spirit” to describe the power needed to affect this divine change; “circumcision” to describe salvation as a transition whereby the old man dies as the new man emerges.
Salvation is in a person, Jesus Christ. We are now in the New Covnenat (Second Covenant) The 12 Elements of the Gospel describe the work of our redemption in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ is seen in the design of each Element, fulfilling the plan of God to join you to Himself, free you from sin, heal your soul of Satan’s scars, and create the likeness of Christ within.  
Covenant life is about learning how God imparts the Christ likeness (charisma) to you. We cannot use the tools of the covenant effectively unless we know what these elements are. We cannot function in our Christian priesthood unless we know what these elements are. We cannot grow spiritually or overcome in spiritual warfare unless we know what these elements are. The 12 Elements are listed in the table below.
The 12 Elements of the Gospel

1. GRACE      
9. CHARITY            
2 . FAITH       
10. TRUTH                 
7. PEACE     
8. REST     
You are encouraged to study the 12 Elements of the Gospel by clicking on the chart to the right. The elements of the Gospel is the knowledge we draw upon to express Christ. For example, we draw upon righteousness to measure our faith to Jesus Christ. This is how we find equity in Christ rather than the world. The flesh draws upon the signature of man and the moral code to find equity in iniquity and then creates laws to justify a mindset or philosophy to justify one’s actions. That is not Christ.
To live by grace one has to draw from the Elements of the Gospel to communicate faith from the foundation of truth. The anointing will work with that. When you build by this record, the anointing is present and you place equity in Christ who then justifies you by His active present work in you.
God gives you reason for faith by giving you the 12 Elements of the Gospel. Without them, Satan gives you logic for faith. You will use the record of your own soul to purpose righteousness, holiness, and sanctification in yourself. The anointing will not be present and the divine power for the divine change will be absent.
To function in covenant one needs the Elements of the Gospel to speak God’s language. God calls us beloved because He is building a relationship with us by the Spirit. The bond exists in first in truth (the knowledge) and then in charity (the expression of it). God is sharing with us His thoughts, His language, His reason for Christ, His plan. When we share the same understanding of the Elements that our heavenly Father possesses then we are of the same mind and the same judgment and the power of God is present to save, deliver, and heal.
There is no power in man to initiate or sustain the divine change. The power is only in Christ. There is no other foundation that can be laid then Jesus Christ. He is the living record of our faith.

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