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Elements and Chemistry

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Just as chemistry can be understood by the table of Elements, so can we understand our salvation and walk with God through the 12 Elements of the Gospel. Chemistry is a look at the science of matter and how changes take place. Chemistry is concerned with the composition of matter (what is a thing made of), the behavior of matter (how it reacts), the structure of matter (how is it put together), and properties of matter (describe and define), as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions. (what you can expect to happen).
Plant life is a good example of how chemistry works. Plants are unable to grow and complete their life cycle if they do not have access to these 15 essential elements:Carbon , Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Molybdenum.
So this is what growers need to know to have full ears of corn. One might argue and say, “But all a farmer needs to do is plant the kernel of corn in the ground and then sit back and watch it grow.” And by the same argument someone might say, “All you need is faith. You do not need to know how faith works, just believe that Jesus is the Son of God and sit back and watch your spiritual transformation take place.”
Do you see what is happening here? A person wants to claim that a thing (corn or faith) grows of itself, ignoring all the essential elements necessary for the life cycle. In reality, a kernel of corn, planted in the soil would grow without you knowing the who, what, where, and why of those 15 elements needed for the life cycle of the plant. They are there by God’s design, and knowing about them helps a farmer get bigger, better, and healthier stalks of corn from the ground.
What do you do if your crops are sickly? Can you spot nitrogen deficiency in the clear yellow leaves of your plants? Can you spot iron deficiency? Can you trace stunted growth to magnesium deficiency?
You might argue and say, “But I’m not a plant!” Yes, but you do have a soul. Do you know how your soul functions according to God’s design? Do you know how God designed the soul in His own image and likeness to function with knowledge and how Satan designed knowledge to distort the likeness of Christ?
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Satan does not stop claiming ownership of your soul after God claims ownership of you by covenant. It’s strange to see that once you again feel the yoke of bondage you search the world for knowledge that will explain to you what is happening to you and how you can make it stop. You look for knowledge to explain to you how a person can live a strong, healthy, Christian life. Where are the weapons of warfare? How does a person confront the enemy of their soul? How can we walk in the purity and the integrity of Christ?
What is happening here is that you never learned to speak the language of the covenant so were not able to learn what to do with grace once your receive it and how grace is multiplied. As a result, your experience did not change. You live the same human struggle you had before you confessed faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior. Your conversation is still about the struggle. You never stopped speaking the language of death.
If you cannot identify Jesus Christ in all 12 Elements of the Gospel you will not be equipped to identify Satan’s distortions. In time of temptation you will shield yourself with the moral code instead of the light of God’s grace. Man uses tokens to shield his loss of light, which is guile. The sinner has to make excuses for themselves to give their nakedness some value. This is why you will hear them qualify themselves in some way with the moral code, “I am a passionate person, God made me that way. . .or. . .I work well with people. . . or. . .we all have gifts we can use for God.”
These are all ways in which a person tries to clothe their nakedness with a covering of fig leaves as Adam did before God. Adam lost the light of God and felt vulnerable when God called to him. Satan had corrupted his thinking and he now was experiencing lack and loss. He never lacked anything in the presence of God for God was his justification. But now that he accepted Satan’s knowledge and counsel he felt vulnerable and needed a shield to hide this from God, which thing God called guile.
So when you experience loss after you were told that faith in Jesus would bring you an abundance, you want to know why and you will search for ways to recover what you lost. This is the struggle death produces and this is the language death speaks. The current Christian culture never stopped speaking the language of death because Christians were never taught how to speak the language of God.
It is easy to spot deficiency. Your soul, having been born into sin, has been depleted of the essential Elements necessary for you to experience the life of Christ. This is why covenant is called an environment where all the necessary ingredients for faith are provided for you. Your faith needs grace. Your faith needs the righteousness of Christ. Your faith needs sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, charity, truth, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind.
Just as the soil needs Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus to support life, your faith needs the 12 Elements of the Gospel to express Christ. Your faith must express Christ to be living.
We need to also take into consideration that Satan does not play nice. While you are busy thinking that there is nothing to your faith, he is busy putting a lot of false knowledge in your head and putting tools in your hands the Spirit does not use. So what that does to the Elements of the Gospel is turn them towards the flesh. What ends up happening is that we bring God down to our level and expect Him to reciprocate.  As you will learn, reciprocation is in kind. God gives us the knowledge and tools of Christ to reciprocate on His level.
To get an idea of what those 12 Elements are and how they work, take a look at the chart to the right. You will learn the basic definition of each Element and how it contributes your spiritual growth cycle. Just as it is necessary to know what a plant needs for its life cycle, it is necessary for us to know what Elements God designed for us to experience the life of Christ.
Chemical Reaction
Chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. A reaction happens when two or more molecules interact. For example, hydrogen and oxygen molecules combine to form water.
A chemical reactions simple means that you begin with one compound and turn it into another. A chemical change occurs. For example, a brand new car begins to rust after a year is a chemical reaction. Rusting takes place because the iron in the metal is combining with oxygen in the atmosphere. This is a good example of chemical reaction because most people can relate to it. We have seen these kinds of changes take place.
So now let’s take this to the gospel. There are many processes that lead to transformation of the soul and they take place every day when you are in covenant with God. For example, righteousness occurs when faith combines with grace and faith. Righteousness can never occur in the absence of these other 2 Elements, grace and faith.
Another example. Holiness is the reaction of a number of Elements coming together. When God separates you from the world to Himself by the Spirit (sanctification) and you begin to exercise your faith with the tools of the covenant (faith), grace is present right? A circumcision begins to take place as God changes your perspective from that of the flesh to the Spirit, from the natural to the spiritual.
A change takes place in the inclination of man and the reason of man whereas you used to shield yourself with the moral code, but now you shield yourself with grace. You would not be able to make that distinction and then make that cognitive choice of faith unless you had first known how to separate yourself to the knowledge of Christ in your priesthood.  
Another example: God provided a way for us to measure our faith to Jesus Christ by giving us the perfect knowledge of Christ. Most Christians do not believe that an absolute truth of Jesus exists. They have been led to believe that God grants each Christian permission to pick and choose the doctrines that are agreeable to them and that the resulting disagreement and disharmony and disunity is pleasing to God. As a result Christians cannot retain the knowledge of Christ and are not able to measure their faith against Jesus Christ.
On the other hand, when the righteousness of Christ is joined to charity a change takes place because of a choice that is being made. Faith is a choice to separate ourselves from the world unto God because we recognize that we belong to Him.  This is not an idle recognition, but one of cognition that results in our labor at His altar with His knowledge to express charity (Christ). We are choosing to identify Christ in His truth and in His tools and identify with Him rather than with the inclination of the carnal man. We understand that God values charity and we are thankful for the liberty that we experience in Him as a result.
Having exercised our faith, the Elements righteousness, sanctification, charity, and holiness join together and peace, rest, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind emerge. This is the liberty of Christ. You can see how your conversation would change. You would no longer be conversing about death (the loss and struggle of the moral code). Your conversation would be about this new lifestyle that you are experiencing. The Elements of the Gospel are not idle blocks of knowledge, they are the living stones of the altar of Christ.
Faith is always an exercise of the will with the knowledge and tokens of God. Every time you choose to separate yourself from the world unto God and assign the greater value to Christ and His knowledge the flesh diminishes in strength. This is why God multiplies grace towards us in abundance. We can of our own selves do nothing, it is the Spirit that quickens and gives life, it is Jesus that manifests Himself to us.
Reverse Technology
The Lord shapes us in His hand. He uses the 12 Elements of the Gospel to do so. Let’s see if we can understand this better by reverse technology. We know that the witness of God sustains our faith in the priesthood. Let’s think about what that means. Take for example how the witness of the Spirit manifests itself in these things: “edification”, “exhortation”, and “comfort”. What does these words mean? What is happening?
The witness of the Spirit manifests these powers upon the soul to bring this desired effect. Think about what you are doing when you experience edification exhortation, and comfort. You are praying in tongues, offering spiritual sacrifices, or exchanging these sacrifices (charity) with the brethren, or your are stewarding the grace of God.
So in essence you are laboring with the grace and truth of God and what does the Spirit of God do? He confirms Christ as the record of your faith and the perspective of God, and in the process of you paying attention and separating yourself to God’s grace, you experience illumination, understanding, equity, and the strengthening of your will for faith. Very powerful isn’t it?
The Spirit of God is called the witness because He will always do that. He will always confirm Jesus Christ as the record of your faith. And all of that happens when you were laboring in your priesthood. So now that we have that established, let’s take a look at the Elements to see if we can identify the actions and the resulting changes that are taking place.
Every time you are in your priesthood you are choosing to identify yourself with Jesus rather than the moral code. By this action (choosing/faith) the witness of the Spirit confirms Jesus Christ as the record of your faith and rewards your choices and you experience how your labor with the knowledge of Christ strengthened your will and how the anointing is present to build upon your understanding. That experience is a reaction to grace and faith coming together.
It would be good to mention here that you would not know what to choose or what to exercise your will with if you did not know what the Elements are and what Jesus’ tools are. When you don’t have these things, you will always choose the moral code, which is a bad choice because it is Satan’s counterfeit grace and truth.
Let’s look at a few more faith choices to help you understand the how the Elements react.  You are choosing the voice of grace over the voice of the defiled conscience that speaks to you about what you should be and what you should not be. What you should do and what you should not do. The Holy Spirit will confirm Christ in the voice of grace by opening your understanding, but will not confirm Christ in the voice of the defiled conscience.
As a result of faith choosing the voice of grace over the voice of the moral code, Christ emerges as a mirror of your faith rather than the moral code emerging as the mirror of your faith. You have chosen well and God again rewards you for choosing Jesus to stand for you in place of the flesh. What do you experience now? Rest. You cease laboring and struggling to find your equity in all the wrong places!
So what Elements do we see coming together? The Elements of truth and charity come together and the reaction is rest and justification. This is what it means to walk in your sanctification and what it means to walk by faith. You are walking with all these Elements and they are all in play. It is edifying and fun to see how God uses them, how they combine together, and what they produce.
When you walk in your sanctification it is a thing of cognition. It is not a verse you are quoting, but a priesthood you are living. One cannot talk about sanctification without calling upon righteousness and one cannot talk about righteousness without calling upon holiness; And knowing that holiness is a choice we make to separate ourselves from the world unto God. That action cannot be taken unless truth is present to direct the separation in the fulness of Christ. In the absence of truth, we just separate ourselves to the nearest inclination of man and camp there and stake our claim by driving the flag of our tradition firmly into the ground.
The Lord calls us His friends and He uses the 12 Elements of the Gospel to speak to us about Himself and His kingdom and His love for us. You didn’t think God was going to speak to you about yourself and your life and your family and your wife and your job………. did you? I am not saying that God will not give you wisdom in those areas that are important to you. I am not saying that God does not care about these things, for He does.
What I am saying is that you are not the gospel. Jesus is the gospel. You are not the mystery. Jesus is the mystery. God favors us to reveal Christ to us. What substance for the soul! What glory to behold! What hope!
When the false prophetic movement was at its zenith and Satan had the church hypnotized, all a person wanted was words and prophecies about themselves. How sick Satan is to addict man to himself and thus rob the heart of true faith.
The Elements ensure that you are building faith in the image of Jesus and not  your own image. Look what happens when you exercise your will with the knowledge of Christ. Charity is the expression of your lips as you offer many spiritual sacrifices to God with your prayers. So truth, charity, and faith are binding together. What comes forth? What is the reaction? The fruit of Christ is formed in the inner man (regeneration) and your mind is reasoning with grace and thus life springs forth in your understanding (renewing of the mind) and you experience the equity of the Spirit (grace is increasing).
You’ll notice that peace takes place when the renewing of the mind is joined to an increase of grace. God is settling the agitation of the soul and assisting the soul through the transition.
So, walking in all 12 Elements gives us the idea that all the Elements come into play. It just depends on what you reflect on and how the anointing builds out your understanding.
Another good example to help you understand how the Elements of the Gospel work might be to think about a lava lamp. If you have ever seen one of these lamps you will soon get the picture. The technical aspects put aside, once heated,  little blobs of wax float inside a sealed glass tumbler filled with liquid.
The wax breaks up into many blobs, which bump up against each other and when they do they combine with other each other and then separate again. It’s quite fascinating to watch a lava lamp and makes for a nice illustration to show how the Elements work. Faith joins with grace to form righteousness. Rest joins with peace to form regeneration, and so on.
Walking in covenant with God means that we are discerning Christ. It is troublesome to see how many Christians go on spiritual crusades to find all the cults in the world. What they are trying to do is discern where the devil is hiding without first learning to identify Christ. So what happens is that they end up crusading for the moral code rather than fighting for the kingdom of God.
When in covenant, we learn to speak the language of God to identify Christ. Now discernment can take place. What is being presented to you? What is challenging your faith? Are you being challenged to place value in yourself? Are you being challenge to value truth because it has received the approval of your logic? Discernment takes place in the light of His holy knowledge.
Did you know that the lips utter what the mind is busy processing. We can understand why God gave us knowledge to build faith in the image of Jesus Christ. The mind, while reflecting, rehearsing, and reciprocating the knowledge of Christ, begins to offer spiritual sacrifices of prophecy upon the altar of Christ.
What Elements do we see at work here? Truth weighs the knowledge of Christ, charity expresses it, and righteousness lets us know that the knowledge we are expressing meets God’s expectation perfectly.

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