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The Role of the Apostle in God's Government

The Role of the Apostle in God's Government

By Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The Bible provides us many insights to God’s purpose for apostles. Most importantly, God called apostles to set the foundation of truth in the hearts of believers; He called them to bring the church into one doctrine of Christ; He called them to teach and instruct the church to build the altar of Christ in the inner man. Everything you need to know about the Christian life, spiritual warfare, worship, prayer, spiritual growth, and hearing the voice of God comes through the mouth of God called apostles.

Very little was known about the apostles’ office. Some think that apostles are missionaries because the early apostles traveled from place to place, carrying the message of Christ; some describe apostles as simple men who don’t aspire to much because some of the early apostles were fishermen; while other describe apostles as visionaries and church builders because today’s culture has placed an emphasis on large congregations. Jesus planned to care for His church after He ascended into heaven by calling apostles to represent Him here on earth. 2 Corinthians 5:20, “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.”    

In the absence of the calling the church falls into apostasy. Not knowing how to serve God acceptably believers are not able to discern the difference between faith of the covenant and Satan’s many counterfeits and so are easily deceived by every wind of doctrine. You might have heard that God speaks through many voices and that everyone has something worthwhile to share about Jesus Christ. While this is certainly true concerning the diversity of gifts and callings and the manifold grace of God, for God planned to speak through each vessel for the building up of the body, we cannot think that the manifold graces supersede the need for apostles. 

Everyone wants to contribute towards the betterment of the church, but most do not realize is that a person cannot contribute to the whole until they first have the foundation of truth set in the heart. This is the way God operates. That is God’s order. God will not wholesale His truth, that is, He will not put it out there for others to take and just repackage it for themselves. What happens is that believers don’t know what they should about their faith; they never learn the simple ABC's of the covenant. Now is the time to transition to Apostolic Governance. Now is the time to come into the fulness of Christ. Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week is a coalition of apostles, prophets, evenagelists, pastors,and teachers called of God to raise up the end time church to spearhead the final revival on earth before the return of the Lord and to prepare a people made ready for Him.

What the Bible says about apostles leading the church: (Acts 2:42) (Romans 1:1)(1 Corinthians 12:28) (2 Corinthians 1:1) (Ephesians 1:1) (1 Peter 1:1) (2 Peter 1:1)

Meet the Called Living Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ

Apostle Erika Blignaut
‘Look not to man, but behold Me’. This is a word of wisdom I received of the Lord during prayer one day not so long ago. It gave me much direction for faith over the following weeks. It also made me think of how limited man’s ability is to implement godly wisdom where godly knowledge and understand...   read entire message
Apostle Bronwyn Botha
There seems to be an underlying need for man to change his nature. The conscience continually cries out against him, that the soul of man is void of virtue, and so man continues to search for the remedy to heal his tainted soul. From book to book, seminar to seminar, church to church, country to country, cul...   read entire message
Apostle Matthew Botha
Many people have a desire to please God and I know that you too have that desire to please Him. But, have you ever felt that despite the many good works and sincerity in trying to please God, it feels like you’re not doing enough, or you never seem to meet that standard of approval and the weight of guilt ...   read entire message
Apostle Patricia Botha
I would like to welcome you to Second 8th Week Ministries. I pray that by the grace of God your spiritual eyes will be opened as you engage with the truth of Christ, which is laid in the heart of the believer, by following the apostles doctrine just as seen in Acts 2v42 that the saints of the first centaury chu...   read entire message
Apostle Nellie Ford
Greetings To All:   This is Apostle Nellie Ford from Second 8th Week Network Page. I would like to welcome you to  The elders of Second 8th Week bring to the table the holy, the divine, and the ordered knowledge of Jesus Christ (manna) in which we all share and dine on. Here we p...   read entire message
Apostle Stephanie Harris
Have you ever had the thought that there must be more to life than just earning a good living, raising a family and pursuing happiness? I’m sure you have. This feeling is common to everyone, because this is how God created our souls.  We all have that knowing inside of us that we were created for somethin...   read entire message
Apostle Maryna Liebenberg
I had a vision the other night of a garden in which were very large shade trees. In the garden was a tap and when the water came out of the tap, there was a stream of seeds coming with it. The Bible often speaks of our souls as God’s garden because the Lord requires increase by our labor of faith. But faith al...   read entire message
Apostle Deidre Linden
Have you ever noticed when water is really dark and muddy that you don’t really want to get into it? It’s almost as if deters from you getting in, but when water is living and clear it’s as if it just invites you in! So if I were to drop a coin in that water and say ‘go find it’, d...   read entire message
Apostle Shanell McDanel
Since Satan is the father of lies, and the imagination is the window to the soul, there are endless options to try out to find a philosophy that “fits”. Whatever our mind labors with, there’s a product that’s evident in the soul of that labor. If we sow iniquity, we reap corruption. If we sow...   read entire message
Apostle Bert Neethling
I want to welcome every one who visits our new magazine site where we share the truth of Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross but has also risen from the grave giving us the pattern for true salvation in Him. For the last 2 000 years Satan has caused havoc in the hearts of believers making empty promises co...   read entire message
Apostle Paul Odendaal
As I was playing golf last week with one of my Asian golf friends, He was explaining to me the importance of having a good firm foundation. We were talking of all the great players and how they all have one thing in common a good foundation. Now, if you know anything about golf you would be able to make the connecti...   read entire message
Apostle Andres Rios
God, as he called Noah and his sons in that covenant to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the earth, this being a type and shadow of Christ and the fruit of Christ, so has he now called those of the present Second Covenant to be fruitful in Christ, to multiply this Apostolic Knowledge that provides the fruit of ...   read entire message
Apostle Francois Stander
Many people experience dreams and visions and feel that a great revival of the church is on the threshold. In fact, the awakening is going to stretch way beyond the church and reach into the every lost soul. The Great Awakening is man shaking himself out of the slumber and sleep of false knowledge. Why is m...   read entire message
Apostle Diane Swarthout
It was pretty scary for me to learn that just because I invited Jesus into my heart did not mean I was born-again. Until I learned what it means to be joined to Christ in covenant, whenever someone would ask me, Are you saved? I always said, Yes, because I thought I was. But having the foundation of truth ...   read entire message
Apostle Estelle Tolmay
For many believers it is a heartfelt desire to be as living stones in the spiritual House of God because somehow this call draws upon the deepest core of every believer. Most believers can identify with the desire to carry the likeness of Jesus Christ within the soul, to carry the design of the Chief corner stone as...   read entire message
Apostle Catie Van Der Walt
By Faith everybody claims to believe in God, right? But this confession is not enough, for the word “BELIEVE “ means to acknowledge mold with and submit to. It was not enough for Moses to merely say “I believe “… no, Moses had to follow a sanctified pattern set by God for us to ser...   read entire message
Apostle Oscar Visda
Greetings to all! Before and after denominational church experience. I always hear this nowadays. “No perfect church and man” A very dangerous statement coz no perfection man cannot see God. It’s common to hear no perfect church from the world but perfection is common to G...   read entire message
Apostle David vonAnderseck
Hi I am Apostle David and welcome to my blog. As we all know we are in the last days and God is pouring His grace upon all flesh to come into covenant with Him.   Gods desire is for us to come into covenant with Him so that we may know him. This is why it is important to have a seeking heart and ask our...   read entire message
Apostle John Welty
Our liberty in Christ begins with our separation from false knowledge through doctrinal cleansing. Our doctrinal cleansing begins with your being instructed in the doctrine of Christ under the oversight of living apostles of Christ. In order for us to build our faith with the First Generation Knowledge of Christ, wh...   read entire message
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