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The Role of the Prophet in God's Government

The Role of the Prophet in God's Government

By Prophet Casey Ringer
When people think of the prophets office concerning the government of God, they tend to think of them as the mouth pieces of God in pronouncing the coming judgments of God’s wrath upon the earth and the people in apocalyptical themes. It is true that Gods prophets are mouth pieces of the Lord, however they only speak as they are moved by God and must be conditioned in the faith to carry and function in that calling through their preparation of the truth.
A prophets first responsibility to God, as it is with all believers, is their priesthood, then their calling. (Titus 1:1) A true prophet preserves himself in prayer, that he may edify and comfort the church as a witness of the Lords record and give hope and confidence of Gods plan to those that stand without. (Daniel 6:10)(Mark 1:35)
A true prophet confirms the Prophetic Path: The unfolding of His weeks and how God plans to get mankind there (Jesus Christ)(record) They do not give direction for the aspiration as psychics and they do not read into peoples lives on a personal level.
What does a Prophet Prophecy. What does Prophecy do for the Church?
Jesus Christ was Gods plan from the foundation of the world and the prophets confirmed this pattern and hope which the saints of God built on from the beginning of time. (Ephesians 2:20) Prophets confirm the record of Christ and give direction into it, so that believers can partake in the hope of God (salvation). Withier they prophecy from the foundation of truth, of things to come or the condition of the church, it is all for the purpose of building, for hope, in exhortation, for edification and comfort. Any deviation from this pattern negates the calling.
A prophet is like a GPS (Global Positioning System). A GPS will continue to confirm the path that you have selected in order to get to your destination. It will count the miles that you have driven, how many more are left, what state you are in and what is yet to come, so that when you look up, you can be comforted that you are heading for home. The prophetic path is His record and the destination is the bosom of the father.

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