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The Role of the Teacher in God's Government

The Role of the Teacher in God's Government

By Teacher Wendy Nilsson
It helps to think of the Body of Christ as a training school. The Lord is training us up to rule and reign with Him, to be servants of His mercy, to be servants of His love. Our training begins when we enter into covenant with God.
The minute we entered into covenant with God we have entered into the school of the Spirit and the first thing we are taught to do is to begin to set the stones of the altar of Christ in place.  While we are working with the knowledge of the Lord we are becoming skilled in righteousness, we are becoming skilled in reciprocation, we are becoming skilled stewards of His grace.
The altar is our training ground where we learn our trade in the kingdom of God. This is carried over into the  assembly where we learn from each other by the exchange of charity. The Lord in His wisdom distributes His gifts of grace to each member, and we, as His apprentice, learn to increase His kingdom by each gift He gives.
Covenant is not a prison where government rules over the faith of the believer with an iron rod. Satan has so abused mankind that the true meaning of government which God intended the church to follow has been lost. The church has been following the fear handed down to them by Satan rather than the liberty of Christ.
The Lord showed me that our call into government was a call into apprenticeship. Those who respond to the call come into a further place of apprenticeship with His grace. Every calling unfolds Christ by the empowerment of the Spirit of grace, bringing forth the facets of His beauty.
Government teaches the church the language of the Spirit. How to talk, walk, and function in the kingdom of God as His children, schooled in His grace. When believers come into covenant they are as common stones and through the oversight of God’s government they are polished at the altar of His Christ as they apprentice themselves to grace and apply themselves with truth. The ordinary stones take on the life of Christ to become the living stones, the precious stones of the lord, to show forth His workmanship.  
“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” (2Peter 1:3)
The Government of God is a Gift to the Church
The government of God is given as a gift to the Church to manage the affairs of the Lord. What are the affairs of the Lord? The affairs of the Lord are the affairs of Christ; and the affairs of Christ are all things that “pertain to life and godliness”; which means all things regarding our salvation; our service to God at the altar of Christ as priests and the building of His House.
We cannot do the will of the Father in any of the things of Christ, if we do not have the knowledge to understand what is required of us and, being made in His image and likeness, being born kings, called priests, we carry a natural curiosity to know why we are required to do anything. And God does not withhold any good thing to those who obey the voice of His grace and the direction of His truth and He shares His secrets with His friends.
But we are not His friends because we say we are: we are His friends because we came when He called, we obey the terms of His covenant (Christ) and He has found us faithful in these things over time. Friendship with God is on His terms, not ours. We can claim friendship with the Queen of England, but will she acknowledge us? No, she will say, “Away, I know you not!” And we can argue that it’s different with God, He is our Father. God is only our Father when we obey the terms of agreement, according to the new testament made possible by the blood of the Lamb.
By obeying the terms of the covenant means that we are to be His servants (at this time); for as we prove our love for Him (John 1:14)(John 1:17), He heals our soul in preparation for our return home. We are servants as priests in the covenant of Christ. This is the responsibility of all who profess Christ. Those who do not serve Him according to His terms of engagement, will call claim Him as Father but what will He say? We know the Father through the fruit of Christ’s virtues birthed within. This is the fruit the Father looks for; for it is the evidence of our daily service at the altar according to His prescribed terms and conditions.

Qualified, Competent Teachers
The Body of Christ not only needs knowledge to serve Him, it needs those who are qualified and competent to teach them how to apply the knowledge according to the pattern Christ set for our faith. God has not revealed to us at this time the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ (the terms and conditions of the covenant) and left us to get on with the job, knowing that we have no clue as to what to do with “all things in Christ”. You don’t give a blueprint of a house to someone who has never seen a house and expect that they will know how to follow the blueprint; use the appropriate tools for the particular function and achieve the goal: a house. No, you choose qualified and competent workmen to do the job, those who have been trained to do the task at hand. 
Just so: God has restored to man the knowledge of His Son and called us by His grace to join ourselves to Him (the mating season of His grace) in covenant. The knowledge of Jesus Christ is the mystery which has been hidden by God for the past 2000 years and restored to us that we might build His House and cleanse ourselves of Iniquity’s polluting. And He has not left us ignorant of His requirements but He has given to His Body, good shepherds who will manage His affairs as His heirs. These are those who have been called, chosen (priesthood) and have been found faithful over time; these are the servants of the Lord whom He has gifted by His power (grace) to teach you the ways of the Lord. He has restored to us the knowledge of His glory that we might be one in Him, even as He is one.
Despise not the government of the Lord, for they are His. Look not at them with the eye of the flesh but with the eye of grace; for they are a gift of the Father to you that, together you might rejoice in the building of His house.

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