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Testimony of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck Part 5

This vessel will experience the knowledge of His fire which is as a sword to divide and to circumcise those that hear the words of  His grace. His knowledge will not come from man but from what God molds in His heart to free those under the spell of Satan and teach doctrine that brings the soul into His rest. This will come at the appointed season of the jubilee announcing a new day to assemble together those under religious oppression to the table of the Lord and to spoil the chief ones that carry the tidings of  mount Ebel.

The Spirit will remove the yoke of the law and give eternal tokens which will bring the soul into His rest and clothe them with His righteousness. By this their fruits will be of Me which will not consume but increase. This are the trees which the Lord has planted that He calls the tree of life.

My tabernacle is in their heart and all My furniture is for their peace and they shall build and restore, as My faithful steward shall give them they shall delight in My light.

Notice that there is spiritual comprehension and confidence of faith. These that dwell in His light do not provoke nor chide with His Spirit but show mobility in constructing His House. The false steward emulates without grace while the true steward shows wisdom in the mind of Christ. So the true signs are seen in the face of Christ and the false signs in the face of man. Watch Part 5 of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck’s video series.   

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