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The False Religious System Part 1

When people ask what is religion or who is God, it is because Satan took away their hope. Truth turns faith right side up again. Because the imagination rules men, Satan uses it to form a faith in which Jesus has no part, thus turning faith upside down. The true gospel turns the hearts of the people back to God. Learn why God calls the False Religious System false, how it works diversity while at the same time claiming the solidarity of Christ. Did you know that God authorized the kingdom of Satan to oppose and be contrary for the testing of faith? What we see manifested is for our discernment. God manifests that those who work with the spirit of this world mate with the Mother of Harlots. Part 1 of 8 part video series: The False Religious System.

Produced by Second 8th Week Ministries
Designed By Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
2000 - Second 8th Week Ministries

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