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The False Religious System Part 5

The Bride of Christ will find herself self locked out of God's kingdom. Jesus will say to her, "I have shut the door. I do not know you." Now is the time for all believers to cleanse themselves. God provided the token for our cleansing, but we have to make the choice. It is time to challenge the theology of "unmerited favor". Those who want to remain dirty to enter into God's kingdom. "God accepts me as I am," many claim. No He does not. He did not even accept the Levites as they were. They had to go through a preparation process. A preparatory stage, a consecration stage, and then they initiated their priestly duties. That is applicable to the church. A cleansing begins with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. With that token of cleansing we are able to do service at the altar. Have you prepared yourself?

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