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Breaking the Antichrist Code

LEARN THE SECRET OF SATAN’S HATRED FOR YOU -- You are the dark angel, the one in the Garden, the one that tore the heart out of our first parents Adam and Eve and lied to them about our God. You wanted to be the god of this dimension, but God refused you. So now we know the truth…it was you. You wanted to take Adam’s place and steal his heart away from God. You are the Antichrist spirit, Satan, the devil, the old dragon.

THE FINAL MATCH IS LIT -- God is forcing you to vacate your throne and take your place among the angels of shame. The human race is awakening. God is giving us the breathe of life as in the day of our creation. He is renewing our hope in Him. He removed the veil from my eyes and the stone which you gave for my heart. I see. I know. You can never take me captive again. . . Video follows the trail of the Antichrist spirit.

Produced by Second 8th Week Ministries
Designed By Chief Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
2000 - Second 8th Week Ministries

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