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The Flesh

In this video Apostle Bronwyn Botha instructs from the lesson The Flesh. She teaches about the battle that takes place in the mind and how we are to overcome. The battle of the mind! Spiritually speaking, do you know what voice you are listening to? What are the warning signs that we are walking after the flesh? What drives you? Do you know that everything that you do, you analyze and rehash over and over again in the mind in an attempt to meet standards for your self for peace? This is a work of the flesh and the struggle the mind tries to overcome through the 5 facets/senses of the flesh.
We learn what it means to walk after the flesh. Those that walk after the flesh, struggle to weigh their works against the conscience by the very power that is fueling their anxiety (Satan) (Romans 12:21). We learn what we are overcoming: (1) The drive of the God-Code to find ourselves apart from God, (2) The pursuit of life and purpose through our signature skills, (3) The value we place in our set of scales (Moral Code) we judge and justify ourselves, (4) The False Knowledge of this world, which is Satan's education, and (5) the fruits of death in the soul.
battle takes place in the mind.How do we overcome these things? We overcome by the power of God's grace. While the facets of the flesh can be described as the 5 senses of man through which we gain experience of this world, grace is called the 6th sense through which we gain experience of Christ.

Produced by Second 8th Week Ministries
Designed By Apostle Bronwyn Botha
2000 - Second 8th Week Ministries

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