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Covenant Faith - Part 1

The unveiling of the New Covenant. Covenant Faith is unveiled in Jesus Christ. The purpose of this video is to teach believers the 4-Steps to covenant faith and to teach them how easy it is to come into covenant with God. Covenant Faith is for everyone, but is everyone in covenant just because they believe in Jesus? What is a covenant believer? How does the Bible say we are to identify a true conversion? Does God give you a token to seal the covenant to you? What is the purpose of God's token? Many claim a covenant relationship with God based on the terms they set for God! Why is that a problem? Can a person claim a covenant relationship with God and not keep the terms of the covenant? Commonly asked questioned about covenant faith are answered.

Produced by Second 8th Week Ministries
Designed By Chief Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
2000 - Second 8th Week Ministries

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