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New Life

What is the Christian priesthood and how are we to offer spiritual sacrifices to God? What are spiritual sacrifices of praise to God? Why did Apostle Peter teach the church about the need to offer to God spiritual sacrifices? Did you know that the true spiritual sacrifice is the sacrifice of knowledge? Did you know that Satan turned the sacrifice into self. . .asking you what you would like to sacrifice (give up) for God.
Jesus teaches us that the sacrifice is not about us, it is about Him. He is our salvation and there is nothing we can give to God that can add to His value. Rather, He wishes to add to the value of our soul by sharing with us the knowledge of God. It is this knowledge that is holy, for it expresses Christ and is the perfect reciprocation of God’s love to us.
What is the difference between reading the psalms and offering spiritual sacrifices to God? To learn more about the priesthood of all believers and to learn how to offer spiritual sacrifices to God go to. . . FREE course on this site. . . Priesthood and Prophecy. . . .Listen to the video and receive edification, exhortation, and comfort as spiritual sacrifices are read accompanied by music.

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