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Testimony of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck Part 6

Part 6th and final part of God's calling upon Apostle Eric vonAnderseck's life. Revelations of the Spirit, prophecy, and heavenly visions. God prepares the way for the Body to be healed. Video includes a salutation from Enoch, the prophet of the Lord. Apostle Eric recalls, “I felt a strong presence of God and electricity like shocks flowing through my whole body when a form of a man’s face appeared (whom I knew immediately to be Enoch) through a cloudy vision. Enoch was wearing a bright crown and smiled saying, with a thundering voice said, “Hail! He that is come the deliverance one.”

“Upon this salutation I was overwhelmed and travailing, praying in the Spirit (tongues). This lasted for a moment and faded, but the physical effects amazingly lasted all day. This visitation confirms the word Enoch the righteous received from God while in the 7th heaven 5000 years ago. 2Enoch 35:3 “And you Enoch will tell that [last]  generation.”

Enoch is also called the “Candlestick” of the Lord. “These are the two olive trees, and the two CANDLESTICKS standing before the God of the earth.”(Revelation 11:4) Both Enoch and Elijah are called candlesticks, for they are God’s stewards, visiting the earth to steward the 144,000 during the tribulation. 2 Lamps of the Lord visited Apostle Eric in 2011.

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