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The Testimony of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck Part 4

The apostle Paul penned his epistles to benefit the saints which were under his apostolic call. Apostolic meaning the ordained system of the divine call sanctified by God to bear the image of His Son in the hearts of those that carry this Christian testimony in the conscience. 

God directs the Church by His Spirit and it is this pattern that the Church of Christ will prevail over Satan, his system, and fruit. The true signs of the apostolic calling are found in the witness of the Father by which the Christian experience remains tethered to the Godhead. As the apostle Peter said, “this is the true of God wherein you stand” shows us that Satan has the false grace known to us as seducing spirits.

Experiences removed from the Godhead are known as fables which carry the powers of the aspirations to emulate the experience of a person to project a Christian testimony story. These Christian testimonials affront God walking lawlessly to His government and rioting against truth and resisting His Holy Spirit. Watch Part 4 of Apostle Eric vonAnderseck’s video series

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